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Profile of the Resource Speaker - Prof. Erwin M. Globio, MSIT

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Resource Speaker

  1. 1. Trainer’s/Speaker’s ProfileProf. Erwin M. Globio is a full time IT Professor of Far Eastern University, Manila Philippines. Heis also a Faculty-Researcher of this university and also presents several researches aboutInformation Technology and Computer Science.He has over seven years of Academic Experience handling several subjects in the Graduate andUndergraduate Programs of Information Technology and Computer Science such as JavaProgramming, Theories of Programming Language, C and C++ Programming, Advanced DataStructures, Theories and Advanced Database Systems, Web Programming, SoftwareEngineering, and Internet Marketing.Our Resource Speaker has over 4,000 hours of IT Training in the IT Industry conducting trainingin various capacities to several IT Professionals. He has been conducting IT Training to ITProfessors, Programmers and various IT Professionals for several years.He is an IT Consultant/Trainer to several companies in the Philippines conducting training aboutAndroid, Java, IOS, PHP, C# and HTML 5 and Internet Marketing.In addition to that, our Resource Speaker is an Internet Marketing Practitioner doing SearchEngine Optimization and Link Building on his own website and also accepting clients from othercountries as Internet Marketing Consultant. He also conducts Internet Marketing Seminar andTraining to several Sales Conventions of numerous Real Estate companies.A distinguished Guest Speaker of Philippine Society of Information Technology Educatorsspeaking about Android and Cloud Computing Technologies. A Java and Android Evangelistpromoting the use of Open Source Software such as Android and Java Platform.Lastly our Resource speaker for today is the Founder and Managing Director providing FREE Seminar to all State Colleges and Universities.Let’s all welcome with a big round of applause our GUEST Speaker none other than Prof. ErwinM. Globio.