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From DIAG Conference - overview of IoT and architectural aspects

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Architecture @ IoT

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  6. 6. 340.282.366.920.938.463.463.374.607.431.768.211.456 Connected things 50 40 Billion 30 20 10 People 0 2003 2010 2015 20206 Source: Cisco IoT 2011 infographic
  7. 7. IBM Global Business Services 30 billion RFID-tags embedded into our world and across ecosystems 1 billion Camera phones7 INSTRUMENTED © 2011 IBM
  8. 8. IBM Global Business Services +2 billion Internet-subscribers +20 billion Connected devices8 INTERCONNECTED © 2011 IBM
  9. 9. IBM Global Business Services 1 petaflop 50 terabytes Super computers Image data Scientists working to prevent Agricultural consultancy Lanworth influenza outbreaks, model the crunches morthan 50 terabytes of viruses with a super-computer satellite images, maps and weather operating at one petaflop data to make more accurate crop forecasts.9 INTELLIGENT © 2011 IBM
  10. 10. We are ushering in a new wave of innovation Age 6th Wave Age of IT & of Oil, Cars Telecom Age and Mass of Steel, Production 5th Wave Electricity and Heavy Engineering 4th Wave SmarterInnovation Age 3rd Wave of Steam and Railways Products The Industrial  Instrumented, interc Revolution 2nd Wave onnected, and intelligent 1st Wave  Building blocks for a smarter planet  Sustainability 1770 1830 1875 1920 1970 2010 *Source: “Next Generation Green: Tomorrow’s Innovation Green Business Leaders”, Business Week, Feb 4, 2008
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  13. 13. New Intelligence:A smarter planet gives organizations the vision to see withoutbeing there.Matiq: Employs RFID tags to trace meat and poultry from German supermarket: Uses smart RFID labelsthe farm to store shelves to ensure safety and freshness to manage inventory with real-time salesand provide more transparency to consumers. data, improving product availability and enhancing the consumer experience.Improving homeland security by requiring effective IBM Deep Thunder: Leverages computingintelligence-gathering and real-time alerts to prevent power, visualization and data analytics to generatepotential threats. (FOAK) high-resolution weather forecasts for areas as fine as 1 to 2 square kilometers.13
  14. 14. Smart Work:A smarter planet puts organizations in position to be firstand be right.Container Centralen: Counterfeit prevention and Canadian bank: Software architecture examinessupply chain visibility in returnable transport item thousands of sources of information in real time tohandling in the European Green Sector capitalize on constantly changing market conditions.Max Bahr: A Dynamic Inventory Optimization Solution IBM Research Zurich Lab: Uses visualization softwareenables the retailer to meet demand for any of 40,000 to render a 3D model of each patient, allowing doctorsproducts in more than 80 outlets with low replenishment to interact with data that improves patient care.and storage costs—boosting customer service ratingsto 99%.14
  15. 15. Green and Beyond:A smarter planet empowers organizations to do more, using less.Landmark: Revolutionizes petroleum frontier Natural England: Implemented an evidence-basedexploration in Texas by integrating data sources carbon measurement and management system to helpto increase the likelihood of finding profitable achieve a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2010.sources of oil.Stockholm, Sweden: An intelligent toll system in the Energie Baden-Württemberg: Offers residentialcity center resulted in 20% less traffic, 40% lower customers smart appliances and meters that enableemissions and 40,000 additional users of the public them to adjust electricity consumption based on price—transportation system. reducing waste and easing peak loads.15
  16. 16. Dynamic Infrastructure:A smarter planet enables organizations to solve the problembefore the problem.British banks: Utilize real-time data analytics of UBench International: Uses in-car wireless telemetrycomplex financial models to help understand and to automate the auto leasing process from end tomanage their exposure to risk. end, cutting per-vehicle administrative costs by 35% while increasing customer satisfaction and retention.River and Estuary Observatory Network: Will create IBM Fire Program Analysis: Uses unique mathematicalthe first technology-based real-time environmental algorithms to determine where wildfires will likelymonitoring and forecasting network to guide better occur, and helps optimize government funds andpolicy, management and education for the Hudson resources for battling those fires.River and estuaries worldwide.16
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  18. 18. IoT scenarios show a pattern of company pain points Water Management Grid Food safety Logistics Home healthcare Transportation Lack of capability to design, implement, deploy, operate and manage complex IoT systems Lack of situation awareness leading to unacceptable responsiveness and resilience Requirement of end-to-end security18
  19. 19. Common Architecture of IoT Infrastructure Smart Smart Smart Smart app1 app2 app3 IoT End-to-End Services grid building healthcare supply chain (Management & Operation) Data Center IoT Service Platform 500,000 units (1:1000) Enhanced IoT Application Gateway Middleware for IoT Wide Area Network IoT Application Gateway IoT Access Wireless Network Sensor Network Appliances Edge Appliance for IoT 500,000,000 units (1:100) IoT Access Appliance Physical World New Technology for IoT Physical World 50,000,000,000 devices  IoT access appliance and application gateway are two cornerstones of the IoT infrastructure  IoT infrastructure provides distributed management functions to support IoT end-to-end services19
  20. 20. IoT Capabilities Required for Effective Solutions End-to-End Security Resilience Collaborative Intelligence Security with insecure Availability with unreliable Model-based components and environment devices and changing environment intelligence distributed across edges IoT End-to-End Services (Enabled via Service Management Functions at Edges) Design, implementation, integration, deployment, operation and management of IoT systems IoT Access Appliances IoT Application Gateways  Support common sensor  Perform unified data mediation communication technologies  Support naming, addressing and  Manage resource-constrained reach-ability management for sensor devices and network sensors  Detect and handle security issues  Provide security services, e.g. of managed devices encryption/decryption, and AAA (authentication, authorization &  Provide local intelligence, and accounting) data store/processing capability  Manage WAN connections Complexity from heterogeneous, geo-distributed & large-scale deployment20
  21. 21. Current sensoring architecture WebSphere ILOG Cognos Tivoli / Maximo Composite Business Process (Business Rules (Enterprise BI and (Enterprise Asset & Applications Management Management & Performance Mgmt Service Management) (SAP) (WPS, WBM, WBE…) Optimization) Applications) WebSphere ESB SOAFoundation Location Process EPCIS Data Capture Applications Alerts Awareness Integration Use Cases Business Services & Reference Use Cases Reporting, Dashboards and Business Intelligence Services to deliver faster time to value & reduced risk Analytics Increasing visibility through real-world awareness WebSphere Business Events Integrated Master Data Cache Event correlation across sensors, locations, over time Sensor Contextualized reporting and queries Event Sensor Event Services Event Capture / Query Services Platform Components accelerating creation of business services Standardized event capture, storage and exchange Data Capture & Device Control Serial Number Mgmt Service Normalized data collection with filtering & aggregation Serialization at production line speeds WebSphere Sensor Events InfoSphere Traceability Server
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