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2010 Annual Report


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2010 Annual Report

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2010 Annual Report

  1. 1. 124874-Berman 5/26/2011 6:12:38 PM 1 FrontWith oursincere appreciationand thanks. “U nited Way is pleased to once again support the Nonprofit Leadership Institute. We’re delighted that the Institute is helping executive directors 2010Printing provided by develop their leadership skills.” Robert C. Reifsnyder, President Report to the CommunityBerman, a TouchPoint Rob Reifsnyder United way of Greater CincinnatiPrint SolutionsCompany.Graphic Designprovided byJulie Meyer.
  2. 2. Executive Service Corps of Cincinnati Fred Heyse Randy Harris Robert Conklin Carole Register Our W Board Chair Vice Chair Treasurer Retired VP/ Retired Associate Retired National Retired Community Mission e are pleased to report on the activities of Executive Service Corps of Cincinnati for 2010. The social impact of our organization reaches across all sectors of the local nonprofit community. We are a catalyst Director/MIS Procter & Gamble Account Sales Procter & Gamble Section Head Procter & Gamble Relations WellSpan To help nonprofits for empowering nonprofits to make organizational and systemic changes for greater sustainability. Our Health System Our achieve their missions mission of providing high quality consulting at an affordable cost continues from the foundation upon which we’ve built our organization since 1995. Without the experience, intellectual capital and commitment of our Board by providing high volunteer work force and the community support of our funders we could not continue to provide the valuable Officers quality, affordable services we do. consulting services. We are proud of our achievements in 2010 and are embarking on strategies that will allow us to be stronger in 2011 and beyond. In providing 12,500 volunteer hours to the community last year we contributed services valued in the marketplace at $1.25 million. We served 193 nonprofit agencies during the year providing Vision leadership training, coaching and consulting services. We are continuing to provide leadership training for nonprofit executives through our institutes. Collectively since 2007 we have trained 92 community leaders. We are the consulting On a cash basis we reported revenue of $329,000 with net income of $71,000 for 2010. Based on our system of Doug Bolton Aubrey Herman Frederick Joffe, Ph.D. Margaret Lawson earning revenue from projects, funding is “reserved” until client projects are started with the remaining 50% organization of of the funding earned when projects are completed. This is our assurance to our clients and funders that we Managing Franchisee Retired Director Partner Principal Ameriprise Paper Products Taft, Stettinius & choice for nonprofits, are being diligent about their investment, and that ESCC is able to help more nonprofits by lowering the cost Cassidy Turley Financial Worldwide Hollister LLP barrier for them to benefit from our services. Procter & Gamble volunteers and funders. Our Our 2010 accomplishments allow us to move into 2011 and beyond with greater confidence in achieving our goals: Board Core • Expansion and diversification of our board led to the addition of four outstanding business Members Values and community leaders. • Addition of two new partnerships. We joined in the creation of Flywheel -- a new venture dedicated to Commitment: developing social enterprise for local nonprofits. And we entered into a shared office space collaboration ESCC is committed to with CMC Properties to create the Greenhouse concept for nonprofits. helping our clients carry out their missions • Adoption of community indicators to measure impact allowed us to align our focus around education, more effectively. health and income to emulate United Way of Greater Cincinnati’s Bold Goals which help nonprofits Carol Leigh Brian Leshner Robert Reifsnyder June Reynolds David Wallace become more sustainable. Professionalism: Retired Manager Executive Director President Retired Purchasing Staff Attorney ESCC is an organization We see many exciting opportunities ahead, in addition to challenges. We will continue to broaden the scope Marketing Student Activity United Way of Greater Manager United States Court of comprised of highly-skilled of our services and clients, as well as increase the number of strategic partnerships. One of our challenges Communications Foundation Cincinnati Procter & Gamble Appeals professionals delivering The Ohio River is our own capacity. As we increase both the number and complexity of projects we attract, the need for Company quality services to the nonprofit community