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Lesson plan presentation marta barrachina


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Lesson plan presentation marta barrachina

  1. 1. LESSON PLAN ON CLIL Teacher: Marta Barrachina
  2. 2. This is a Power Point Presentation where you can see the developing of my lesson plan. My 2nd grade students where working on a project about romans, that is why I decided to teach one session about Roman mosaics using CLIL. It consisted on one-hour session, divided into two parts: one in the classroom and one in the computer room,. In this presentation, I show you some pictures of my group class in action and some of the Power Point and other materials I used. INTRODUCTION
  3. 3. DESCRIPTION  Title of the Lesson: The Roman mosaics  Date: 22nd January, 2014  Unit of Study: The Romans  Level and group: 2nd  Number of children: 12 pupils.  Background Information: The group is working on a one-trimester project about the Romans. They already know some key words.
  4. 4. LEARNING OBJECTIVES  Recognize what a Roman mosaic is.  Recognize how Roman mosaics are made.  Label some vocabulary about Roman mosaics.  Built a mosaic using an on-line game.
  5. 5. LESSON DEVELOPMENT Act. 1. Let’s see some pictures: Students see different Roman mosaics pictures on a Power Point presentation. 3 min.
  6. 6. Act. 2. What can we guess about the Roman mosaics? Students, in pairs, answer two questions about what they think about the mosaics. The answers are checked with the whole group. 8 min.
  7. 7. Act. 3. What are the tesseares? The teacher explains what the tesseares are by showing some pictures from the Power Point presentation. 3 min.
  8. 8. Act. 4. Complete the worksheet: Students complete, individually, the worksheet about what they have learnt from the previous activities. 15 min.
  9. 9. Act. 5. . How were the mosaics made? The teacher explains how the Roman mosaics were made by showing the interactive presentation found on 5 min.
  10. 10. Act. 6. . Let's build our own mosaic! Students build their own Roman mosaic by using a game on-line found on 20 min.
  11. 11. HERE YOU HAVE THE RESULTS... ! The rest will be shown in our blog soon! Visit it!!!
  12. 12. ASSESSMENT:  Teacher's observations of student participation.  Student worksheet elaboration.
  13. 13. FINAL REFLECTIONS:  I had a really great experience when teaching this lesson plan. The students were surprised at the beginning because it was the first time they listened English outside the language class. However, they followed it without problems and the majority fulfilled the objectives of the lesson .  When they had to create their own mosaic with the on-line game they were very motivated and the activity helped them “touch” a real Roman mosaic.  I am very satisfied with my first class using CLIL. Altought it is a lot of work if you wish to implement it on a daily basis, the results are positive and I think it compensates the time spent.