Visions for a Smarter City


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Presentation from the Nordic Workshop on Smarter Cities in Copenhagen, May 23rd.

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Visions for a Smarter City

  1. 1. Nordic Workshop on Smart Cities, May 22-23, 2012IBM Mobile SolutionsVisions for a Smarter CityKim Escherich, Executive Innovation Architect, IBM Global Business Services1 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. IBM Mobile Solutions2 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. The purpose of this session is to discuss the visions of IBM Mobile Solutions the Smarter City and how to get there. What are the drivers, needs, solutions and issues?3 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. IBM Mobile SolutionsVisions for a Smarter CityWHAT IS HAPPENING OUT THERE? © 2012 IBM Corporation4
  5. 5. 340.282.366.920.938.463.463.374.607.431.768.211.456   Connected  things   50   40   Billion   30   20   10   People   0   2003   2010   2015   2020  5 Source:  Cisco  IoT  2011  infographic  
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. IBM Global Business Services I was thinking about defrosting today Arent you supposed to have left the house already by this time? I remind you that you have not eaten any greens for three days And my clothes? Whos going to dry them? I dripped all night! You should call the plumber Drink please. Do not give me too I’m getting cold big a toast toast, this time, eh?7 Source:  Science  et  Vie  Junior  (hGp://   © 2011 IBM
  8. 8. Ambient Energy Orb Display energy consumption http://www.ambientdevices.com8
  9. 9. IBM Global Business Services Billions     of  RFID-­‐tags  embedded   into  our  world  and   across  ecosystems   Billions     of  camera  phones  9 INSTRUMENTED   © 2011 IBM
  10. 10. IBM Global Business Services +2  billion     Internet-­‐subscribers   +20  billion     Connected  devices  10 INTERCONNECTED   © 2011 IBM
  11. 11. IBM Global Business Services Petaflop   Super  computers   Ze;abytes     of  Internet  traffic   ScienXsts  working  to  prevent     influenza  outbreaks,  model  the   IP-­‐traffic  exceeded  1  ZeGabyte  in   viruses  with  a  super-­‐computer   2011  –  a  540.000x  increase  from   operaXng  at  one  petaflop   2003.  11 INTELLIGENT   © 2011 IBM
  12. 12. Our  planet  is  a  complex,  dynamic  and  highly  interrelated  $54  Trillion  system-­‐of-­‐systems   This chart shows ‘systems‘ (not ‘industries‘) Communication Transportation $ 3.96 Tn $ 6.95 Tn Education $ 1.36 Tn Water $ 0.13 Tn Leisure / Recreation / Electricity Clothing $ 2.94 Tn $ 7.80 Tn Global system-of-systems $54 Trillion (100% of WW 2008 GDP) Healthcare $ 4.27 Tn Infrastructure Legend for system inputs $ 12.54 Tn Note: Same Industry 1. Size of bubbles represents Business Support systems’ economic values IT Systems 2. Arrows represent the strength of Energy Resources systems’ interaction Machinery Finance Food Govt. & Safety 1 Tn Materials Source: IBV analysis based on OECD $ 4.58 Tn $ 5.21 Tn Trade $ 4.89 Tn 12
  13. 13. IBM Global Business ServicesSystem-­‐of-­‐Systems:  Understanding  interrelaXonships  is  the  necessary  basis  for  opXmizaXon   System-of-Systems Definition: What are the most significant relationships amongst systems? Global transportation industry segments share, 2006 ILLUSTRATIVE Air Government Renewables Fossil Fuels Network Management Ship Road & Rail Trans Infra Power MRO Services Distributor Dealer Component manufacturers Rails Road Transportation Customer Suppliers OEM Air Infrastructure Industrial Ship Machinery Metals/ Materials Hi Tech Fuel Supply Fuel Station MRO Services Power Refineries Fossil Fuels Renewables Key factors restraining the systems: Core value chain participants Primary system interactions 1. Fuel wastage 2. Capacity constraints/wastage 3.Pollution & Efficiency Material Flow Information Flow Secondary system interaction 13 © 2011 IBM
