DIPLOMAInternational Diploma in BusinessEquivalent to year 1 of a 3 year UK honours degree | HE Level C (Certificate), Nat...
DIPLOMAAssessment                                                       ProgressionAssessments for all modules will be off...
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I D B Programme Sheet E S E I


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I D B Programme Sheet E S E I

  1. 1. DIPLOMAInternational Diploma in BusinessEquivalent to year 1 of a 3 year UK honours degree | HE Level C (Certificate), NationalQualifications Framework (NQF) Level: 4Overview • Business Communication - a general introduction toThe International Diploma in Business (IDB) is the first year of interpersonal communication skills for professionals, includngthe NCC Education Business Degree Journey. The programme the provision of the necessary communication skills to enablegives students a broad introduction to the many different students to interpret business documents.aspects of business in the international environment. During • Organisational and Business Structures - introduces thethe teaching of the programme, students will be exposed to objectives, roles, functions and various forms of businessacademic and vocational subjects in order to provide them organisation as they adapt to a dynamic and changingwith the necessary balance of knowledge and skills required to environment.play a role in business organisations. • Principles of Quantitative Methods - covers appropriateOn successful completion of the programme, students will be mathematical formulae and techniques to support theable to continue study on the NCC Education International learning of business students. Students will also be taught toAdvanced Diploma in Business (IADB). present and analyse business data.Entry Requirements • Introduction to Finance - introduces the basic• At least one ‘A’ Level pass or an appropriate School Leaver’s concepts and techniques of business accounting. It considers Certificate. the role of accounting in recording and reporting financial• Vocational experience which is deemed suitable by NCC performance (financial accounting) and its role in providing Education. information to decision-makers (management accounting).Applicants who are not NCC Education graduates and whose • eBusiness - explores a wide range of applications forfirst language is not English will need: eCommerce and the use of these in solving business• IELTS 6 or equivalent problems. Students will learn about state-of-the-artProgramme Structure technologies and their major impact on the business world.The programme is made up of eight 15-credit modules, each of • Marketing - examines the role and value of marketing inwhich requires an average of 150 hours of study, around 40 of today’s increasingly competitive and dynamic environment.which are based in the classroom. In normal full-time delivery, Students practise marketing principles in order to analyse,the programme is delivered in two 15-week semesters plan, implement and control policies to achieve marketing(12 teaching weeks) in which four modules are studied. This and corporate objectives in both profit and non-profitmodel can be adapted in a number of ways for delivery to full- organisations.and part-time students.• Essentials of Management - covers the principles and functions of management. Students are taught the key elements in planning and decision-making and the significance of different controls required in an organisation.• Fundamentals of Economics - covers fundamental economic theories, concepts and policies which are applied in decision-making in a business environment. Students gain an understanding of the general economic environment and its effect upon business organisations and their markets. ESEI International Business School Plaza Adriano, nº1bis 08021 Barcelona, Spain T: + 34(0) 93 417 46 77 F: + 34 (0) 93 241 87 91 E: info@esei.es W: www.eseibusinessschool.com
  2. 2. DIPLOMAAssessment ProgressionAssessments for all modules will be offered in two assessment The qualification allows entry to either the Internationalcycles each year (June and December). Advanced Diploma in Business (IADB), equivalent to year 2 ofThe following modules are assessed by examination: a typical UK honours degree, or the second year of many UK• Essentials of Management university programmes of study. Details of these can be found• Fundamentals of Economics in the NCC Education University Articulations document and• Business Communication on the NCC Education website.• Principles of Quantitative Methods• Introduction to Finance Further InformationThe following modules are assessed by assignment: More detailed programme information is available from your• Organisational and Business Structures Accredited Partner Centre.• eBusiness• Marketing © NCC Education 2010/11, all rights reserved. The information in this factsheet is correct at the time ofAward Conditions publication. However, NCC Education reserves the right toThe NCC Education International Diploma in Business (IDB) make alterations to the programme at any time.will be awarded when all eight modules have been passed (i.e.each module has a grade of ‘Pass’ or better) within the three-year eligibility period. A module is passed when an overallmodule mark of 40% or more is attained. Where a studentneeds to resit a module, he/she must do so within the three-year eligibility period of the programme. Full-Time Classroom BasedDurationOne year full-timeDelivery MethodFace-to-face.Accreditation StatusNCC Education is accredited to award the InternationalDiploma in Business (IDB) by Ofqual (Office of theQualifications and Examinations Regulator) in England. OfqualQualification reference number 100/6396/1. To learn more about NCC Education, its programmes, affiliations and partnerships, please visit the NCC Education website www.nccedu.com For programme enquiries, please contact your Accredited Partner Centre MKT_05_IDB Programme Sheet