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Open source


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A presentation given in my first semester of year one of my Computer Science Degree at The University of Southampton, on the subject of Open Source Software. The presentation is aimed at students who are undertaking A-Levels.

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Open source

  1. 1. IntroductionProduced using open source softwareExplanationsPros and ConsExamples
  2. 2. What is Open Source Software? Public Source code Developed by Volunteers Free of Charge Open Source Initiative (OSI) Not all freeware is open source
  3. 3. What are open source licenses?Approved by the OSI based on the OSDIntermediate forms not allowedModification &RedistributionCopyright for softwareRestrictions GPL (Gnu Public Licence)
  4. 4. What is Proprietary Software?You often pay for itYou cant see the codeDeveloped by paid coders
  5. 5. What Are Proprietary Licenses?Software owned exclusively by authorRestrictions to the useExamples: MS Windows Adobe Flash Player
  6. 6. Pros Of proprietary Software Official support More versatile Testing Familiarity
  7. 7. Cons Of proprietary Software Cant alter it Cost Discontinuations Not good for specialist needs Spyware
  8. 8. Pros Of Open Source Software Wait.... Not these guys...
  9. 9. Pros Of Open Source SoftwareFor Businesses & DevelopersHelps developers share costsHelps companies stay presentHelps to build developer loyalty
  10. 10. Pros Of Open Source SoftwareFor ConsumersAllows for verification of security claimsIncreased reliabilityIncreased flexibilityStrong Communities
  11. 11. Cons Of Open Source Software Code injection Less vigorous testing Some hardware issues Requires more technical knowledge
  13. 13. Free ~£1501% of Desktops 88% of Desktops43% servers 42% serversPortable CompatibleReliable Familiar Linux WindowsOperatinG Systems
  14. 14. Sets the minimum standard Lots of vulnerabilitiesFastInnovativeDisplays HTML correctlyFirefox Internet ExplorerWeb Browsers
  15. 15. ~£80Free InnovativeReliable ReliableImitates office well FamiliarOpen office MS OfficeOffice Suites
  16. 16. ~£250Free Easy to useUnfamiliar interface StableExtendible ExtendibleThe Gimp Adobe PhotoshopImage Manipulators
  17. 17. Free ~£xx Many Languages .Net Languages Reliable Bloated Easy to use Feature richEclipse MS Visual StudioIDEs (integrated development environment)
  18. 18. Free ~£40Simple graphics Amazing graphicsSimple gameplay Great gameplayLimited contend Huge amounts of contentArmagedtron Crysis 2Games
  19. 19. Drum roll please...
  20. 20. ConclusionGood for HobbyistsNot so good for BusinessesOr Inexperienced End UsersBut its always getting better
  21. 21. References(Sharma, Srinarayan; Vijayan Sugumaran and Balaji Rajagopalan (2002). "A framework for creatinghybrid-open source software communities" (PDF). Info Systems Journal)
  22. 22. We would just loveCredit to thank:Photos:1. (GPL)2. BitterJug on Flickr (Creative Commons)3. DavidDMuir on Flickr (Creative Commons)4. AtmTX on Flickr (Creative Commons)5. Linus Torvalds (Creative Commons: Richard Stallman (Creative Commons: Victor Powell)7. The U.S. Army on Flickr (Creative Commons)8. Ianer67 on Flickr (Creative Commons)9. RobynneBlume on Flickr (Creative Commons)10. GenBug on Flickr (Creative Commons)Images 11-19 excluding 13 are registered Trademarks of the respective companies.13. Armagedtron screenshot21. Crysis 2 screenshot22. Archangel-Daemon on Deviant-Art (Creative Commons)