Poetry is to prose


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Poetry is to prose

  1. 1. Paul Verlaine
  2. 2.  full of new experiencies every day is a new world every day is a new place where you know new people tough and tiring
  3. 3.  its very long it flows fast and slow it pushes us to new places every day we follow the current you can always look back, but you can never return
  4. 4.  sometimes we are in the darkness… ... but you can always see a light with a long history … …but shorter as you go one day it will end
  5. 5.  like trees, we all look the same, but we are all different its very healthy and beautiful you can miss and find new things you can get lost but someone will find you every day, one tree less
  6. 6.  with your friends and family with people dancing and singing with funny moments every day you have to be happy every day a new smile if you want, it’s good fun enjoy it!
  7. 7.  long and winding full of obstacles with a new bump every day you can fall and stand up again you must reach your destination you have to walk along it and choose the right path
  8. 8.  very big with a blue sky over it peaceful and safe where you can be free and you can always move every day the currents are stronger with many feelings and thoughts to sail its large and deep but you can cross it
  9. 9.  where learning is beautiful every day a new thing to learn with very different teachers when you get it wrong, you learn from your mistakes
  10. 10.  Life is a GAME, you have to learn how to play, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose Life is a FACE, sometimes smiling, sometimes sad Life is like a TREE, it grows up every day Life is like a PAPER, thin and light Life is a BOAT, sometimes it sinks If you’re lucky, your dreams can become true The distance between birth and death doesn’t matter because LIFE IS AMAZING
  11. 11. This word has four letters, each with a different meaning L for laugh, love I for intelligence, imagination F for freedom, friend and E for emotion, enjoy, experience… LIFE is a word full of words LIFE IS NICE
  12. 12.  Poem written by: The smart and sensitive students in 2nd ESO group 4 Music by: Yruma – Kiss the rain HAVE A NICE DAY