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Master Thesis Design Presentation


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User interaction design for an LOD-based mobile cultural city tour guide

Published in: Technology, Travel
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Master Thesis Design Presentation

  1. 1. User interaction design for anLOD-based mobile cultural city tour guide Edwin Schootemeijer Supervisors: Lora Aroyo & Victor de Boer
  2. 2. Have you ever followed a tour and gotfrustrated?
  3. 3. ScenarioTourist Jack would like to learn more while walking through thecity of Amsterdam...
  4. 4. SemantourNot just another tour... ● Build on a different data type ● Deals with user constraints
  5. 5. Linked Open Data● Amsterdam Museum Wikipedia State Monuments Amsterdam City Archive Sound and Vision Openbeelden● The Linked Data allows the application to determine locations and objects that are related to the current location
  6. 6. Research questions ● Which data aspects are used? a. The types of LOD data sets b. The links between the LOD data sets c. The types of collections ● What should the user interface support? a. Adjusting the tour real-time b. Finding a location of interest c. Presenting detailed information d. Presenting related e. Presenting overviews
  7. 7. Research approach● Information gathering ○ Data analysis ○ Scenario creation ○ Focus group discussions● Interface requirements● Interface design 1● Interface evaluation 1● Interface design 2● Interface evaluation 2
  8. 8. Questions?