European Space Surveillance Conference 2011


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European Space Surveillance Conference, 7-9 June 2011, Madrid, Spain. More info via

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European Space Surveillance Conference 2011

  1. 1. European Space Surveillance Conference 7-9 June 2011, INTA HQ, Madrid, Spain Programme Tuesday 7 June 201108:30 Registration09:00 WelcomeSSA and SST (SS)10:00 ESA SSA Space Weather Services Supporting Space Surveillance and Tracking Luntama, J-P ; Glover, Alexi ESA, (SPAIN)10:40 An Overview of ESAs "CO-VI: Space Surveillance Precursor Services" Frouvelle, N. 1; Garmier, R. 1; Fletcher, E. 2 1 CS SI, (FRANCE); 2ESAC, (SPAIN)11:00 Coffee BreakOperational Experience (OE)11:20 Adaptations to Changes in Collision Avoidance Operations at CNES for In-Orbit Satellites Laporte, F. ; Moury, M. CNES, (FRANCE)11:40 Operational Collision Avoidance Assessment of DEIMOS-1 satellite Máure, M.A. 1; Sánchez-Ortiz, N. 2; Belló-Mora, M. 2; González, E. 1 1 DEIMOS Imaging, (SPAIN); 2DEIMOS Space S.L.U., (SPAIN)12:00 The Impact of Collision Avoidance Maneuvers on Satellite Constellation Management Stoll, E. ; Schulze, R. ; Oxfort, M. RapidEye AG, (GERMANY)12:20 GEO Satellite Collision Avoidance Maneuver due to the Close Approach of an Inclined GSO Satellite Lee, B.-S. 1; Hwang, Y. 1; Kim, H.-Y. 2; Kim, B.-Y. 2 1 ETRI, (KOREA, REPUBLIC OF); 2KARI, (KOREA, REPUBLIC OF)12:40 Use of Optical Directional Observations for Routine Meteosat Orbit Determination Klinc, M. ; Lázaro, D. ; Siemer, A. EUMETSAT, (GERMANY)13:00 Lunch BreakSystem Design (SD)14:00 Collision Risks Management in Astrium Satellites Bonaventure, F. ; Gicquel, A.H. Astrium Satellites, (FRANCE)14:20 Optical System Requirements for a Leak-Proof, Non-tasked Cataloging Mission at GEO Murphy, L ; Gow, C. ; Lefever, J. ; Haeberle, D. ; Breslin, J. TASC, Inc., (UNITED STATES)14:40 Space-Based Space Surveillance as Complementary Element in an SSA Architecture Utzmann, J. ; Wagner, A. Astrium GmbH - Satellites, (GERMANY)15:00 Using Space-Based Sensors to Catlogue LEO Objects Liu, Zhonggui ; Hao, Shifeng Beijing Institute of Tracking and Telecommunications Technology, (CHINA)15:20 Required Accuracy for a Reliable Space Objects Collision Avoidance Assessment within the European Space Situational Awareness System. Sánchez-Ortiz, N. 1; Krag, H. 2 1 DEIMOS Space S.L.U., (SPAIN); 2ESA/ESOC, (GERMANY)15:40 Requirements for a LEO Surveillance Radar in Response to Collision Avoidance User Needs Krag, H. ; Flohrer, T. ; Merz, K. ESA, (GERMANY)16:00 Coffee Break
