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  • Hi Em: this will help me a lot. I've been watching all the HP videos while you've been gone... Jaz is lending me one a week and I've just started #2... might be all done before you're back. Good job on the slide presentation!!!

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Hp ppt

  1. 1. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  2. 2. Spells, Curses, Jinxes, and Charms
  3. 3. Glisseo- Glosses stairs into a chute Stupefy- Knocks the person out Aguamenti- Sprays a jet of water from wand Expelliamus- Disarms opponent Wingardium Leviosa- Makes objects hover in midair Tarantallegra- Makes legs jerk uncontrollably Inferno- Sparks fly out of wand and ignite the object the wand is pointed at Reparo- Repairs a broken object Protego- Casts an invisible shield Expecto Patronum- Creates a Patronus to repel dementors Confundus- Momentarily confuses a person Lumos- A ball of light appears on the end of wand Nox- Counterjinx for Lumos, ball of light vanishes Reducto- Reduces an object to dust Engorgio- Makes an object bigger Reducio- Makes an object smaller Alohomora- Unlocks locked objects, unless objects are jinxed so that this spell won't work Priori Incantatem- Reveals human presence Diffindo- Slices open an object Levicorpus- Suspends a person in midair by their ankle Liberacorpus- Counterjinx for Levicorpus
  4. 4. UNFORGIVABLE CURSES Crucio- Causes unendurable pain, illegal by Wizarding law Imperio- Causes unquestioning obedience, illegal by Wizarding law Avada Kedavra- Killing Curse, illegal by Wizarding law
  5. 5. Wands
  6. 6. Harry Potter: Holly and phoenix feather Ron Weasley: Willow and unicorn tail hair Hermione Granger: Vine wood and dragon heartstring Draco Malfoy: Hawthorn and unicorn tail hair Albus Dumbledore: Elder Lord Voldemort: Yew and phoenix feather
  7. 7. Quidditch
  8. 9. Seeker Team 1 Seeker Team 2 Chasers Team 1 Chasers Team 2 Beaters Team 1 Beaters Team 2 Keeper Team 1 Keeper Team 2 Referee Quaffle Bludgers Goalposts Golden Snitch Field Key
  9. 10. Silver Arrow Cleansweep 7 Nimbus 2000 Nimbus 2001 Firebolt Broomsticks
  10. 11. Houses and Sorting
  11. 12. In order to be Sorted, a first year must place the Sorting Hat on his or her head after hearing his/her name called. He/she must then sit on a stool and wait while the Sorting Hat decides what House the student would do best in. When the hat has decided, it will call out the House it has decided on. The first year must then go sit at the table with the others of that House.
  12. 13. GRYFFINDOR Head : Minerva McGonagall  Founder : Godric Gryffindor Ghost : Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington  Sorting Hat's description : You might belong in Gryffindor, Where dwell the brave of heart. Their daring and chivalry Set Gryffindors apart. SLYTHERIN Head : Severus Snape  Founder : Salazar Slytherin.  Ghost : The Bloody Baron Sorting Hat description : Or perhaps in Slytherin  You'll make your real friends  Those cunning folk use any means  To achieve their ends.
  13. 14. RAVENCLAW Head :  Filius Flitwick Founder : Rowena Ravenclaw  Ghost :  Helena Ravenclaw Sorting Hat's description : Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw  If you've a ready mind  Where those of wit and learning  Will always find their kind. HUFFLEPUFF Head : Pomona Sprout Founder: Helga Hufflepuff Ghost : The Fat Friar Sorting Hat’s description : These belong in Hufflepuff,  Where they are just and loyal.  Those patient Hufflepuffs are true  And unafraid of toil.
  14. 15. THE END