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Google Earth


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Google Earth

  1. 1. Bring History Alive. Google Earth Place de la Concorde Heads roll in 1793, as Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette face the guillotine at the beginning of the French Revolution. The Louvre Leonardo da Vinci moves to Paris in 1517, carrying an obscure painting of a smiling woman in his baggage. Mona Lisa now resides at this more secure location. Notre Dame In 1163, workers begin building the Cathedral of Notre Dame. 668 years later, readers thrill to Victor Hugo’s novel about a certain hunchback and Esmerelda. There’s history waiting to be discovered everywhere you turn in the streets of Paris – and now you can visit these places right on your PC. Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and search to bring history and books alive in the City of Lights, and anyplace else in the world that you care to drop in on. Download Google Earth for free at: Where on Earth will you go? © 2006 Google Inc. All rights reserved. Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc.