HK Baptist U sharing to hold your future er 0211


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To Get in Control of One's Career and Future
a personal reflection on a entrepenuer's career..
Erwin Huang

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HK Baptist U sharing to hold your future er 0211

  1. 1. TO HOLD YOUR FUTUREREFLECTIONS OF A ENTREPRENEUR A personal journey of finding one’s mission in life Sharing session with Erwin Huang, Feb 15th 2011 facebook: erwinhuang Deputy chairman at a TSL Jewellry, Social Entrepreneur, Mobile IT entrepreneur
  2. 2. A CONSTANTLY TRANSFORMING LIFEA non-Conforming attitude, Sharing of a constantlytransforming life ..From choosing college/majors to going public in EuropeFrom Virtual to PhysicalFor Home (HK) to Global (UK, Japan, US..)From selling Apples to launching Apple Daily
  3. 3. COLLEGES IN THE USASome interesting numbers: 4 schools in 4.5 year 4 majors 6 girl friend.. 49 states St Petersburg for 4 months
  4. 4. THE SMALL LIBRARY“Knowing how to find what you need” Learning to learn“Knowing what you want?!”
  5. 5. MY FIRST CARThe father-son thingThe Car Dealership“Work hard” and “Play hard”Pay for it yourself..
  6. 6. 49 STATES• Reading 10,000 scroll (Books)• Vs• Walking 10,000 miles• vs• Seeing a large world• Understanding and appreciating other people’s culture by investing time with them• Finding what you want
  7. 7. FINDING ROOTSApple Mac and ChinaBuilding a product for the peopleWhere I was from, who am I and where am I going?Am I a Chinese? But in a way, I am more American than manyAmerican..Learning to Serve your customer
  8. 8. FROM EMPLOYEE TO EMPLOYERThe biggest difference? Instead of “getting” a check end of month You worry about “paying” checks end of month..Taking up responsibility for othersLearn to do businessAccident, un-predictable things happensCrisis = Opportunities
  9. 9. THE CROSS DISCIPLINE WORLDStudied IT (MIS)Never treated IT as a professionThe Hot Butter KnifeThe Transforming/Disruptive TechnologiesDesktop Publishing Revolution and the elimination of 2industries
  10. 10. THE STORY..So, Obama, Mobile internet, iPhone are not in it!! What’s the use?
  11. 11. THE NEXT MAGAZINE STORYHow to launch a Magazine with a buggy application?Changing the working modeThe VirusThe Engineer vs the Production approachThe Hot Butter KnifeX-Discipline thinking
  12. 12. A VISION IN SILICON VALLEYThe Elevator TalkA vision to Magically make people’s life simpler and easierTransforming people’s life step by step
  13. 13. FROM VIRTUAL TO PHYSICALMid-life crisis: how do I contribute to the world the rest of my lifeAn Opportunity to come back to China to serve + many new things to learnRetailing and Luxury marketTo help clean up a old and traditional industryAnother challenge, another opportunityStone from the earth = the highest value in life...Improving People’s Life step by step
  14. 14. CHANGING TO A NEW INDUSTRY 1st Generation HK Modern Retailer for Chinese Manufacturing Entrepreneur Low Cost High Value Skill and Knowhow in Production Design, Fashionable Branding Mass, Economy of Scale Targeted, Economy of Scope Vertically Integrated Manufacturer Quick Response Efficient Retailer Traditional Apprentices System Re-engineered Corp Governance Trusted Brand name Trusted Brand name Believe in Service, go the extra step Believe in Service, go the extra step Long term loyal customer Long term loyal customer Care and Love for the Customer Care and Love for the CustomerStrictly Private & Confidential
  15. 15. CHANGING A NEW INDUSTRY (TOURIST•100% cash based industry 4 years ago•To 99.1% Traceable Payment (Check or Direct Bank deposit)•Changing a industry from a “Shady” business to “Transparent”, “Open” and “Fair”•At the same time maintaining market leadership •Not just in $$, and market share
  16. 16. LESSON LEARNT..
  17. 17. TVB NEWS
  18. 18. MOVING ON..
  19. 19. To walk thru life of the needed 57nY8vCQECU/
  20. 20. SIDE PROJECTS•Apple Daily iPhone
  21. 21. LESSONS.. VALUES.. JOURNEY•Innovate constantly!•Learning to learn•Ask Why Not?•Don’t cut corners•Focus on Delivering Values•Find the Win-Win•To Serve, to Contribute•To Love
  22. 22. TO HOLD YOUR FUTURE FINDING AND KNOWING WHAT YOU WANT?!•A major = a Career?•Transform yourself again and again•Transform the world step by step•The Bible Story..•On Talent
  23. 23. DISCUSSIONS• What is more rewarding? • CEO for a public company? Starting something new?• How do u handle 6 girls in 4 years?• What’s the difference between working in the East and the West?• What should I do to be innovative?• How to earn “first bucket of Gold”• Tell us more about your Christian life?• How to be successful businessman, yet be a decent person• What’s the most important value in your life?• Can I ask you more question later? • Email : • Slide @ • Facebook: erwinhuang