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Christopher Scott References


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Christopher Scott References

  1. 1. Eric Scott ChristopherGreater Atlanta Area | 404-285-3271 | | GaddoHe was two levels above me organizationally. We’ve known each other 13-plus yearsI enthusiastically and without reservation recommend Eric “Scott” Christopher for the position he is seeking withyour organization. Scott has worked for the City of Peachtree City for more than 12 years as the senior manager in therecreation maintenance department, under my guidance and supervision. His duties were among the most challengingin the 60-person department. He managed a 16-member maintenance crew who cared for 430 acres of parkland,including 52 sports fields. The same crew maintained 40 facilities of varying complexity ranging from restrooms toaquatic centers, a library and a covered multipurpose rink. The range of maintenance issues was endless, changeddaily and generally involved high-pressure deadlines. His was a nearly impossible job, but Scott successfullymanaged these issues with a calm demeanor, being respectful of his subordinates, fellow co-workers and other citystaff. I have never once seen Scott face a situation he couldn’t resolve in a professional manner without losing hisbearing.I served 20 years in the U.S. Marine Corps and worked with men and women who possessed the highest degree onintegrity possible in humans. I can honestly say that none of them exceeded Scott’s honesty and integrity. Hisexcellent job performance, sense of high morals and basic decency makes him a valued and respected member of thisstaff. Scott will be an important addition to your organization.Randy L. GaddoDirector of Leisure ServicesCity of Peachtree CityPeachtree City, Georgiacwo4usmc@comcast.net770-350-8642 cellDaniel SellersDaniel taught computer-related courses to my children. We’ve known each other nine-plus years.Scott Christopher is man of integrity. I have had the pleasure of dealing with Scott on numerous occasions. On eachoccasion Scott has shown an incredible degree of professionalism in regards to his work and his treatment of others.Scott’s enthusiasm for his work, his highly contagious and it is a treat to watch his excitement as he talks about newideas for bettering his work. Scott is a man you want on your team and he continues to be a marvelous asset to me.Daniel J. SellersOwnerDaniel J. Consulting (business partner)Senoia, Georgiadsellers2005@gmail.com770-853-3853 cellFreddy FrankFreddy was a direct report. We’ve know each other for six-plus years.Scott has always been a leader with honesty and integrity. He is always willing to listen to suggestions and help withpersonal issues when asked. Scott has always been conscious of others needs, loyal to his superiors and fair to thoseunder his supervision. Scott is very knowledgeable in playground equipment, field turf and many other areasassociated with athletic fields. He is also helpful and courteous with vendors and the athletic associations that heworked with. Scott is a team player and would be a great employee to have on your staff.Freddy FrankPeachtree City Parks MonitorPeachtree City, Georgiaffrank105@comcast.net770-403-6079
  2. 2. Eric Scott Christopher Page 2Steve BrownSteve was Mayor of Peachtree City from 2002-2005 and served in a volunteer capacity as President of the PeachtreeCity Dog Park Association recently. We’ve known each other for 10-plus years.As Mayor of the City of Peachtree City, I had the pleasure of interacting directly with Eric Scott Christopher. Mr.Christopher’s role as the Recreation Facilities Manager was vital to the day-to-day operations of the RecreationDepartment. His approach to dealing with constituents was always very professional. His interaction with myself andthe other members of the Council and the public was courteous and tactful. He kept the bigger picture in mind whiledealing with the intricate details of a given situation.Mr. Christopher exhibited very high levels of interpersonal skill, professionalism and respect for those with whom heworked. He dealt very effectively with vendors, staff and the public. He demonstrated a keen ability to collaboratewith others particularly, those in other departments as well as civic groups and youth sports associations.Mr. Christopher is an extremely loyal and dedicated individual, honest and possessing a tremendous work ethic. He isadept at dealing with personnel issues when they arise. He is quite knowledgeable regarding the delivery ofRecreational services to the community.Mr. Christopher leads with a calm demeanor. He is an extraordinarily talented individual who will be an importantaddition to your organization.I have a deep appreciation of Scott’s outstanding public service. Please call me if you have any questions.Steve BrownPeachtree City Mayor 2002 – 2006Fayette County Commissioner 2011 – PresentPeachtree City, Georgiastevebrownptc@ureach.com404-798-0587Dennis MeyerDennis was a vendor with TruGreen ChemLawn. We’ve known each other for over 13 years.Scott Christopher and I have worked together for about thirteen years and it has been a pleasure to work with him. Iam the commercial account manager with TruGreen Lawn Care Co and Scott was over the Parks at Peachtree City.There have been many times Scott played the intermediary in working with my company and other companies inproblem solving different issues that came up with the Parks. He has had to work with companies like mine and alsothe associations within Peachtree City to coordinate scheduling & problems that come up.I am proud to have worked with Scott over the years and I know he is respected by his piers and companies he hasworked with. Of all of the ten Parks & Recreation accounts that I work with I feel that Scott is the mostknowledgeable and loyal in making sure that he has his employer’s best interest at heart.Dennis MeyerCommercial Account ManagerTruGreen Commercial ServicesEllenwood, Georgiadennismeyer@trugreenmail.com770-616-1703 cellThomas CorbettTom was the Director of Public Services for the City of Peachtree City. We’ve known each other for over eight years.I am pleased to write this letter of professional recommendation in support of Mr. Scott Christopher, whom I haveknown since 2004 and with whom I worked closely for a period of over five years when we were both employed bythe City of Peachtree City, Georgia.Mr. Christopher is a highly organized and disciplined manager and planner who constantly exhibited the ability toexecute work plans and deal with exceptions. He is a skilled writer and thinker and is able to foresee problem pointsand anticipate solutions. He works well with both subordinates and superiors to accomplish goals, report results, and
