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PMI Chennai Chapter AGM communication 2012


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2012 AGM Presentation By Syed Nazir Razik as VP Communications of PMI Chennai Chapter
6 Point plan to improve communication with the chapter community

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PMI Chennai Chapter AGM communication 2012

  1. 1. CommunicationPeriod - Aug 2011 – Aug 2012Syed Nazir RazikAug 18, 2012
  2. 2. AgendaChallengesImplemented a 6 Point Plan for CommunicationEffect of this PlanOur Road Map for the coming year Presentation Title, Arial 10.5pt Regular, White
  3. 3. Challenges• Using Gmail accounts for member communications was a nightmare• Due to regular monthly events community strength was doubling• All member analytics and behavior insights were limited to chapter officers experience• Shifting Venues for Monthly Knowledge Sharing Sessions• Lack of online community interaction tools to record community interaction (except mails)
  4. 4. 6 Point plan Regularize and Streamline member communication using industry best practices and tools Lock to a single venue for holding monthly knowledge sharing sessions consistently Increase the Chapter’s online foot print with social media presence to facilitate user engagement Improve quality of communication and reach with Speaker videos introducing session topics Power an excellent analytics that can facilitate better decision support Build an archive of speaker presentations that culminates as a baseline for Knowledge Management
  5. 5. Effect – Analytics on Chapter Communication
  6. 6. Improved Online - User engagement{ Facebook – 356 Users }
  7. 7. Subject matter Expert Discussions on LinkedInGroup Facts :•0 - 429 in less than 2 yrs•52 % of community is seniorlevel professionals•75% of the community basedout of chennai•49% of community in IT field“Be where your customers are, for them to put you into their consideration set”
  8. 8. Road Map… Aim to create the “WoW”experience1. An all inclusive Chapter website integrating all elements into one location2. Create a platform for “furthering opportunities” for the community members3. Build a Youtube video repository that archives all KSS for users4. Exploring Live streaming options for forthcoming sessions Follow us on Twitter:5. QR Codes and RFID’s to enable better @pmichennai networking at our sessions #pmnc126. Open to conduct corporate outreach focused on #pmiccagm12 evangelizing “PMI National Conference 2012 ” and “PMP & Beyond”