with recruiting more professional-level volunteers becomes critical. We must be strategic in determining our future the same level of direction. Through civic engagement and the dedication of our volunteer consultants, ESCC is positioned to professionalism with remain a catalyst for social impact and a driving force in the local nonprofit community. which they approach career endeavors. Accountability: ESCC is committed to demonstrating to investors and other stakeholders Andrew J. McCreanor, Executive Director/CEO Fred Heyse, Board Chair that we are a trustworthy steward of their investment Executive Service Corps of Cincinnati Staff In Memoriam and support. “O Penina Sachs Andrew J. Craig Darlyne VP / Senior Consultant Growth: McCreanor Kowalski Koretos HR Partners International ESCC believes in ur mission continues from the foundation upon which we’ve built our organization since 1995. long-term, continuous Executive Director of Director of Without the experience, intellectual capital and commitment of our volunteer work force and the community It is with great sadness that growth for our clients Director/CEO Operations/ Support we acknowledge the passing of Services support of our funders we could not continue to provide the invaluable services we do.” Penina Sachs on May 2, 2011. and for our volunteers. Programs Andy McCreanor, Executive Director/CEO Collaboration: ESCC ESCC believes that “together we can do more.” Community issues do not arise in a vacuum, and they cannot be most effectively addressed by those operating in a vacuum. 2 3124874-ESCC_AR_Insides_v2.indd 2-3 6/1/11 1:27 PM
  3. 3. 2010 ESCC Client Listing ESCC Leadership Development Programs Nonprofit Leadership N Institute Batesville Community iSpace Procter & Gamble (4) School Corporation onprofit Leadership Institute, a dynamic, interactive eight-month program specifically Jewish Vocational Service Serenity Consultants Inc Cancer Family Care* designed for executive directors and senior managers interested in strengthening their Jobs for Cincinnati Graduates (2) Services to Area Youth management skills for better effectiveness provided instruction to 37 individuals for the third Catholic Charities, Diocese Joy Outdoor Education Center St. Francis Seraph Sarah Center of Covington* consecutive year. Each monthly day-long module, while distinct, cumulatively provided expanded Learning through Art Tender Mercies Inc.* knowledge for managing a nonprofit organization. Workshops included Leadership for Nonprofits, Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education Kenzie’s Closet Talbert House Board Development, Strategic Planning, Fundraising, Managing Staff, Financial Management, LAUNCHNational* The Children’s Home of Cincinnati* Outcomes, Collaborations and Community Asset Mapping. Classes ran from September-May. Children’s Meeting House Montessori School Participants also received individual coaching from ESCC-trained volunteers and included LifeSpan Inc. (2) The Grail assistance with both organizational and personal improvement plans. Cincinnati Public Schools (10) Lighthouse Youth Services* The Past Foundation Covington Business Council Mayerson Jewish Community Center The Point / Arc of 2010-2011 Graduation Class Foundation Northern Kentucky (3) New Life Furniture (Seated L-R) Covington Independent Schools The Women’s Connection Regina Woods, Alan Gross, Laura Partridge, Newport Independent Schools (4) Dayton Christian Center Three Valley Conservation Trust Monica Kuhlman, Linda Neenan, Kimberly Smith Northern Kentucky University (Standing L-R) Dress for Success University of Cincinnati Ohio Justice and Policy Center (2) Cheri’ Wilson, Leslie Mitchell, Paula Houston, Easter Seals Warren County Convention And Tasha Johnson, Mary Fleischman, Outdoor Industries Women’s Enjoy the Arts Coalition* Visitor’s Bureau Shannon Starkey-Taylor, Sherry Owens, Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati (2) Winton Woods City Schools Kendall Fisher, Craig Powell Over the Rhine Foundation Flywheel (2) Pharmacy Over The Rhine Women Helping Women of Hamilton County* Freestore Foodbank Planned Parenthood Southwest General Electric Employees Ohio Region* * - Participated in Nonprofit Activities Association PowerNet of Dayton* Leadership Institute ESCC 2010 Project Analysis ESCC 2010 Nonprofit Sectors Served ESCC Services Provided Category Number Percentage of Projects of Projects Financial 12 19% ESCC Sectors Provided Category Number Percentage Strategic Planning 12 19% of Projects of Projects Board Development 10 16% Education 22 35% Coaching 8 13% Community Development 12 19% Human Resources 5 8% Social Services 12 19% Organizational Analysis 4 6% Arts 5 8% Business Planning 3 5% Disabilities 4 6% 2009-2010 Graduation