(EN) Bacnet gateway for Web service


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The eBACgw-ws is designed to offer web-service access to a BACnet network according to C ad-dendum of 135-2004 standard. The device al- lows access to the BACnet network to the very common applications compatible with SOAP technology, the most adopted technology of distribuited computing.

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(EN) Bacnet gateway for Web service

  1. 1. eBACgw-wsBACnet WEB-SERVICE SERVERThe successful integration of proprietary sy- Functionalitystems is one of our goals. Our strategic ap-proach to this challenge consists in design and • automatic set-updevelopment of specific interfaces promoting theproprietary world to the level of BACnet automa- • data collectingtion system. The eBACgw gateways connect theproprietary system to a standard BACnet • data manipulationnetwork. • network browsingThe gateway is one of the key points in theprocess of system integration, because it • BBMD supporttranslates the messages from one protocol toanother. The process is transparent to the final • WEB interfaceuser, so the integrated BACnet network appearsas a single network of BACnet devices only.Using gateways versus BACnet allows to:• "look at" the plant under one philosophy• design upgrades and extensions without re- strictions due to the specificity of the proprie- tary system• recover existing installations• give interoperability features to systems otherwise isolated• open the door to new developments speaking of convergence with the ICT world.DescriptionThe eBACgw-ws is designed to offer web-serviceaccess to a BACnet network according to C ad-dendum of 135-2004 standard. The device al-lows to gain the access to the BACnet networkto the very common applications compatible withSOAP technology, the most adopted technologyof distribuited computing.
  2. 2. D010E200911 Application Specifications The eBACgw-ws allows direct integration of Device profile BACnet networks into building management • gateway systems sup-porting web-service technology. This technology is platform-independent and is Power supply supported by the major used office automation • 5 V DC software and is com-patible with all the most • 110/220V PSU included diffused programming lan-guages even those that are web-oriented (PHP, Javascript, Java). This Tecnology permit to develop, in a very simple way, user • 32 bit CPU application or dynamic WEB pa-ges that interact with the BACnet network, without taking care o f Wiring the protocol implementation details. In the same • power supply way it is possible to develop spread-sheet or • Ethernet 10/100 database that collect realtime data di-rectly from • RS232/RS485 the network. The web-service interface is based on the most Indication common internet protocol (HTTP) and so it can be • power supply easly used to connect remote application even • ethernet activity through firewalls and proxy-servers. Services • getValue • getValues • getArray • setValue How to order Environment • Temperature: 0...+45 °C You can order ESAC BACnet web-service • Relative humidity: 10...90% server referring to the following product (non condensing) code: Metrics eBACgw-ws • 137 x 47.5 x 95.4 mm (WxHxP) • mounting brackets are included • optional DIN rail bracket Weight • 500 g Approvals • CEThe product image is by way of illustration and can change without prior notice eBACgw-ws is a system by