  14. 14. IBM Global Business ServicesSo… will the bus be here in time?And, by the way: In a small business district in Los Angeles, driving around for parking in one year generated the equivalent of 38 tripsaround the world, burned 210,000 litres of fuel, emitted 730 tons of carbon dioxide.Congested roadways cost $78 billion annually in the form of 3.7 billion lost hours and 13 billion litres of wasted fuel. © 2011 IBM
  15. 15. IBM Mobile SolutionsVisions for a Smarter CityTHE CONTEXT OF THE CITY © 2012 IBM Corporation15
  17. 17. Those ever increasing demands on the city presents a number ofhard challenges on the existing infrastructure and organisation Sustainability Investment Innovation Community Declining Increasing Budgets Threats Aging Changing Infrastructure Populations
  18. 18. IBM Mobile Solutions Working harder is not sustainable Cities require innovative approaches © 2012 IBM Corporation
  19. 19. Smarter cities are cities that drive sustainable economic growth by…Leveraging informationto make betterdecisions Anticipating problems to resolve them proactively Coordinating resources to operate effectively
  20. 20. IBM’s  view  on  the  Smarter  City  is  holisXc  and  goes  far  beyond  technology,  middleware  and  systems  integraXon   Planning  and   Government   Management   and  Agency   Urban  Planning       Design  and  implement  a  city   AdministraLon   plan  to  realize  full  potenXal  for   ciXzens  and  businesses;  while   Planning and efficiently  running  daily   Public  Safety   Management Environmental     operaXons   Infrastructure   Deliver  efficient  fundamental   Human Infrastructure city  services  that  make  a  city     Social   Energy     desirable  for  ciXzens   and  Health   and  Water   Human   Provide  effecXve  services  that   EducaLon   TransportaLon   support  the  economic,  social   and  health  needs  of  ciXzens  20   ©  2012  IBM  CorporaXon  
  21. 21. IBM Mobile SolutionsVisions for a Smarter CityCASES, SOLUTIONS, EXPERIENCES © 2012 IBM Corporation21
  22. 22. Intelligent  OperaXons  Center:    CollecLng  and  analyzing  data,  while  automaLng  a  collaboraLve  response   Events   Incidents   Incidents   Events   Events   Events   Incidents   Data   Insight   Events  /  Incidents   Leverage     AnXcipate  problems     Coordinate  resources     InformaXon   through  analyXcs   and  response  using     acXonable  intelligence  22   ©  2012  IBM  CorporaXon  
  23. 23. Intelligent Operations Center for Smart Cities - Use CaseScenario: Safely Managing a Growing Crowd Scenario: Safely Managing a Growing Crowd Geo Spatial Resource Coordinate resources mapping tied to events Real time collaborative environment for identifying, and coordinating response to planned and unplanned events across the city Incident Commander takes control •  Reviews situation and sees permit for 150 people to gather was issued. Crowd is at approximately 500 and growing Events trigger Context based •  Creates a city directive to shut pre determined collaboration down public transportation into active across city workflows the area, deploy additional police agencies resources and block off key road ways Step by step visualization of •  Reports back to deputy mayor workflow and that crowd is safely dispersed status tracking 23 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  24. 24. Fundamental thinking of the IOC The Power of the IOC is in the heart of its data structure management Issue: Many different domains have many different types of data standard. Solution: Select a data standard that can be mapped to all. 1st Degree Data Sensors Time / Date System Health Data Converter 2nd Degree Data Weather User Events Maintenance Intelligent Operations Center work Partners Services Engines 3rd Degree Data Alarms / Incidents Analytics
  25. 25. IBM  ConfidenXal  Common Alert Protocol – Example of how it works 1 2 2 Fire breaks out on same block1 Fire Hydrant is struck by a car Maintenance crew fill out a order which Will take 4 daysBring water Truck 3 Fire is reported 4 Alerts are sent to IOC along Extra Long Hose side the current city systems IOC see same time / same place correlation and updates fire house 5 Fire Truck gets better information On equipment choice
