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Attracting and adressing audiences 5.5


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Attracting and adressing audiences 5.5

  1. 1. Attracting & Addressing Audiences As Media By Esme Finch
  2. 2. What I didIn order to better understand this topic, I did some research on the ways how current films address their audiences. I looked at the official website of GIRL WITH DRAGON TATTOO and the Facebook page of SHIFTY. I understood the importance of the use social media after doing the research, so here is what we decided on doing for our film ZEST.
  3. 3. • As Facebook Is one of the biggest social platform, we created a Facebook page for our comedy: ZEST. In order to attract and address audiences directly, build awareness, raise their interests and keep them updated, we update our page regularly by1. Putting photos up2. Putting exclusive news3. Interact with fans and audiences by replying their comments and asking them questions eg. What do you think will happen at the end of the film?4. Interactive quizzes5. 5. update the film’s ‘status’
  4. 4. Word of mouthWord of mouth is a critical aspect and it can beachieved by using Facebook. If people ‘like’ orcomment on our page, social recommendationwill be created and it can be on of the mostpowerful trigger for a cinema visit, and in thiscase, simply just to watch our opening sequenceso we can attract and address audiencesindirectly.
  5. 5. Twitter• Twitter is another social media page we made use of in order attract and address audiences.• It is very similar to Facebook and we use it to keep up our audiences up to date and create word of mouth through re- tweeting.
  6. 6. Website• As it stated on FDA the internet helps distributors to start building awareness of a new film at a very early stage. Even before principal photography begins, they may release news snippets or teaser images online, seeding interest among fans. So we created our official website to attract and address audiences.On our website we made use of a striking image that attracts the audience and signalsgenre.1. Name of director (some audiences like to follow favorite directors and knowing the director makes them feel confident about what they are going to see)2. Quotes from newspapers or magazines3. The storyline4. Interactivity (interactive games in reward of cinema tickets)5. Gallery of pictures so audiences can view the process of the film
  7. 7. P&A• The main image distilling the appeal of the film- its stars, theme/genre, credits and often a tagline to whet audiences’ appetites. Built-in audience appeal• We chose to capture an image of the characters Heston and Dani facing back to back, and created the poster suing that image. It is mainly focused on our leading characters to convey the positive emotions of our film.
  8. 8. This is the reasoning behind our decisions to create these platforms, this is an account of our research• I looked at the girl with the dragon tattoo
  9. 9. • This site offers trailer, production information and gallery of stills. Apart from that, there is also a ‘game’ page, and their Twitter and Facebook page. These are ways that they can address their audiences. For example this game (see screenshot on the right) creates interests among the audiences, especially people who haven’t seen the film. So we realized that the internet helps distributors to advertise their films and raises awareness among audiences at a very early stage, even before the film is done.
  10. 10. • I then looked at a the Facebook page of another film. Shifty and on here you can find the latest activity, actors interviews, trailer, and promotional pictures. They have got ‘2,525’ likes, which are very positive figures. And from the comments, we can tell that it is really successful film and people like it.
  11. 11. I went on the FDA website and looked at thevideos about advertising and launching films