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Administrative portfolio


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Administrative portfolio

  1. 1. Elizabeth Schrader
  2. 2.  Set Goals and Deadlines- Setting clear goals will motivate and challenge the staff . Their accomplishments for the jobs they did will drive a positive work environment. Having a Positive Attitude Flexibility in My Leadership Style- Different people respond to different styles of leadership and communication. One person will respond to warmth, a certain amount of familiarity and a lot of encouragement. Another will want only a business-like relationship, with a leader that is firm and direct. Yet another gets bored if not continually challenged and stimulated whereas someone else will want things to remain stable and have a sense of sameness about the job. Listening to My Staff’s Opinions Promote Respectfulness Practice Random Acts of Kindness - Rachel’s Challenge Make Sure Staff is Rewarded and that Work Can be a Fun
  3. 3.  D2SC ◦ Scanned test, Reports, and Trained Staff. (how to put test in, read reports, and fill in their data binders) PLC- planning time with other teachers, unpacking performance indicators
  4. 4. ◦ Tutoring◦ Pull-Outs◦ Saturday School◦ Evening School◦ Math/Science Nights◦ Reading Nights◦ Vertical Alignment ◦ Increase Commended Performance
  5. 5.  Over 5 years of experience with the CSCOPE curriculum Trained staff on how to pull: ◦ Vertical Alignment Documents (VADs) ◦ Year-at-a-Glance Documents (YAGs) ◦ Instructional Focus Documents ◦ Also, trained staff on how to enter their own lessons and share with other staff members.
  6. 6.  LPAC Folders- ◦ Completed Home Survey ◦ Letter of Entry/Denial of Services ◦ Program Letter for Exit/Reclassification ◦ Monitor 1st year follow up ◦ Monitor 2nd year follow up Helped with TELPAS testing on both Elementary and Secondary Campuses.
  7. 7.  Open House  PTA/ PTO promotion within school and community  Monthly Newsletters on Website Edmodo Follow subject and  content communities to All of the child’s teachers connect and share are listed on the right best practices with panel other teachers Parents can Parent can add send direct all of their messages to a children child’s teacher(students) under or view any one Edmodo communication account from the teacher to their child
  8. 8.  8 step plan: ◦ Minor incidents handled by teacher. ◦ Parent Contact ◦ Evening School/Detention ◦ ISS ◦ Parent Shadow ◦ Saturday School ◦ OSS ◦ AEP Order depending on infraction.