Dallas PRSA: Social Media for Public Relations


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Strategic examples of public relations looking back to Edward Bernays and forward to Red Bull utilizing Social Media tools to execute the same campagin.

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Dallas PRSA: Social Media for Public Relations

  1. 1. Mirror Ball Anti-Gala 2008 Fresh Arts fundraiser Social Media 101: Putting the Relations back in Public Relations http://www.flickr.com/photos/eschipul/3095778709/ Ed Schipul eschipul@schipul.com www.schipul.com // www.brandtobedetermined.com
  2. 2. Lucky used all sorts of ‘weight loss’ tactics to sell cigarettes to women Failed b/c of social stigma of women smoking in public “For a slender figure, reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet” Selling cigarettes to women
  3. 3. 1929 campaign Torches of Freedom Bertha Hunt - young woman who ‘s tarted’ parade Mad that man asked her to put out cigarette when smoking in public Easter Parade, (actually Bernays’ secretary) 5th Avenue Bernays on retainer to American 1929 Tobacco Company Selling cigarettes to women using ‘Big Think’
  4. 4. What we’ll talk about... •The PR campaign cycle •Traditional PR campaigns with a 2.0 twist •Putting the ‘Relations’ back in PR Tying traditional strategy and new tools together
  5. 5. Tools are great, but it’s all about PEOPLE... http://www.flickr.com/photos/libraryman/414960752
  6. 6. ... the Conversation ...
  7. 7. The Lorax Y’all are STORYTELLERS ... and telling your Story.
  8. 8. The steps for a successful PR campaign •Research •Strategic Planning •Implementation •Evaluation Source: http://www.praccreditation.org/becomeAPR/KSAs_Competencies.html
  9. 9. Let’s go back to 1923
  10. 10. Making friends with the ‘enemies of soap’ Soap is boring - how do you increase your sales numbers? They hired Bernays...
  11. 11. Let the children carve Ivory These are the enemies of soap = KIDS! Make kids want soap - their parents will buy it And now soap is ‘fun’ and ‘cool’ http://www.flickr.com/photos/jim-in-times-square/222291503/
  12. 12. http://flickr.com/photos/eschipul/430975967/
  13. 13. And back to... 2008
  14. 14. Red Bull soars with Art of Can http://flickr.com/photos/coda/8875179/ http://flickr.com/photos/coda/8875186/ http://flickr.com/photos/14922438@N00/305566359/
  15. 15. BARTENDERS COMMUNITY ww.flickr.com/photos/laughingsquid/253927535/ http://flickr.com/photos/crispyfried/2517882139/ http://flickr.com/photos/edwardleger/2148495301/
  16. 16. Product becomes works of art http://flickr.com/photos/mlehet/1968214584/
  17. 17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-HGLA6SvfQ
  18. 18. So how did they do it?
  19. 19. Step 1. Research
  20. 20. Bernays: Listens to a sculptor named Brenda Putnam
  21. 21. Red Bull: Listens to their best sales people http://flickr.com/photos/sterlingely/sets/1750464/
  22. 22. The (new) Art of Listening What are they saying to you? www,technorati.com/watchlist Powerful Social Media search engine watches for your terms and updates you www.google.com/alerts Email updates for your company name and keywords http://search.twitter.com Search for what you care about on Twitter
  23. 23. Blogpulse Conversation Tracker: www.blogpulse.com/conversation
  24. 24. Addictive and essential Google Reader: www.google.com/reader
  25. 25. An idea is born
  26. 26. Step 2. Strategic Planning
  27. 27. Bernays: Strategizes for a soap explosion (minus the bubbles)
  28. 28. 2-part contest: 1. Artists make art and submit 2. Bars get patrons to drink Red Bull for cans and work on projects together Red Bull: Plans a Red Bull bartender / artist LoveFest http://flickr.com/photos/theshizniz/2399720915/
  29. 29. Read more: http://www.schipul.com/en/art/?562 Speak to your audience’s motivations Material 1. Social 2. Ideological 3. http://www.flickr.com/photos/thegreentrilby/93788893/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/barackobamadotcom/2214065098/ http://www.cathedralgrove.se
  30. 30. A rubber raft in the middle of the ocean http://www.flickr.com/photos/greenpeace_esperanza/sets/72157594522171737/
  31. 31. 3. Implement the PR action plan http://flickr.com/photos/notionscapital/2493066577/
  32. 32. Famous judges for soap contest - like architect for Rockefeller Center Other stars helped promote contest and sponsored schools Bernays: Builds Community for strong presence http://www.flickr.com/photos/wallyg/451875425/
  33. 33. Bernays builds community Communities and schools compete together • Schools formed own teams • Communities competed against each other’s best teams • Local artists collaborated