  2. 2. Radar Observations (RO)16:20 Satellite Observations using the Chilbolton Radar during the Initial ESA CO-VI Tracking Campaign Eastment, J. 1; Ladd, D. 2; Walden, C. 1 1 STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, (UNITED KINGDOM); 2STFC Chilbolton Observatory, (UNITED KINGDOM)16:40 Implementation of a Low Power Mini-Radar Demonstrator Sessler, G. 1; Martinez de Mendijur Iriarte, M. 2; Montagna, M. 3; Martin Recuenco, A. 1; Winterstein, F. 1; Dauron, G. 1; Besso, PM. 1 1 ESA, (GERMANY); 2Callisto, (GERMANY); 3Makalumedia, (GERMANY)17:00 A Concept for an Advanced Reflector-Based Space Surveillance Radar Patyuchenko, A. ; Younis, M. ; Krieger, G. ; Weigel, M. German Aerospace Center (DLR), (GERMANY)17:20 Cataloguing Capacity and Achievable Accuracy for the Low-altitude Orbital Regimes by Means of Radar Sensor within the Future European Space Situational Awareness System Olmedo-Casal, E. 1; Sánchez-Ortiz, N. 1; Guijarro-López, N. 1; Sessler, G. 2; Krag, H. 2 1 DEIMOS Space S.L.U., (SPAIN); 2ESA/ESOC, (GERMANY)17:40 Results of ESA CO-VI Radar Tracking Campaigns Fontdecaba Baig, J. 1; Martinerie, F. 1; Martinot, V. 1; Fletcher, E. 2 1 Thales Alenia Space, (FRANCE); 2ESA - European Space Astronomy Centre, (SPAIN)18:00 European Space Situational Awareness - Radar Simulation Halté, Stéphane ; Sciotti, Massimo ; Quintanilla, Jorge ESA/ESOC, (GERMANY)18:00 Welcome Cocktail Wednesday 8 June 2011Data Exchange and Governance (DE)09:00 Sharing SSA Data Bird, D. US Strategic Command, (UNITED STATES)09:20 Supporting a Space Surveillance Data Model with Standards Martinez, F. ; Agueda, A. ; Arregui, J.P. ; Martín, L. GMV, (SPAIN)09:40 Space Situational Awareness in Europe - Analysis of Potential Sensor Network Topologies in Front of Existing Governance Challenges Ernst, H. Astrium Space Transportation, (GERMANY)10:00 SSA-DPM: A Model-based Methodology for the Definition and Verification of European Space Situational Awareness Data Policy Gianni, D 1; Lindman, N 1; Moulin, S 2; Fuchs, J 1 1 European Space Agency, (NETHERLANDS); 2European Space Agency, (SPAIN)10:20 A Technical Contribution Supporting the Definition of the European Space Situational Awareness Governance and Data Policy: the SPA project Valero, J.L.; Albani, S. ; Gallardo, B. ; Matute, J. ; O’Dwyer, A. European Union Satellite Centre, (SPAIN);10:40 Coffee BreakCollision Avoidance (CA)11:00 Collision Risk Assessment For Multiple encounters Garmier, R 1; Dolado, J.-C. 2; Pena, X. 2; Legendre, P. 3; Revelin , B. 1 1 CS SI, (FRANCE); 2CNES, French National Space Agency,(FRANCE); 3CEMAES,(FRANCE)11:20 Screening the Collision Risk of the Iridium 33 - Cosmos 2251 Clouds Rossi, A. 1; Valsecchi, G.B. 2 1 IFAC-CNR & ISTI-CNR, (ANDORRA); 2INAF-IASF, Rome, (ITALY)11:40 Optimal Collision Avoidance Maneuvers using Pseudospectral Methods Martin, E. ; Pineiro, J.J. ; Fuentes, J. E&Q Engineering, (SPAIN)
  3. 3. 12:00 The Applicability Research of Nonlinear Collision Probability Xiong, Yongqing ; XU, Xiaoli Purple Mountain Observatory, (CHINA)12:20 The Transfer Orbit Threat to Geostationary Satellites Finkleman, D Analytical Graphics, Inc., (UNITED STATES)12:40 Collision Risk Assessment for Spacecraft with CASS Ma, Chaowei ; Huang, Jianyu Beijing Institute of Tranking and Telecommunications Technology, (CHINA);13:00 Lunch BreakObservation Techniques and Processing (OT)14:00 Anomaly Resolution using