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  1. 1. HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR OWN BUSINESS Entrepreneurship: How to develop your own business ENTREPRENEURSHIP:UNIT Synopsis Learnig OutcomesEntrepreneurship and new venture creation On completion of this unit, students will beplay an integral and fundamental role in able to:todays modern business world. The · Identify and critically analyse businessEntrepreneurship seminars will focus on the opportunitieskills and knowledge necessary to designand launch a new business venture. While · Develop creative solutions to grow newthese seminars are intended for those businessesexpecting to design and launch new ventures · Structure and launch a business ventureat some point during their careers, it is also · Recognise and avoid mistakes made byrelevant to those interested in general new business venturesmanagement, project management, businessdevelopment and corporate venturing. · Critically evaluate between different market entry optionsSeminars provide a conceptual frameworkfor evaluating opportunity, developing a clearand viable business concept, designing theenterprise, and launching an effective andsustainable new venture.Seminars will be interactive with classroomdiscussions and exercises that will becomplimented by small team projects thatinclude designing new ventures anddeveloping basic business plans.Outline SyllabusStarting a new business. What kind ofbusiness should you start? BusinessPlanning. The different elements of theBusiness Plan. Establishing a legalframework for your business. Marketing yourBusiness Venture. Making Sales. FinancialManagement and Planning.Finding funding for new business ventueres.Doing Business Internationally. Entering newmarkets methods and success. AddingEmployees to your Business