  26. 26. Intelligent  OperaXons  Center  customers  realizing  real  results   Rio  de  Janeiro   Miami  Dolphins   gains  a  comprehensive  view  of   Integrate     informaLon,  and   emergency-­‐related  resources   transforms  Sun  Life  Stadium   provide  a     and  systems,  reducing  rescue   into  an  entertainment  center   Gain  immediate   for  fans  by  enhancing  the   insight  into  all   efforts  from  days  to   dashboard  to   manage  and   stadium   visualize   game  day  experience   hours   operaLons  to   workflows  while   create  meaningful   facilitaLng   collaboraLon   experiences  for     visitors     Miami-­‐Dade   City  of  New  York   Parks   builds  a  sustainable  city  by   Deter  leaks,  and   esXmates  it  will  reduce   reducing  the  process  for   Drive  down  the   cost  of  solar   be;er  manage   water  consumpXon  by  20%   installing  solar  systems  from     deployment  to   and  monitor   and  save  $860,000  annually   1  year  to  100  days   make  solar  energy   water   consumpLon   to  protect  vital  youth   efficient  and  cost   recreaXon  services   compeLLve  26   ©  2012  IBM  CorporaXon  
  27. 27. Smarter Transportation customers realizing real results Singapore Land A  city  in  China       Transport improves  bus  scheduling     Improve  bus   Forecast  traffic   condiLons  up  to   60  minutes  into   Authority 99%  with  changes  to  routes   system  on-­‐Lme   performance  and   the  future  to  help   prevent  traffic   reduces traffic congestion and  schedules  in  seconds   more  accurate   scheduling  with   congesLon  before   and reduces fares for instead  of  hours     sensor  technology   and  business   it  occurs     68% of commuters" analyLcs     Swedish Road Finnish Break  gridlock   Administration Transport with  a  smart  road   pilot reduced traffic by use  management   system  that   25% in the center of Agency transforms Integrate  and   analyze  exisLng   roadway  data     employs  advanced   automaLc  license   Stockholm and 78,000 km of to  improve  road   maintenance  and   plate  recogniLon   (ALPR)  and  radio   generated an estimated roadway data into insights make  the   frequency   to enhance safety and countrys   idenLficaLon   (RFID)     €50 Million in new operational efficiency motorways  safer   and  easier  to   revenue navigate  27   ©  2012  IBM  CorporaXon  
  28. 28. Water Management customers realizing real results Corpus Christi, City of Texas improves Dubuque, Iowa efficiency and quality of achieves 6.6% services for 1500 Alert  ciLzens  to   Forecast  resources   water  waste   proacLvely  and   through  be;er   leak  detecLon   decrease in water consumption over a 9- miles of water mains, resolve  issues  to   improve  customer   week period 1100 miles of service     streets Sonoma  County   Flood  Control  2015   maintains  levees  beGer  and   Water  Agency   improves  design  of  new   Gather  and  analyze   Encourage  a  more   uXlizes  current  resources   infrastructure  which  is   informaLon  about   holisLc  view  that   beGer  with  a  single  system-­‐ expected  to  result  in     levees  in  the   ulLmately  protects   level  view,  reducing  the  need   Netherlands  with  a   mulL  million  Euro  savings  in   network  of  sensors   the  long-­‐term   health  of  the  water   for  big,  expensive   engineering  and  construcXon   to  detect  and   resources   infrastructure  projects   work   prevent  problems   and  flooding  28   ©  2012  IBM  CorporaXon  