  34. 34. Bernays builds community Celebrity judges for soap sculptures • Top architects, artists and curators called to judge • Organizational board made up of heavy hitters in various industries • Museums and galleries called on for http://flickr.com/photos/98538941@N00/2250482065/in/pool-79248696@N00 participation and support
  35. 35. Bernays builds community Newspapers and communities sponsor entrants • Free ads announcing contest in national papers • Sponsorships for travel and entry costs of local winners • Donations of soap and tools to schools and art groups
  36. 36. www.redbullartofcan.com Modern reach out: - Web site promotion - Ad and Blog post on Make Magazine Blog Red Bull: Reaches out to grow teams and Community
  37. 37. The (new) Art of Community Building Showing love in the Blogosphere • Link love is a form of currency • Share brain candy - • Promote others within community Easy as:
  38. 38. It’s all about the Commotion http://www.flickr.com/photos/spotrick/1661694268
  39. 39. The (new) Art of Community Building Facebook - Not just for college kids • Fan pages grow camaraderie • Share your knowledge • Create buzz for events / campaigns • Brand exposure with Facebook ads Main: www.linkedin.com Houston Zoo on FB: www.facebook.com/pages/Houston-Zoo-Inc
  40. 40. The (new) Art of Community Building LinkedIn connects professionals Main: www.linkedin.com
  41. 41. The (new) Art of Community Building MySpace promotes bands and younger sets Main: www.myspace.com Houston musician Andrew Karnavas: www.myspace.com/andrewkarnavas
  42. 42. The (new) Art of Community Building Twitter includes others in ongoing dialogue Main: www.twitter.com Houston Children’s Museum: www.twitter.com/cmhouston Twitter Search: http://search.twitter.com
  43. 43. Promoting the Big Event, generating the buzz
  44. 44. The (old) Art of Promotion Broadcasting the message on paper and waves • HUGE global write ups • Free ads / radio spots • Vocal support from various organizations: • Parenting • Community • Arts • Architecture
  45. 45. The (new) Art of Promotion Let your community contribute their voice www.youtube.com www.flickr.com http://del.icio.us
  46. 46. The (new) Art of Promotion Badging - let others make your brand their own • Make your brand portable • Encourage personal interaction with your campaigns • Grow your organization through your audience’s networks
  47. 47. 4. Evaluate your PR campaign
  48. 48. Social Media PR monitoring: www.vocus.com
  49. 49. Ivory soap carving campaign outcome Campaign longevity - over 50 years http://www.ivory.com/PureFun.htm
  50. 50. Ivory soap carving campaign outcome Carving soap on the Internet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iouyusCpw0s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyRnALkQMLk&feature=related
  51. 51. Annual soap carving day - friends hold drinking and soap parties with prizes Schwaklakk Soap Carving Day - March 8th www.schwaklakk.com http://flickr.com/photos/8032818@N08/2323370112/
  52. 52. Red Bull Art of Can campaign outcome 1,305,920 Red Bull Art of Can views http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-HGLA6SvfQ
  53. 53. Red Bull Art of Can campaign outcome Brand visibility galore - 10,000s photos on Flickr http://flickr.com/photos/officebox/1184751975/ http://flickr.com/photos/marcel_patti/2406780315/in/pool-83404792@N00
  54. 54. Red Bull Art of Can campaign outcome Follow the Micro-Blogging buzz www.tweetscan.com http://search.twitter.com www.twitscoop.com
  55. 55. A brief look at the 4 Pillars of Social Media Success •Consulting •Training •Recruiting ** •Promoting http://www.flickr.com/photos/96dpi/2119924191/
  56. 56. Recruit from within - who do you know? • Identify your current Social Media rock stars • Recruit those that know and can show you how • Stay humble • Be as transparent as possible
  57. 57. Let’s review... • The PR campaign cycle • Using Web 2.0 in PR campaigns • STRATEGY / RECRUIT! Putting the relations back into PR
  58. 58. Quickie Social Media To-Do’s 1. Read blogs (find them on www.technorati.com) 2. Set up an RSS Feed Reader (www.google.com/reader) 3. Join Facebook (www.facebook.com) 4. Join Flickr (www.flickr.com) 5. Track the buzz about you (www.google.com/alerts)
  59. 59. Thanks for participating today! Ed Schipul CEO, Schipul - The Web Marketing Company www.schipul.com // www.tendenci.com (281) 497.6567 Blog: www.brandtobedetermined.com Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/eschipul Twitter: www.twitter.com/eschipul Find my slides on Slideshare: www.slideshare.net/eschipul