Class Capacity Development 2 3% Health 4 6% (Front row L-R) Marketing 2 3% Youth 2 3% Sharon Strubbe, Terri Betts, Melissa Donovan, Fundraising 2 3% Environment 1 2% Lupe Gonzalez Hoyt, Linda Hart, Construction 1 2% Total 62 100% Molly Brooks, Julie Carpenter Information Technology 1 2% (Standing) Total 62 100% Bonita Campbell, Diane Burns, Ed Graves, Geoff Hollenbach, Lisa Roberts-Rosser, Katie Brass, Shelly Griffin “T ESCC 2010 Project Alignment ESCC Endorses United Way Bold Goals - ESCC has joined forces Geoff Hollenbach with United Way Bold Goals with United Way and other community partners by endorsing UW’s Bold Goals he mentoring was invaluable in enhancing my leadership skills and potential within my agency. Category Percentage of Projects around Education, Health, and Income. By aligning our projects and programs (My coach) provided me insight into how to develop a more visionary focus in taking our efforts to a new level. Education 36% with selected community indicators, we will be helping to accelerate systemwide, This experience has really shaped my abilities to transform my staff and programs to remain competitive in Income 25% measurable change. Additionally, ESCC supports the important work being done by an uncertain marketplace.” Health 39% other organizations, such as Agenda 360, Vision 2015, and the Strive Partnership in Geoff Hollenbach, Program Director Total 100% their efforts to improve our region’s overall socio-economic health. Lighthouse Youth Services 4 5124874-ESCC_AR_Insides_v2.indd 4-5 6/1/11 1:27 PM
  4. 4. Freestore Foodbank Leadership Institute 2010 Volunteers F reestore Foodbank and ESCC partnered for the second year in a program designed to increase capacity of FSFB agencies from 14 million pounds of food a year to 16 million pounds. Under this Chip Burgess, Lee Thibodeau and Pete Teitelman Bob Conklin and Julia Johnson at June 2010 ESCC board members Dave Wallace and Russ Rosen, Ed Hand and Fred Joffe at October 26, 2010 enjoy the June 8, 2010 member luncheon at the Boy Aubrey Herman attend ESCC member luncheon eight-month program that runs from October till June, ESCC coached 36 FSFB agencies one-on- member luncheon Scout Achievement Center member luncheon one, as well as provided monthly leadership training sessions to assist them to reach this goal. ESCC is privileged to have a wide array of “S FreeStore FoodBank Richard Daniels volunteer consultants Graduation Class, o many people are trying to do so much good, and they sometimes need from many sectors of June 2010 help. I enjoy helping them look at things a bit differently so, hopefully, they can the business (Left to right) tackle their challenges with new energy and a little different perspective.” and nonprofit Karen Yates, Ceal Bellman, Richard Daniels – The former president and CEO of McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital, communities. Our Richard joined ESCC in January 2009. A resident of Oxford, Ohio, Richard serves various civic, Ed Myers, social and business organizations there including the Oxford Chamber of Commerce, volunteers serve our Jessica Wabler, Oxford United Way and Oxford Community Arts Center. organization and our “I Kathy Lorenz, nonprofit community Judy Dixon, Chris Wais in many valuable Lindsey Ein, opted to volunteer with ESCC to utilize the business skills that I Judy Gillens, developed during my 32+ years in the corporate world to help nonprofits improve ways – from Jim Fant, their operations and processes. ESCC has provided me the opportunity to work coaching to Pam Rouster with a diverse group of organizations throughout the community and work consulting to side-by-side with other experienced consultants. Each client challenges me to training to serving reach a little deeper and to continue to broaden my skill sets.” on our board and Chris Wais has been an ESCC member since 2007. She retired in 2005 from Convergys Corporation serving as a John Young, CEO, Freestore Foodbank, presents diploma to Lindsey Ein. as Senior Director-Global Alliance Development. Chris had been with the corporation 10 years. “B Previously, she spent 23 years with Cincinnati Bell, serving as a Director when she left. valuable part of our “I Dick Fencl small staff. They oard Development is so important and one of the main objectives that has improved for us join ESCC for many as a result of this program. I also know that we have served more people during this time and that am humbled by the work that the people in the nonprofit community are reasons – from a our organization has grown, not only in donations given but also in donations received.” doing to improve the quality of life for all of us in the Greater Cincinnati area, often working with very minimal resources.” desire