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RHoK brand guidelines version april 2012


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Published in: Business, Technology
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RHoK brand guidelines version april 2012

  1. 1. Brand GuidelinesVersion  1.1,  updated  April  2012  
  2. 2. Table of Contents•  Purpose•  Background of Brand•  Brand Guidelines –  Brand Look & Feel –  Branding Examples –  Event Naming•  Approvals & Legal
  3. 3. How to use this documentThe RHoK brand is a shorthand representation ofeverything the community stands for -- from ourpurpose and mission to the community values andpersonality. As we strive to expand our impactand global community, it is extremely importantthat we build a coherent global brand. A RHoKevent in Bangalore should have the same look andfeel as an event in Moscow. All members of ourcommunity – from our hackers to our sponsors –become part of the same global community.These guidelines are designed to provide theparameters necessary so that we keep aconsistent global identity. The more we canbuild a coherent global community, the morepotential impact we can have.
  4. 4. Why RHoK?Random Acts of Kindness: spontaneous, selfless actions done for the benefit of others whenever an opportunity presents itselfHacks: use of minimal resources and maximum brainpower to quickly and efficiently create solutions to interesting problemsRandom Hacks of Kindness: a global volunteer community of innovators building practical open technology to make the world a better place
  5. 5. Why RHoK?What began as a small initiativebetween Google, Microsoft,Yahoo!, HP, NASA and the WorldBank is now a global movementwith over 4000 participants in 50cities and 180 partners acrossgovernment, academic, corporateand NGO partners world-wide.
  6. 6. Brand Guidelines
  7. 7. The RHoK LogoThe RHoK logo consists of three elements: (1) thegraphic symbol (2) the wordmark (3) the tagline. Thegraphic symbol and wordmark must always appeartogether. The tagline can only be removed from thelogo when it appears elsewhere on the printedmaterial (such as on the back of a T-shirt). Theapproved electronic art files are available from_______________. No modifications are permitted.           (1)   Graphic     Twenty  individual  pixels  form  the  RHoK  logo,     symbol   represenIng  the  very  foundaIon  of     technology  in  its  simplest  form     (2)   Wordmark   The  full  name  always  accompanies  the  symbol     (3)   Tagline   The  tagline  states  our  mission  and  always  falls   offset  under  the  logo      
  8. 8. The RHoK LogoClearance    The  RHoK  logo  should  always  have  a  minimum  clearance  where  no  other  logos  or  graphic  treatments  are  to  appear.  This  is  defined  as  the  length  and  width  of  the  pixelized  “r”  in  the  graphic  symbol.  This  minimum  space  should  be  kept  proporIonally  to  the  size  of  the  logo.     Minimum  Size     When  printed  too  small,  the  logo  is  not  legible.  The   smallest  size  that  the  logo  can  be  printed  is  2.5”     2.5”  Color  Palate   Color   Pantone   C   M   Y   K   R   G   B   Web  #    The  RHoK  logo  should  always  appear  in  blue  on  a   Blue   Pantone  xxx   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   000000  background  that  allows  the  logo  color  to  appear   Gray  clearly.    Express  permission  is  required  to  print  the  RHoK  logo  in  colors  other  than  blue.    The  only   Gold  excepIon  is  the  winner  T-­‐shirts  where  RHoK   Silver  appears  in  gold.    That  design  is  available  to  all  event  organizers  or  upon  request.   Bronze  
  9. 9. Brand Guidelines:Branding Examples T-­‐Shirt   Water  BoZle   SIcker  
  10. 10. Brand Guidelines: Incorrect Usage Graphic  device  without  wordmark  
  11. 11. Brand Guidelines: Event NamingOnly approved event names and logos may be used. Eventsare named using the convention of RHoK [City Name] (e.g.“RHoK Bangalore”). A location-specific RHoK logo will beprovided for each event, which should be used in promotingthe event. These should not be created locally.This is the only instance where the RHoK graphic devicemay be used without the RHoK wordmark.
  12. 12. Approvals & LegalUse of the RHoK logo:•  The RHoK logo can only be used for events that have received a license.•  No one is permitted to use the RHoK brand in any way for an event without a license issued by RHoK. A license is good for a specific event on a specific date.Use of partner names & logos•  The names and logos of the RHoK Core Partners (Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, HP, NASA, The World Bank) CAN NOT be used in any way unless otherwise specified.