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Saint patrick’s day

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Saint patrick’s day

  1. 1. Saint Patrick’s day Raúl Izquierdo
  2. 2. Who was saint patrick? • Saint Patrick was born in Ireland. Is the patron of ireland. • It was famous because they are captivity and expand the catolican relition in Ireland. • He was born in 385 AD in Britain. • He was dead in 17 of march.
  3. 3. OBJECTS FROM THE PARTY• Leprechauns• It’s a simphatyc irish fairy• The legend says they guard a tresor.
  4. 4. objects• Shamrok.• Theres the symbol of saint patryck.• The legend says you meet one you have good luk.
  5. 5. objects• Gold pot.• Is a big pot of gold.• The legend spell you can meet it last of the rainbour.
  6. 6. The end.