to give back Lindsey Ein, Executive Director, Inter-Parish Ministry to the community, to Dick Fencl is a past chair of the board of directors for ESCC. He joined the organization in 1997 upon retirement from Proctor & Gamble where he spent over 36 years in manufacturing management. wanting to learn new In addition to consulting for ESCC, Dick has co-facilitated a number of Board Development workshops. He holds a B.S. degree in Marine Engineering from the Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY, skills, to keeping as well as an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley. current skills fresh, John Young, CEO, Freestore Foodbank, presents diploma to Jessica Wabler. to making new “F “ESCC Duane Tennant, Ph.D. friends. We are rom the first moment I became involved in this program it has been amazing. Our board just very grateful for has given me the opportunity to give back to the our wonderful went through a process of evaluating my capacity development plan and the progress we’ve made as people who support the community and to connect with other professionals and an agency. As a result, we will be hiring someone to give us the help we need so I can focus on to keep my skills sharp” volunteers. Without fundraising and increase our capacity to serve more people.” them this Duane Tennant, Ph.D. has been an ESCC member since 2008. Before retiring in 2005 Duane had a Jessica Wabler, Executive Director, Madisonville Education & Assistance Center 45-year career in education. Most recently he was Scholastic Audit Team Chairperson for the Kentucky organization could Department of Education in Frankfort. Duane has been very active in the Kentucky community serving not exist. This year on various boards and has also been a member of a number of civic organizations, as well. we are proud to report they we have “B increased by 48 the Talbert House -- ESCC partnered with Talbert House to provide 240 hours of training and 2,800 hours Carol Leigh number of new of technical assistance, coaching and mentoring for 88 nonprofit agencies in Southwest Ohio as part of a y volunteering at ESCC, I feel more engaged with the overall members recruited capacity- building program for small, emerging and existing faith-based and community organizations. community and have a much greater appreciation for the scope of services during the year for a offered by agencies in the Greater Cincinnati area as well as the challenges This Compassion Capital Program was funded by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, facing those agencies. Through the work we do, we touch the lives of so total of 100+ Administration for Children and Families to promote the economic and social well-being of families, many people.” volunteers by the children, individuals and communities. Thirty of the agencies in this program were awarded competitive end of the year. Carol Leigh has been a member of ESCC since 2005. She is a member of the Board of Directors and is sub-awards ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. The program ran from January-September 2010. Co-Program Manager for the Nonprofit Leadership Institute. Carol is a retired marketing professional. 6 7124874-ESCC_AR_Insides_v2.indd 6-7 6/1/11 1:27 PM
  5. 5. The Women’s Connection New Strategic Direction Drives Sustainability at Holocaust Museum New Approach to Breaking Generational Poverty Taken By The Women’s Connection T he 10-year-old Center for Holocaust & Humanity Education was founded by the Holocaust survivors who Weiss explained that the Nazis stamped their made their life in the Greater Cincinnati community and has symbol on this Arc curtain Fourteen years ago, Mary Jo Gasdorf, SC founded received generous support from The Carol Ann and Ralph V. after they destroyed a The Women’s Connection in Price Hill to help Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation. The foundation supported synagogue in a small town women and girls in the neighborhood where she CHHE by subsidizing the services of ESCC. “They support in Romania in which the grew up. At the time 38 per cent of the families Arc curtain sat. They had our two-fold mission,” Sarah Weiss, Executive Director of the planned to exhibit it in were headed by a single woman and one-third of the nonprofit commented -- “to preserve the stories and teach the “museum of extinct Aimee population was under the age of 17. Both poverty the history, but of equal importance to do something with the people.” Instead, Weiss Shinkle and crime were growing issues in the neighborhood. history. Our focus is obviously on Holocaust education but also said, it is displayed in a There was no resource center in Price Hill for we emphasize the lessons of the Holocaust and how you apply museum