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Learn Spanish hiking Santiago's trail


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Learn Spanish hiking Santiago's trail

  1. 1. LEARN SPANISH HIKING SANTIAGO’S TRAIL Enjoy the Santiago’s pilgrimage experience while learning Spanish this Easter or summer.  Dates • Easter. April 1st to 7th • Summer. August 8th to 14th or 10th to 16th  The program includes: • 6 days hiking the Portuguese Trail starting in Tui and arriving in Santiago de Compostela • 6 nights in a private lodging • Trail lead by a Spanish Guide plus 9 hours of Spanish classes and activities taught by a Spanish teacher • Breakfast and lunch included • Car to carry backpacks, first-aid kit and material for classes • Insurance www.escueladelenguasvivas.esTHE GLOBAL CITIZEN PROJECT
  2. 2. PECULIARITIES ABOUT THE PORTUGUESE TRAIL • The Portuguese Santiago’s Trail covers the area of Galicia providing breathtaking views, picturesque hamlets, cities, beaches and rivers. • It is easily completed in six days and it’s the most popular route after the Santiago’s French Trail. •The stages of this Trail are around 20 km per day which makes it ideal for everyone.
  3. 3. LEARN SPANISH WHILE EXPERIENCING SANTIAGO’S TRAIL PILGRIMAGE • You can learn Spanish with a professional teacher while enjoying your holidays. • 9 hours of classes. • Sightseeing with a Spanish guide leading the trail. • Fun activities to give you the opportunity to improve your Spanish when arriving in towns or hamlets. • You will get to know the lively Galician Culture: traditions, music, monuments and people. • After hiking your will rest in a private lodge. • Your backpack will be taken in our car. • Insurance is provided.
  4. 4. DAYS AND STAGES: OUR ITINERARY • First night in Tui where we will give everyone their pilgrim’s credentials. We will introduce ourselves and organize participants for the Trail. • First hiking day: from Tui to O Porriño (about 16 km) • Second day: Redondela (about 16 km) •Third Day: Pontevedra (about 16 km). •Forth Day: Caldas de Reis (about 23 km) •Fifth Day: Padrón (about 26 km). •Sixth Day: Santiago de Compostela (about 16 km)From Wikipedia
  5. 5. PRICES AND CONTACT 660 € + VAT per personInscription:• Fill in the form at the web page in “linguistic tourism” and send it to us.• Our bank account will be sent to you as well as a list of appropriate items youshould bring with you on the Trail. For application form or other information check our web Should you have any questions please contact usPhone number (+34) 886.115.186Program in cooperation with: The Global Citizen Project THE GLOBAL CITIZEN PROJECT