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  1. 1. PANAMA CITY By Alejandra and Ayelen
  2. 2. Trip Information How can I get there? I can get there by plane. How long is the trip? More or less 7 hours and 30 minutes.Price of the ticket plane. $ 928 (currency dollars) Economy flight.Do I need Visa to enter Tourists until 180 days without a Visa. Panama?
  3. 3. Panama is a country in Central America.•There are three different Cities in Panama: Panama City,Casco Viejo and Panama Viejo.•It is most famous for the Panama Canal and the 17thcentury churches
  4. 4.  Panama City has a lot of buildings and there is a large tropical rainforest. Panama City was chosen to be the 2003 American Capital of Culture with Curitiba, Brazil. Panama is between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.
  5. 5. Panama viejo Panama Viejo was the gateway city for the Spanish conquest of Latin America. Todays extensive ruins are the result of battles with the English pirate in 1671. Theres a museum on site.
  6. 6. Casco Viejo It is the Spanish colonial city established in 1671 and until the 20th century was Panama City.
  7. 7. It is the Church of the Golden Altar. The Church of San Jose, with its famous golden altar and the big treasures of the pirates. The ruins of the convent of Santo Domingo.The Panama Canal is a uniqueexperience which cant bereproduced anywhere else inthe world. You can see theships crossing the canal. It’s amarvel of morden engineering.