Movement in french painting that revolutionized
the concept of colour in modern art.

critics labeled them as “les fauves” that means
“wild beasts” because of their use uf colour.

New style: full and violent colour and bold

Some representatives painters : Henri
Matisse, Andre Derain, Maurice de Vlaminck…
Boats at Collioure’s Harbor, Andre Derain, 1905
Charing Cross Bridge London, Andre Derain, 1906.
St Paul’ Cathedral from the Thames, Andre Derain, 1906
Charing Cross Bridge, Andre Derain.
The Thames, Andre Derain, 1906
The red room, Henri Matisse. 1908.
Green line, Henri Matisse.
Landscape with red trees, Vlaminck.
La moison, Vlaminck.
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