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Words native and borrowed


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Words native and borrowed

  1. 1. By Paulina Escobar A.
  2. 2. Discussed 2000 years ago:1)about where the first word come from.2) If words were related to the things they named
  3. 3. In fact Has not natural relationship “TABLE”
  4. 4. Can be find in
  5. 5. corsaed beox dolgbot waeter win (water) blod (wine) (blood)
  6. 6. Those words that have been preserved came from the Indo-European language familyhand food wife house Sleep,etc.
  7. 7. Cognate and non-cognate wordsEnglish Night Snow Seven Foot Fish Heart Hundred Ten ToothGerman Nacht Schee Sieben Fuss Fisch Herz Hundert Sehn ZahnDutch Nacht Sneeuw Zeben Voet Vis Hart Honderd Tien TandSwedish Natt Snö Sju Fot Fisk Hjärta Hundra Tio TandLatin Noctis Nivis Septem Pedis Piscis Cordis Centum Decem DentisFrench Nuit Neige Sept Pied Poisson Coeur Cent Dix DentSpanish Noche Nieve Siete Pie Pescado Corazón Ciento Diez DienteItalian notte neve Sette Picior pesce Cuore cento dieci dente
  8. 8. (Sanskrit) (Latin) (Ancient Greek) Hindi Latvian Russian Bengali Persian German Gaelic Italian, Greek Lithuania Polish Etc. n CzechEnglis Irish Spanish Lettish Bulgaria Welsh French OLD n, h PRUSSIAN Slovenia The oldest of the Etc. Portugues Indo-European Dutch n language (1500 e Danish Servo- B.C.) Romanian croatian Sw edish ETC. Etc.Norwegian Etc.
  9. 9. East Germanic West North Modern North Germanic Germanic Germanic Gothic Old German Norwegian Low German Icelandic Modern Standard 1 German Yiddish Dutch 2 Flemish Icelandic Norwegian Faroese Frissian Afrikaans English Danish Swedish
  10. 10. S AN ISI FRThe origin of the Anglo Saxon Old English Dialects Areas
  11. 11. Took words from Shamrock Crag Leprechaun Clam Penguin Galore Bog gull Banshee Plaid Shillelagh Slogan Blarney, etc. Cairn A few more than 10 Whiskey words borrowed into EnglishMore than 40 words borrowed into More than 30 words English. borrowed into English
  12. 12.  Examples of words adopted from Latin during: 400-650 650-1000 Milite (soldiers) Prafost (provost) Centur (centurion Cugle (cowl) Coc (cook) Catt (cat) Scrofel (scrofula) Cist (chest) Creda (creed) Pagel (pail) Eretic (heretic) Etc. Discipul (disciple) Etc. During this period OldEnglish poetry flowered.
  13. 13.  Some Danish words that were borrowed into English:Before A.D. 1000 After 1000Borda (beaked ship)Lip (fleet) NOUNS PRONOUNS ANDHa (oarlock) VERBS ADJECTIVES OTHER WORDSOrrest (battle)Etc. Band, Booth, Call, Flat, They, Bull, Crawl, Loose, Their, Dirt, Die, Low, Them, Down, Get, Odd, Both, Egg, Give, Tight, Same, etc. Lift, Weak, Though, Raise, Ill, Till. Etc. Etc.
  14. 14. There are 30 or so words of There are over a thousand Danish origin still in the simple words of Danish active vocabulary. origin.
  15. 15. London
  16. 16. 1) Under the Saxons of Mercia, London declined.2) However, before the end of the 11th century, London had become the most important commercial city in England.3) London’s later political and cultural strenght eventually resulted in its dialect becoming the prestige dialect of the land.4) West Saxon was the dialect of English in which the major literature and law was written.
  17. 17. To study The English Language Is necessary to study The Old English The earlierdialect (MERCIAN) prestige dialect (WEST SAXON)