  29. 29. Social Program customers realizing real results Alameda  County   Social  Services     WorkCover  SA   achieves,  no  touch,  end   realizes  $24  million  in   to  end  processing  for   Deploy  an   savings  due  to  fraud  and   Improve  service   integrated   reporLng  system   waste  reducXons,  a  631%   more  than  20,000   delivery  and     operaLonal   to  achieve   return  on  investment   claims  annually   efficiency  for   visibility  and  avoid   workers   overpayments   compensaLon     French  NaLonal   UK  Department     of  Work  and   Family  Allowances   Pensions  reduces   Create  an   integrated,  single   Fund    achieves  35%   processing  Xme  by  4  days   Develop  a   paperless  system   view  to  improve   producXvity  gain  by  providing   to  reduce   producLvity  and   an  integrated  view  of  data   as  providers  no  longer  need   processing  Lme   efficiency  of   services   from  123  service  branches   to  sort  through  112,000   pages  of  applicaXons  daily  29   ©  2012  IBM  CorporaXon  
  30. 30. Smarter Energy customers realizing real results Model City Public lighting Mannheim smart utility in India Give  engineers   Devise  a   improves control over analyLcs  to   marketplace  of   grid framework shifts up to anLcipate  repairs   smart  grid  services,   10,000 street lamps, spurred  by   Germany’s  call  for   8% of energy demand to reducing costs up to and  deliver  reliable   service,  creaLng  a   reliable  lighLng  grid   off-peak, and reduces an  “energy  system   20% annually and that  saves  money   consumer costs up to 5% of  the  future”   and  contributes  to   decreasing electricity the  city’s  livability   usage by 20% Small  U.S.  city  helps   Italian  power   Empower   reduce  electricity  usage   company  reduces  outage  Monitor  nd   260,000+   by  as  much  as  11%  with   Xmes  by  50%  by   households  to   meters  a be;er  control  use   instruments  on  the   and  reduce  costs   by  combining     a  conservaXon  portal   grid,  and   automaXcally  pinpoinXng  the   automaLcally   social  networking,   pilot  program   locaXon  and  reason  for  the   dispatch  a  field   cloud  compuLng   problem   operator  when   and  sophisLcated   outages  occur   analyLcs  30   ©  2012  IBM  CorporaXon  
  31. 31. Smarter Building customers realizing real results IBM  esXmates  year-­‐over-­‐ Tulane  University     Enable  cost   year  incremental  energy   reduced  energy  use  by  up  to   Demonstrate     reducLon   opportuniLes   savings  of  5%,  and  delivers   20%  and  building   intelligent  building   capacity  within   faster  and  help   improve  overall   efficiency  and   8%  annual  savings  on   maintenance  costs  by  10  to   the  campus  which   will  inevitably   have  a  ripple   equipment  operaXng  costs   reliability  of  assets   during  pilot  program   30%   effect  across  the   enLre  community  31   ©  2012  IBM  CorporaXon  
  32. 32. Public Safety customers realizing real results NYPD     Memphis     provides  mobile  access  to   Police  Dept     more  than  120  million   Relay  criLcal  data   criminal  complaints,  arrests   reduces  crime  19%  over   Use  predicLve   instantly  to   officers  at  the   and  911  records     four  years   analyLcs  to  reduce   crime  without  a   scene;  what  once   proporLonal   took  days  now   increase  in  staff  –   takes  minutes   while  expanding     coverage  area   The  City  of  Madrid     United  Kingdom   Emergency  Response   Ministry  of  JusLce     Establish  an   Agency  improves  response   analyzes  4  million  records   Share  key   on   informaLon   integrated   communicaLon   Xme  by  15%   from  within  140  prisons   criminals  among   agency  staff  to   system  that   help  anLcipate   enhances   future  problems   situaLonal   and  plan   awareness   intervenLon   programs    32   ©  2012  IBM  CorporaXon  
  33. 33. IBM Mobile SolutionsVisions for a Smarter CityBUSINESS & ARCHITECTURAL CHALLENGE © 2012 IBM Corporation33
  34. 34. HOW  TO  THINK?   •  Work  based  on  high  level  requrements   •  Think  in  a  holisLc  way   •  Understand  organisaLonal  limitaLons,   culture  and  tradiLons   •  Understand  that  open  data  does  not   allways  equal  innovaLon   •  Do  not  underesLmate  integraLon  effort   •  Be  pragmaLc  34
  35. 35. Thank  you       Kim  Escherich   IBM  Global  Business  Services   +45  2880  4733   @kescherich   /in/escherich   /escherich  35