Optical Signatures Kervin, P 1; Hall, D 2; Hamada, K 3; Lambert, J 2 1 US Air Force Research Laboratory, (UNITED STATES); 2Boeing, (UNITED STATES); 3 Pacific Defense Solutions, (UNITED STATES)14:20 A Dynamic Observation Concept as a Key Point for an Enhanced SSA Optical Network Cibin, L 1; Chiarini, M 1; Milani, A 2; Bernardi, F 2; Dimare, L 2; Pinna, G 3; Zayer, I 4; Besso, P 4; Ragazzoni, R 5; Rossi, A 6 1 Carlo Gavazzi Space Spa, (ITALY); 2Dipartimento di Matematica Università di Pisa, (ITALY); 3ESAC, (SPAIN); 4ESOC, (GERMANY); 5INAF, (ITALY); 6IFAC, (ITALY)14:40 Optical Observation Campaign in the Framework of the ESA Space Surveillance System Precursor Services Früh, 1; Schildknecht, T. 1; Hinze, A. 1; Reber, M. 2 1 Astronomical Institute University of Bern, (SWITZERLAND); 2EARLY-SPACE, (SWITZERLAND)15:00 Innovative Orbit Determination Algorithms for a complete Debris catalog in the upper LEO region. Dimare, L. 1; Milani, A. 1; Bernardi, F. 1; Farnocchia, D. 1; Rossi, A. 2 1 Department of Mathematics, University of Pisa, (ITALY); 2IFAC-CNR & ISTI-CNR, (ITALY)15:20 Results from First Space Debris Survey Observations in MEO Hinze, A. 1; Vananti, A. 1; Schildknecht, T. 1; Krag, H. 2 1 University Bern, (SWITZERLAND); 2ESA/ESOC, (GERMANY)15:40 A New Astronomical Orientation Method for Space Debris Zhang , Xiaoxiang ; Xu, ZhanWei ; Ping, YiDing Purple Mountain Observatory, (CHINA)16:00 Coffee BreakOptical Systems (OS)16:20 SSA Products from Wide Field of View Optical Sensors Herridge, P. ; Dick, J. Space Insight Limited, (UNITED KINGDOM)16:40 Dedicated Telescopes with Large Field of View for Space Surveillance Molotov, I. 1; Agapov, V. 1; Yudin, A. 1; Kardashenko, M. 2 1 Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, RAS, (RUSSIAN FEDERATION); 2JSC Sientific- industrial enterprise "Project-Technics", (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)17:00 Space Debris Observations with ZimSMART Herzog, J. ; Ploner, M. ; Schildknecht, T. University of Berne, (SWITZERLAND)17:20 Ground-based Optical Sensor Network for Space Surveillance Blanchet, G. 1; Fau, N. 1; Pyanet, M. 1; Vial, S. 1; Legoff, R. 2 1 ASTRIUM SAS, (FRANCE); 2EADS SODERN, (FRANCE)17:40 Upgraded Camera for ESA Optical Space Surveillance System Abreu Rodríguez, D. ; Kuusela, J. Ataman Science, (SPAIN)18:00 Laser Tracking of Space Debris Gao, Y ; Smith, C ; Greene, B EOS Space Systems Pty Ltd, (AUSTRALIA)18:00 Conference Dinner
  4. 4. Thursday 9 June 2011Software Architecture (SA)09:00 Cloud Computing and Service Orientation in the SSA programme - Space Surveillance services and data in the Cloud Michelbach, T. 1; Tueffers, C. 1; Águeda Maté, A. 2; Amstutz, B. E. 3; Frith, G. 3; Stogdill, J.3; Ziegler, M. 1; Usrey, T. T. 3 1 Accenture, (GERMANY); 2GMV Aerospace and Defence, S.A., (SPAIN); 3Accenture, (UNITED STATES)09:20 Applying Cloud Computing to Space Situational Awareness Johnston, S ; White, A ; Lewis, H ; Cox, S ; Hart, E University of Southampton, (UNITED KINGDOM)09:40 Reuse