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ESA SSA NEO Coord Centre Inauguration ESRIN 22 May 2013


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Media fact sheet

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ESA SSA NEO Coord Centre Inauguration ESRIN 22 May 2013

  1. 1. About SpaceESA’s Space2009. The Sand the proThe objectivthrough theparticularlyIn general,potential strThe SSA prolife and proporbit collisioObjects, andESAs SSA pSWENEO –SST –and TAbout the SNear-Earth Oorbit the Suour Solar SyNEOs couldchance of aNEOs merite SituationalSituational ASSA Programmgramme is cve of the SSAprovision ofregarding hathese hazardrikes by natuogramme aimperty due toons, disruptiod the effectsprogramme is– Space Wea– Near-Earth– Space SurveTrackingSSA Near-EartObjects (NEOun and whoseystem, almospotentially hlarge objectactive detectSpace SSSA-NEOAwarenessAwareness (Sme mandateurrently fundA programmef timely and aazards to infrads stem fromural objects, sms, ultimatelyman-made son of missionof space wes focusing onather MEahObjects Dceillance Wath Object (NEOs) are asteroe orbits comest 10 000 arehit our planethitting the Etion and tracFSituationaO Coordin22(SSA)SSA) Programwas extendded at 46.5 Me is to supporaccurate infoastructure inm possible colsuch as astey, to enable Espace debrisns and satelliather phenomn three mainMonitoring coEarths magnaffect space-human life orDetecting natcause damagWatching forand fragmentEO) segmentoids or comete close to thae NEOs.t and, dependEarth is verycking efforts.Fact Sheeal Awareandnation Cen2 May 20mme was auted at the ESAMEUR througrt Europes inrmation andn orbit and onllisions betwroids, that crEurope to auobjects, re-ete-based sermena on spaareas:onditions at tnetosphere, ioborne and grr health.tural objectsgeactive and intation debrists with sizesat of Earths.ding on theirsmall, it wouetness Prontre Inau013thorised in 2A Council ath to 2016.ndependentdata regardin the groundween objectsross Earths otonomouslyentries, in-orbrvice capabiliace- and grouthe Sun andonosphere anround-basedthat can potnactive satelthat orbit ths ranging from. Of the morer size, produculd produce agrammeuguration2008 and formMinisterial Lutilisation ofing the orbit, harmorbit.detect, predibit explosionties, potentiaund-based inin the solarnd thermospinfrastructurtentially impalites, discardhe Earth.m meters toe than 600 0ce consideraba great dealnmally launcheevel in 2012, and accesse environmenmful space wct and assesns and releasal impacts ofnfrastructure.wind, and inhere, that care or endangact Earth andded launch sttens of kilom00 known asble damage. Wof destructioed 1 Januaryuntil 2019,to, spacent, andweather andss the risk toe events, in-f Near-Earthnnerdtagesmetres thatsteroids inWhile theon; thusy-
  2. 2. The goal ofSSA-NEO seThe SSA-NEand follow-uinclude:About the SESA’s SSA-Ninstitutes acThe SSA-NETelespazio, Ievolution ofCost, constrInitial develContinued oOperation 2DevelopmenSSAs Near-EBecome awEstimate thAssess theDevelop NEOgment – infrO system isup activitiesObservatorieincluding foA central SSrisk, a NEOattention. TAn analysisAnalyses reA system foSSA-NEO CoorNEO Coordinatcross EuropeThe NEODyScomputes pEarth flyby dA physical pResearch NoThe Spacegfollow-up obIt stores allNEO data. Inetwork, anO CoordinatioItaly, with thf web serviceuction, evolulopment & operation & m014-2016 &nt & deploymEarth Objectare of the cue likelihood oconsequenceO deflectionrastructure abased on syby a large nues and astror example ESSA-NEO Coorddatabase, anhe web sitecapability tolated to riskor issuing wardination Cention Centre c. Via