dedicated to women. When The Women’s Connection opened, education and tolerance. these lessons today and in the future.” suddenly there was a listening ear, a supportive In these pre-war environment, and unconditional support. After moving to its current location in October 2009, Weiss “What we found was we were serving a lot of women photographs, all of and girls every year but we couldn’t measure the said they felt it was the right time to take another look at these individuals have “For 14 years we have run great programs and its strategic plan. “We’ve done some incredible things in that connections to the we’ve always had great support from our funders. impact,” said Aimee Shinkle, Development & Cincinnati community. Marketing Coordinator. “Maybe we would see them time period amidst all the changes but now we’re stable and However, this year our funders became more Most of these individuals a couple of times when they came in but we might have a variety of educational venues that are successful. did not survive but maybe insistent on strong measurable outcomes and we How do we sustain that? How do we build our reputation in needed an objective person to help us evaluate our not see them again. So, we developed a program their family members did. Linda that addresses not just their immediate need but the community? And not just in the Jewish community but When you look at it you Keller programs and assure that they would be attractive in the larger community. How do we insure or assure our realize that any of these to funders,” Executive Director Gasdorf said. She their underlying issues and their entire self – their sustainability. So those were the two things we were looking at.” photos could be found in approached Executive Service Corps of Cincinnati mind, their body, their spirit. That’s how we’re our grandparents’ albums. for assistance because she had worked with the approaching it. We really want to involve the entire We try to humanize this family in the process.” The Haile Foundation funded a strategic planning project experience and we feel organization previously. “We were grateful to ESCC with Executive Service Corps of Cincinnati to lend assistance that that’s an effective way because we did not have a budget to do this project with updating the Center’s strategic plan. Two ESCC of teaching about and they identified a funder for us.” (The Fred “As a result of the new program design, we’re going volunteer consultants – Kris Olsen and Craig Kowalski – this tragedy. Lazarus, Jr. Foundation supported the majority of to be working with fewer women but going further in depth with each woman,” said Linda Keller, worked on the strategic planning project for six months. this project.) Director of Programs. Rather than updating their current plan, Weiss said they The primary objective of the project was to started with a clean slate. They looked at broadening their Mary Accountability has been added, as well. “Really evaluate the programs offered and develop strong outreach efforts, as well as their reputation. And they Gasdorf holding the women and the girls we serve This uniform represents the measureable outcomes. “Initially, we thought we also looked at a variety of fundraising venues to find new rescuers – the resistance. would take what we had and make it better,” Sister accountable for their own progress and their own streams of revenue. “We had to do that in such a way that It was worn by an 11- Gasdorf said. “In the end we completely redesigned success in the program itself. We want to make year- old boy who helped Price Hill a better community. We believe we can do our new plans were manageable in terms of time and human our programs.” save Jews and now lives in this by empowering the women and the girls in our resources,” Weiss added. “We revised our mission, added core Indiana. We hope we can (Clockwise) values and a vision statement and that dictated the rest of the community to be stronger,” Shinkle concluded. all be rescuers in our own The Women’s Connection plan. I think some of the tools that ESCC brought to the table way. If we are ever put in a client meets with situation where we have to Linda Keller, “(This project) was such a growing opportunity and brought to the process were extremely helpful -- things that we probably would not have had access to otherwise. help somebody hopefully Director of Programs, for our staff to really see what our potential was,” it’s not hiding someone Aimee Shinkle, Gasdorf said. “When you’ve done what you do for so in our attic with the fear Development & Marketing long you don’t realize the impact you have. “One of my 10-year goals is to have the Holocaust Museum of death but it might be Coordinator and John (Seifert, ESCC