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HB309 Ched


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Published in: Business, Technology
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HB309 Ched

  1. 1. Comments on the Proposed House Bill No. 309 Office of Student Services Commission on Higher Education
  2. 2. Current Situation in NSTP ♦ New revised IRR ♦ Minimum standards for 3 components ♦ Utilization of NSTP Graduates • Volunteers for community services, disaster, calamities election ♦ROTC decreasing enrollment
  3. 3. New Inputs ♦ Revising the Course Syllabus ♦ Training of NSTP Implementors ♦ Enhancing monitoring system ♦ Strengthening the TESDA, DND and CHED cooperation
  4. 4. Comments on HB 309 ♦ Statement of policy is the same with RA 9163 ♦ Developmental approach should be considered ♦ Strengthening of ROTC component in NSTP instead of mandatory ROTC
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