of Operational Flight Dynamics Software for Space Surveillance Martínez, F. ; Agueda, A. ; Fernández, J. ; Escobar, D. GMV, (SPAIN)10:00 Open Source Space Situational Awareness Analyses - Requirements, Design, and Examples Cefola, P 1; Weeden, B. 2; San-Juan, J. 3; Lara, M. 4 1 University at Buffalo, (UNITED STATES); 2Secure World Foundation, (CANADA); 3 Universidad de La Rioja, (SPAIN); 4Real Observatorio de la Armada, (SPAIN)10:20 A Visualisation Approach to Space Surveillance Martinez, F. ; Agueda, A. ; Muñoz, P. ; Jiménez, M. GMV, (SPAIN)10:40 Coffee BreakPropagation and Correlation (PC)11:00 Efficient Tracking Correlation Techniques for Space Surveillance Agueda, A. ; Martínez, F. ; Fernández, J. GMV, (SPAIN)11:20 Mathematical and Algorithmic Description of Software Correlator for Space Debris Data Processing in VIRAC Jekabsons, N. ; Kotlere, D. ; Smelds, I. ; Nechaeva, M. Ventspils University College, (LATVIA)11:40 High Fidelity Models for Orbit Propagation: DROMO vs. Stoermer-Cowell Peláez, J. 1; Urrtutxua, H. 1; Bombardelli, C. 1; Huhn, A. 2 1 Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), (SPAIN); 2Technical University of Munich, (GERMANY)12:00 Long Term Propagation of GEO and GTO Orbits, in the Frame of the French Space Act: Methodological Concepts, Simulations. Deleflie, F. 1; Morand, V. 2; Le Fevre, C. 3; Wnuk, E. 4; Wailliez, S. 5; Portmann, C. 6; Lamy, A. 3; Vienne, A. 7; Emilion, L. 7; Fraysse, H. 3; Hautesserres, D. 3 1 IMCCE/GRGS, (FRANCE); 2Thales Group, (FRANCE); 3CNES, (FRANCE); 4Poznan University, (POLAND); 5IMCCE/FUNDP, (FRANCE); 6OCA/GEMINI, (FRANCE); 7IMCCE, (FRANCE)12:20 Predicting and Updating Orbit Uncertainty in the Presence of Drag Effects DeMars, K. 1; Bishop, R. 2; Jah, M. 1 1 Air Force Research Laboratory, (UNITED STATES); 2Marquette University, (UNITED STATES)12:40 Short-term Orbit Propagator of Space Debris Moving on LEO and MEO Wnuk, E. ; Golembiewska, J. Adam Mickiewicz University, Astronomical Observatory, (POLAND)13:00 Closing
  5. 5. PostersAutomatic Detection and Maneuvering SystemPariente, MSPACECIALIST, (ISRAEL)Development of a Web Front End for ESA’s CRASS collision avoidance systemDel Pino , JR ; Uruñuela, S ; Villanueva, JIndra Espacio, (SPAIN)Predicting Collision Risk for European SSA SystemEscobar, D. ; Agueda, A. ; Martín, L. ; Martínez, F.GMV, (SPAIN)Motion Compensation for ISAR Imaging of Spinning TargetsLi, HailinBeijing institute of tracking and telecommunication technology, (CHINA)The FABRA-ROA Telescope at Montsec (TFRM): A Fully Robotic Wide-field Telescope for SpaceSurveillance and TrackingMontojo, F.J. 1; Fors, 0. 