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Erwin Fiebig | The Importance of Digital Marketing for Your Business


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Because via electronic medium and by publishing positive comments, feedback about your company/product you can attract more customers and create up long-lasting relationship with them. But, be mindful! It works both methods! If the customers are delighted with you, they can support you, otherwise they can damage your business very really. That’s why as a business owner you should remember about the following details

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Erwin Fiebig | The Importance of Digital Marketing for Your Business

  1. 1. The Importance of Digital Marketing For Your Business Digital marketing is definitely more inexpensive than traditional offline marketing strategies Erwin Fiebig
  2. 2. It’s good news • The digital innovation has connected the world in recently unforeseen ways, and when it comes to advertising your product or service, that is very great news. But why is digital marketing so important for your business? Because it is fast changing its more traditional counterparts, which in the area of just a few years might be gone absolutely. There are other factors you need to fully grasp digital marketing for your business right now: Erwin Fiebig
  3. 3. The reach • While fewer and fewer persons are buying print magazines, more and more people – of every age and creation and belonging to every sociol- economic group – are converting on laptops, iPads and smartphones. Statistics show that in a nation like Australia, almost everyone – more than 90% of the population – are now online. That’s an horrible lot of potential customers, all within your understand. Erwin Fiebig
  4. 4. It’s faster • As easily as you can click a mouse button, you can be digitally marketing your item to a specifically-focused audience. And not just that, by seated in the driver’s seat of your website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, you can stay in command and make sure that changes of method in your mind can be immediately delivered to your customers without including a sluggish and costly middle-man. Erwin Fiebig
  5. 5. It’s more affordable • Before, you would market your company in costly traditional ways, such as in phone books and sites, and even in magazines, newspapers and on radio and television. But your clients are now online, studying not only about the world but the items they want to buy via things like Google search and Facebook. That is not only best news for your hip pocket – with online marketing costing a mere tiny proportion of traditional marketing Erwin Fiebig
  6. 6. It allows you to get creative • With classic marketing, those with the greatest budgets won the day and the customer. But digital marketing not only ranges the playing field when it comes to the more inexpensive outlets of today, it enables you to get creative. Now, high imagination and inspiration allows you to out- strategise and out-research your opponents with much bigger budgets by using innovative ideas and clever content, with blogs not only keeping your viewers entertained, engaged and up-to-date but your all-important SEO value as high as feasible. Erwin Fiebig
  7. 7. It connects you with your customers • Social media solutions in particular allow you to cut via the usual marketing hype and link directly with your customers. Interesting and interacting with present and prospective clients, for example via comments sections, not only develops your brand and offers you fast access to honest feedback, it enables you to develop real and genuine connections with your clients, gaining their trust and getting instant suggestions to their ‘friends’. It also provides you a direct line to your targeted demographic, and an chance to simply ask them a question and get an honest, uncensored answer, because beneficial criticism can be even more useful than compliments. Erwin Fiebig
  8. 8. You know exactly what is going on • The speed, cost and imagination aside, the large benefit of digital marketing is the level of responses it gives you, coupled with the many levers of flexibility you can then implement to making your campaigns even more effective. As the complexity of the various digital marketing platforms improves, so too does the amount of data that feeds back to you about the effect of those strategies. While traditional marketing forms needed you to do ultra-expensive market and customer research, digital results are now fed back to you with amazing accuracy and detail, and in real time, enabling you to regularly tweak and perfect the way your message is provided to potential customers. And it’s not just things like sophisticated digital analytics, but the simple marketing of a ‘hashtag’ that will give you immediate insight into what people think and are saying about you, and what they want you to do in another way. Erwin Fiebig