  3. 3. Eric Scott Christopher Page 3analyze information and conditions. He is a skilled motivator who sets goals and shows subordinates how toaccomplish them; remains calm and collected in crisis situations; and skillfully credits his subordinates fororganizational accomplishments. I see him as an essential and worthy team member in any setting. He has excellentanalytical, interpersonal, and communications skills.Mr. Christopher is detail-oriented while being able to see the larger picture and issues. He is open to new ideas andoften proposes or focuses attention on them, and is able to adapt to changing technology and workplace conditions.He strongly exhibits effective verbal and written communication skills and the ability to maintain excellent workingrelationships. He consistently exhibited strong leadership and team building skills, interpersonal skills, and the abilityto interact with other departments within the organization.Mr. Christopher’s record of leadership, innovation, growth management, and overall achievement make him an idealaddition to any people-oriented organization. He is s high-functioning management professional with a huge reservoirof appropriate experience and background. It is a pleasure to provide this modest summary of his professionalworthiness.S. Thomas CorbettDirector Public Services (Retired)City of Peachtree CityPeachtree City, Georgiastc211@bellsouth.net770-631-0103Sherry McHughSherry was my immediate supervisor. We’ve known each other for over 13 years.As the Recreation Administrator for the city of Peachtree City. Georgia’s Parks and Recreation Department, I had theopportunity to work with Scott Christopher for over twelve and one-half years. Scott’s position was FacilitiesManager where he supervised up to thirteen full-time maintenance employees and one full-time Parks Monitor. Scottwas the type of individual who cared about his employees and always looked after their interests. He worked wellwith his crew as well as with other employees from the various city departments. Many times, coordination ofmanpower or equipment was needed in order to complete work or projects at the various city recreation facilities.Scott was always involved with the coordination of such work or projects.Scott was responsible for maintaining over 430 acres of park space. The department had 52 sports fields ranging fromsoccer fields to softball fields to lacrosse fields. There were 40 structures that needed to be maintained. These 40structures ranged from restrooms to gazebos to restroom/concession buildings. The department had 31 different parksthat included tot lots and 6 lighted soccer field/10 lighted baseball field complex. The city also had an outdoor track,12 tennis courts and 5 swimming pools. All of these amenities were under Scott’s responsibility along with themaintenance of two recreation centers, an administrative office and the city’s library. On occasion he was involvedwith maintenance issues at the city’s tennis center and the outdoor amphitheater. Scott ordered supplies needed tomaintain these facilities as well as coordinated the work to be performed to maintain these facilities.The department worked with 10 volunteer youth athletic associations. The city also had a Dog Park Association, aDisc Golf Association and a Cycling Association. Scott worked closely with the various associations to insure thefacilities they utilized were safe and clean.Peachtree City is known for the special events held within the city. Whether it was an adult triathlon, a large soccertournament or the March of Dimes walk, Scott was responsible for ensuring the needed supplies or items (such asbleachers or metal barricades) were in place for the event organizer’s usage during their event. He participated in thepre and post event meetings with the event organizer and representatives from various city departments.With his type position, he had to be a multi-task individual. Scott was certainly able to meet deadlines and plan aheadby ordering needed supplies for upcoming projects. He was a very talented employee who was dedicated to his job.He always gave 110%. Scott would arrive at work early and not leave until whatever work was completed. He was avery valuable asset to the department. It was a pleasure working with him those years.Sherry McHughRecreation AdministratorPeachtree City Recreation Department
  4. 4. Eric Scott Christopher Page 4City of Peachtree CityPeachtree City, Georgiasrmchugh@bellsouth.net770-460-1032Scott McCordScott was a co-worker-peer with the City of Peachtree City. We’ve known each other more than 13 years.I am writing this recommendation for Scott Christopher. I had the privilege to work with Scott for close to 15 yearswith Peachtree City. He was very professional, proficient, and was always able to complete the task at hand. Scott didan outstanding job at multitasking, which was asked of him on a daily basis. Many of the wonderful recreationfacilities in Peachtree City are due to the hard work he put into his job.Scott McCordDirector of Parks and RecreationCity of McMinnvilleMcMinnville, Tennesseescott.mccord@att.net678-360-5832 cellHarold LaytonHarold was a direct report in the capacity of Maintenance Technician III (at the time). We’ve known each other forover eight years.Scott is a great person; he is full of ideas and positive energy. Scott is a great listener and provides excellent insightinto thinking through problems or situations clearly. Scott is always willing to lend a hand to help out on projects andtasks and never afraid to get his hands dirty in the process. I have seen Scott diversify in different tasks whether it bein the field or behind a desk or in a persons life to try and make the best positive impact. Scott cares for people whosurround him and makes every attempt to make things better for everyone, not just himself. Scott could definitely bean asset to a company!Harold LaytonCity of Peachtree CityGrounds Maintenance Supervisorhlayton70@yahoo.com678-873-3324 cell