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United States of Sports: Sports has a big...


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Where are we in relation to these big worshiping centers called sports stadiums? With 2/3 of the population being 
100+ miles from the nearest sports team, geography is about the only thing working against sports, because it has a lot of big things working FOR it. 

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United States of Sports: Sports has a big...

  2. 2. Whereareweinrelationtothesebig worshipingcenterscalledsportsstadiums?
  3. 3. source:
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  7. 7. With 2/3ofthepopulationbeing 100+milesfromthenearestsports team,geographyisabouttheonlything workingagainstsports,becauseithas alotofbigthingsworkingFORit. 
  9. 9. SPORTSHASBIGCROWD 170millionsportsfansinthe UnitedStatestoday–makingthemthe 10thlargestcountryintheworld.
  10. 10. SPORTSHASBIGSPEND 70¢ In2013,over$18Bwasspenton sponsorshipsasawhole--$14Bofthat wasspentonsports. 70centsofeverydollarspenton sponsorshipsintheUSeachyearare spentonsportssponsorships. source: 
  11. 11. $1.01B_ $628M_ $610M_ $372M_ SPORTSHASBIGSPEND When you can take the 4th and maybe the 2nd or 3rd players and put them together and still not be as big as the biggest league, it really speaks to the power of the NFL and the size of it as a whole.  source:$1-07-Billion-For-2.aspx
  12. 12. SPORTSHASBIGSPEND The biggest brands in the world are spending money on it. 93 companies are each spending at least $15 M per year on sports.
  13. 13. SPORTSHASBIGMOMENTUM 90% Results from a Turnkey sports poll done last year revealed that 90% of sports executives felt optimistic about their business over the next year.
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