consultant) really helped us be top of mind when someone asks: what’s great speaking up, sacrificing Mary Jo Gasdorf, about Cincinnati?” your time to do something Executive Director see that.” for someone else. “I think as the project went on, it became much more than we originally visioned. For us it was such a growing opportunity for our staff to really see what our potential was. John really helped us see that.” “W e added new board members who had great enthusiasm but they really had no idea of what their role was.” Using another tool (Strengths Finder) the ESCC team determined that STAY needed to add Kathy Smith individuals with executing and strategic planning skills to the board. “I think using Strengths Finder really helped the board members understand their roles. And to help the board function in the most effective way, Aimee Shinkle, Development & Marketing Coordinator ESCC helped form board committees, something STAY had never done.” The Women’s Connection ESCC Project Manager: John Seifert Kathy Smith, Executive Director STAY (Services To Area Youth) 8 9124874-ESCC_AR_Insides_v2.indd 8-9 6/1/11 1:27 PM
  6. 6. 2010 Social Impact Investors Financial Statements E xecutive Service Corps of Cincinnati depends on contributions from corporations, foundations Statement of Cash Flow 2010 2009 and individuals in order to continue serving its fellow nonprofits. The individuals and organizations financially assisting ESCC consider our organization an important ally of their own Receipts philanthropic interests. We thank them for their generosity, for it is only with their support that Foundation & Corporate Gifts $221,000 $60,000 our work can continue. Member Dues & Individual Contributions $10,825 $19,940 Client Project Fees $97,887 $73,700 Corporate, Foundations and Public Funding Programs & Events $0 $9,800 Interest & Other Income $175 $367 Duke Energy Foundation Friends of ESCC Total Receipts $329,887 $163,807 Farmer Family Foundation James Bowman Joseph Linahan Expenses Jerry Braunheim William Luerssen Operating Expenses - Total $258,517 $212,969 Ed and Joann Hubert Terry Bruck Glenn Miller Excess of Receipts over Expenses $71,370 -$49,162 Family Foundation James Cohen Dennis Murphy Robert Conklin Carole Register KAO Brands Foundation Hirsh Cohen June Reynolds Statement of Assets As of December 31 Hugh Dayton Gerry Roerty 2010 2009 Fred Lazarus, Jr. Foundation George Dershimer Russell Rosen Checking Account Balance $54,656 $48,061 Richard Fencl Penina Sachs Money Market Account $97,064 $29,920 Macy’s Foundation Denny Fennema John Seifert Brokerage Account $85 $110 Procter & Gamble Foundation Dan Groneck Carol Sparks Pre-paid Expenses and Misc. Adjustments $277 $0 Randy Harris Debbie Strawser Total Assets $152,082 $78,091 Sidley Austin Foundation Fred Heyse Lauren Tappel Pre-paid Project Funding (Grants) $111,096 $59,000 Paul Hoeting David Wallace Net Cash Available for Operations $40,986 $19,091 Wells Fargo, Inc. Larry Kissel Denny Waymire Ron Koelle John Wenker April 14, 2011 The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./ Margaret Lawson Cliff Wicks Subject: Review of 2010 Financial Results U.S. Bank Foundation Mark Leguillon Nikki Zellen This will confirm that I completed a review of all accounting records and supporting documentation for all cash receipts Carol Leigh Al Zenz and disbursements for the year 2010 today. United Way of Greater Cincinnati In my opinion, the Statements of Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet of The Executive Service Corps of Cincinnati, Inc. to be included in the annual report, fairly state in all material aspects the cash flows for the year 20010 and the net assets as of December 31, 2010. During my review, I noted that adequate internal control procedures, including separation of duties among the Treasurer, Executive Director and the Director of Support Services, remain in place and are consistently followed. In-Kind Contributions I noted that you, Bob Conklin and Darlyne continue your attention to detail in the manner in which you track, report and document all financial transactions. Jeff’s Driving School Sincerely, Gerard J. Roerty Audit Chair “W e rely on Executive Services Corps of Cincinnati to provide high- quality capacity-building services to area nonprofits. This aligns with our mission, and as organizations become more sustainable, they strengthen the “E xecutive Service Corps of Cincinnati delivers consistently excellent results to the Greater Cincinnati community year after year.” entire community.” Ed Hubert Eric P. Avner, Vice President, Sr. Program Manager - Community Development Ed and Joann Hubert Family Foundation Eric Avner U.S. Bank Foundation Ed Hubert 10 11124874-ESCC_AR_Insides_v2.indd 10-11 6/1/11 1:28 PM