its webS orbit proparecise asterodistances anproperties daodeuard Centralbservations,NEO data prn addition itnd provide coon Centre wehe support ofes is led by Eution (planneperation to eminor upgradenhancemenment of the N(SSA-NEO) Surrent and futof Earth impaes of any posand mitigationd technologndicating andumber of Eurnomers withSAs Optical Gdination Centnd a priorityis updated do predict possmitigation, iarnings and antre (NEO-CC)omprises thebsite, it federagation systeoid orbits, pred a potentialtabase previNode Prioritypreviously produced by twill supportordination foebsite was df several subElecnor Deimod)end-2012:es to end-20nts to NEO-CCNEO Survey Teegment is toture positionactsssible impacton methodsgyd federatingropean and inh telescopesGround Statiotre, which prolist giving indaily.sible impactncluding thealerts to civile first Europeates the follom of the Uniedicts them 1l impact riskously maintay List, whichroduced by Ihe SSA-NEOt the planninor future studeveloped ovebcontractors.os, Spain, ag013:C capabilitiesTelescope 201o:of NEOs relaand produceobservationnternationalof various sizon (OGS) onovides centranformation olocations anpossible defauthorities iean hub for gowing assetsiversity of Pis100 years intwith Earthained by DLRprovides infINAF in Romesystem fromg and the last twThe currentgain with a ns:12-16:ative to our pe warningsand observasources. Thezes, both proTenerifealised informan which objed assess danflection of ann Europegathering NEOs:sa and Spaceto the futureR Germany atformation onem raw sky imanation of thewo years undcontract for tumber of sub600 KEU430 KEUca 2 Mca 10 Mplanettional data fe key componofessional anation on theects merit mngersn asteroidO data produeDys/Pisa, w, computes mt the Europeaasteroids inages to calcue future SSA-der a contractthe operationbcontractors.URURMEURMEURrom surveynentsd amateur,NEO impactoreuced bywhichminimuman Asteroidneed ofulated finalNEO sensort led byns and."
  3. 3. One of the mprototype ofcontinuous sThe followinthe NEO-CC:PrecdeveTeleElecGaliSercAstoDeptPisaINASpacCustomersESA’s SSA-NMore informContactmain goals fof a very widesurvey of theng organisaticursor systemvelopmentspazio/Italynor Deimos/lean Plus/Itaco/Italyos/Germanyt. of Mathema/ItalyAF-IASF/RomceDys/ItalyNEO activitiesGovernmentUN and inteDefence secAir traffic coInsurance cDisaster maSpace agencmation: http://Dr Detlef KosHead NEO SeESA/ESTEC, NTel: +31 71 5detlef.koschnCorporate CoESA/ESOC, Desoc.communTel: +49 615or the SSA-Ne field-of-viewe sky in ordeons and indum(prime)Spainalymatics, Univ.e Italys focus on entsernational boctorontrol agencieompaniesanagement ocies- Science/www.esa.inschnyegment, SSA PNoordwijk, The565 4828ny @ esa.intmmunicationarmstadt, Gernication@esa1 90 2516EO Segmentw (ca 45 squr to discoverustrial partnePrecursor smaintenancElecnor Dei(prime)Serco/ItalyAstos/GermSpaceDys/Iabling servicdiesesrganizationscommunity,t/ssaProgramme Ofe NetherlandsOfficermany.intin the 2012uare degrees)new objectsers have beesystemceimos /SpainymanyItalyces to customand nationaschools andfficeDr GeNEOESA/Tel: +gerha-16 timefram) telescope (“s that could pn involved inContin(serviSpaceINAFDLR BLa Samers workingl alert centreuniversitieserhard DrolshaSegment, SSAESTEC, Noordw+31 71 565 43ard.drolshagenme is develop“NEO Surveypotentially ben building, denuing operatiice-level agreeDys & Univ.Rome/ItalyBerlin/Germagra Sky Survin the followesagenA Programmewijk, The Neth316n @ esa.intpment of theTelescope”)e classified aeveloping andtion agreemeeement)Pisaanyvey/Spainwing fields:Officeherlandsfirstfor theas NEOs.d operatingents