2; Muiños, J.L. 1; Nuñez, J. 2; López Morcillo, R. 1; Baena, R. 3; Boloix, J.1 ; López Moratalla, T. 1; Merino, M. 21 Real Instituto y Observatorio de la Armada (ROA), (SPAIN); 2Observatori Fabra, Reial Acadèmiade Ciències i Arts de Barcelona (RACAB), (SPAIN); 3Dep. d’Astronomia i Meteorologia i Institut deCiències del Cosmos (ICC), Universitat de Barcelona, (SPAIN)A Satellite Orbit Design Method for Space-based Space SurveillanceHou Yuzhuo, H ; Huang Xuexiang, H ; Su Zengli, SBeijing Institute of Tracking and Telecommunications Technology, (CHINA)Space Surveillance Educational Outreach - Video MonitoringOcaña, F. 1; Zamorano, J. 21 Universidad Complutense de Madrid, (SPAIN); 2Dpto. de Astrofísica y CC de la Atmósfera -Universidad Complutense de Madrid, (SPAIN)Orbit Determination Error Analysis for a Space Debris Tracking RadarWeigel, M. 1; Patyuchenko, A. 21 German Space Operations Centre (GSOC) of DLR, (GERMANY); 2DLR Microwaves and RadarInstitute, (GERMANY)Orbit Determination of the Extended Kalman Filter for GEO Optical ObservationZHANG, W. ; Zhao, C.Y. ; Wang, X. ; Wang, H.B.Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, (CHINA)Optical Space Surveillance and Active Space Debris Mitigation at Kayser-ThredeHofmann, P. ; Bellido, E.Kayser-Threde GmbH, (GERMANY)AS4, a Simulator Supporting the Definition of the European Space Surveillance Segment of SSASánchez-Ortiz, N. ; Olmedo-Casal, E. ; Guijarro-López, N. ; Belló-Mora, M.DEIMOS Space S.L.U., (SPAIN)Operational Optical Observation Campaign based on Survey-only Strategies: Preparatory Phaseand Expected PerformancesOlmedo-Casal, E. 1; Nómen, J. 2; Sánchez-Ortiz, N. 1; Guijarro-López, N. 11 DEIMOS Space S.L.U., (SPAIN); 2OAM, (SPAIN)Cataloguing Capacity and Achievable Accuracy for the High-altitude Orbital Regimes by Means ofGround-based Optical Sensors within the Future European Space Situational Awareness SystemSánchez-Ortiz, N. 1; Olmedo-Casal, E. 1; Guijarro-López, N. 1; Keinänen, P. 2; Krag, H. 31 DEIMOS Space S.L.U., (SPAIN); 2ASRO, (FINLAND); 3ESA/ESOC, (GERMANY)ATV-1 Re-entry Fragments Trajectory Reconstruction and Footprint Optimal EstimationGil-Fernandez, J. 1; Blasco, A. 1; van der Linden, B. 2; Janssen, B. 2; Hatton, J. 31 GMV, (SPAIN); 2LIME, (NETHERLANDS); 3ESA, (NETHERLANDS)
  6. 6. Orbit Determination Techniques for Space SurveillanceAgueda, A. 1; Martínez, F. 1; Fernández, J. 1; Escobar, D. 1; Flohrer, T. 21 GMV, (SPAIN); 2ESA/ESOC, (GERMANY)Monitoring and Control for Space Surveillance SensorsGil, J.C. ; Fraga, E.GMV, (SPAIN)Covariance Determination,Propagation and Interpolation Techniques for Space SurveillanceGarcía, P. ; Escobar, D. ; Agueda, A. ; Martínez, F.GMV, (SPAIN)Planning Concept for Optical Space SurveillanceAgueda, A. 1; Fernandez, J. 1; Pinna, G.M. 2; Krag, H. 3; Flohrer, T. 31 GMV, (SPAIN); 2ESA/ESAC, (SPAIN); 3ESA/ESOC, (GERMANY)Operational Survey and Catalogue Maintenance in MEOFernández, J. 1; Aivar, L. 1; Agueda, A. 1; Dick, J. 2; Herridge, P. 2; Krag, H. 3; Flohrer, T. 31 GMV, (SPAIN); 2Space Insight Ltd., (UNITED KINGDOM); 3ESA/ESOC, (GERMANY)Study of an Innovative System for Debris Surveillance in LEO RegimeFernández, J. 1; Agueda, A. 1; Dick, J. 2; Jamar, C. 3; Jorden, P. 4; Besso, P.M. 5; Pinna, G.M. 61 GMV, (SPAIN); 2Space Insight Ltd., (UNITED KINGDOM); 3AMOS, (BELGIUM); 4e2v, (UNITEDKINGDOM); 5ESA/ESOC, (GERMANY); 6ESA/ESAC, (SPAIN)