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Presentation media 1 1


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Presentation media 1 1

  1. 1. Qu6. What have I learnt about thetechnologies from the process ofconstructing this project?
  2. 2. Twitter was usefulthroughout the entireproject due to the fact wetook advantages of thissocial platform todistribute our film and tokeep up to date with theworld, on recent mediaevents.Twitter has allowed me tofollow others are partakein giving my opinions onrecent events. From this Ireceived inspiration fromleading companies suchas BFI, from this givingme further knowledgeinto the media world.TWITTER
  3. 3. Throughout our entire project the “Apple Mac” has played an essential role.It has allowed me to research, file away key documents and mostimportantly edit my film opening ‘Zest’. From this it has been the mostimportant piece of technology due to the fact it has access to a wholerange of platforms.APPLE MAC- Desktop
  4. 4. BLOGGER Blogger- this is my platform on which Ipresent all my coursework fromresearching new ideas to show what newmedia I have incorporated into my project.You can quickly easily see ideas and pathsyou go down in order to make the finalpiece.From this blogger was helpful in logging allthe work we accomplished in a diaryformat.
  5. 5. PREZIDuring the project I usedPrezi to present numerousdifferent things.Prezi allowed me to presentthings in a fast and effectiveway due to the fact itenables you to add photos,YouTube videos andhyperlinks, therefore lettingthe viewer learn off a wholerange of different platforms.Prezi has been useful to meseeing as it fast and to thepoint when it comes togetting a message across.
  6. 6. DIGITAL CAMERA• We used Cannon 550Dcamera to do all of ourfilming which means itwas a vital piece ofequipment for our filmopening. Using a HDcamera it gave ourproduct a clear cutfinish, which was easilyeditable on ‘premierepro’
  7. 7. Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Photoshop wasuseful when it came tothe distribution part ofmy project. From thiswe had to make ourfilm posters, websiteand P&A poster.This was a vital tool, asit allowed me to editphotographs at aprofessional standard.
  8. 8. Adobe After effectsAdobe after effectsallowed me to producean ident which have myfilm title an interestingaffect. Adobe afteraffect was not easy touse but with the helpfrom other platforms ithelped me to tacklethese problems. It wasuseful in attracting andenticing my audiencefurther.
  9. 9. YouTube• YouTube has been veryuseful throughout thewhole of the process ofmy product. It hasallowed me to researchinto numerous differentvideos so that it couldinfluence the end resultof my film opening. E.g.The film opening“Delicatessan” inspiredme to open the filmwith titles on culinaryobjects and be aboutfood.
  10. 10. Facebook • Facebook hashelped me withthe process of theproduct in twodifferent ways. Ithas helped medistribute the filmand buildawareness fromthe public due tothe fact it is suchan big socialplatform. Anotherway to Facebookhas helped me isthrough theinstantcommunicationwith team mates,thus made ourplanning moreefficient.
  11. 11. Slideshare• Slide share is an easy, fast and effective way in which youcan present your work accomplished. From this I used it topresent my power point in this format to get my messageacross to the viewer. Slide share was useful in my opiniondue to it being flexible in what way you would like topublish it.