School long range planning - a sound strategy


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School long range planning - a sound strategy

  1. 1. MSLA/MLS Making the Connection  Workshop Series A Sound Strategy - Building Connection and Relevance
  2. 2. A bit of historyPlanning is a process, which determines: Where do you want to go? Where have you been? How will you get “there” from “here”?Planning allows you to see the forest for the trees!
  3. 3. Explains your programOpens up communicationIdentifies prioritiesDocuments your progress and processProvides a blueprint for the futureMeets the requirement for LSTA Direct Grant Funds from the MBLC (if you are a member of the Massachusetts Library System)
  4. 4. Committee How many? Stakeholders – how to select Advisory? or Worker bees? Who leads?Agendas Clear and definedTimeline How many meetings? How long?
  5. 5. How are you going to invite?How are you going to communicate?What are your expectations?What are their expectations?
  6. 6. What material needs to be sent to the committee in advance of the meeting?Match the task to the timeframe and committeeSet clear defined goals for each meetingInclude follow up steps
  7. 7. October 1 Plans are dueDecember 1 Action Plans are dueDecember Letters of intent are dueJanuary Plans are approvedJanuary, February Grant writing workshopsMarch Grants dueApril, May Grants reviewedJuly Grant rounds announcedOctober Implementation of grants
  8. 8. Mission statementAssessment of user needsMulti-year goals and objectivesAction planMethodologyApproval of governing boardAnnual updates of Action Plans by Dec. 1
  9. 9. Consider the mission statement to be your purposeThe mission statement should be concise and state what the learners will becomeThe statement is your handful of prioritiesThe mission is your business!It is a way of anchoring the work of the school library to the whole mission of schooling
  10. 10. Community scanConnect to schools mission - documentsSurveysCommittee input
  11. 11. Goals are long-range, broad, general statements describing a desired condition or future toward which the library will workObjectives are short range and describe the results to be achievedAn activity is a set of tasks that accomplish an objective
  12. 12. What has been accomplishedWhat has changedWhat new directionNew budgetsNew measures
  13. 13. Use a wiki to: Set your agendas Draft your vision and mission statements Draft the long range planUse a blog to: Update your community on the plan’s progress Invite comments from the community Keep the plan alive
  14. 14. By planning 3-5 years out you are looking aheadYou won’t be surprised by new trends and technology because that will be built into your planYou will be prepared for changeYou will be connected and relevant to your community!You will in fact lead your community in change!
  15. 15. Planning template: MLS Long Range Planning Resources: resources/ MSLA Long range planning: (includessample plans)