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Keynote: Next Generation Testing


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Are you tired of spending hours trying to reproduce and diagnose bugs? Do you have a hard time getting testers and developers to talk to each other? Is it difficult to determine which tests are most important to run after you produce a new build? Software testing is perhaps the #1 area of investment for the application lifecycle management capabilities of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. In this session, we will introduce the software testing capabilities offered by Visual Studio 2010, which are covered comprehensively in the respective sessions. Given that you want to deliver high quality code, when you drive your entire software development lifecycle with tests – you will dramatically improve overall quality.

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Keynote: Next Generation Testing

  1. 1. Delivering on our VisionIntegrated Quality AssuranceTang Siak Kwan ( Sales Lead – Developer Tools
  2. 2. Common Concerns for Test/QA Managers“developers and testers work in “By the time we found asilos and don‟t communicate/speak major issue with thethe same language” the time we “By found a majortoo late architecture it was issue “my testers are spending tooeconomically fix it” to with the architecture it was too late to long testing the same thing” “developers and testers work in silos“we have a changed requirement, fix it” “the developers say the economicallyready towhat do I need my software “when is to test?” communicate/speak and don‟t defects are useless” ship?” the a changed requirement, say the “we have same language” “the developers“my testers are I needtoo defects are useless” what do spending to test?” ready to ship?” “when is my softwarelong testing the same thing”
  3. 3. Find problems early loweringimproving the build, Dramatically the impact of design flaws workflow deploy test Validate design decisionsan on-demand, known state Test from Simulate production load Snapshot complex environmentsPerformance Hub Team VirtualizedTesting Across the Lifecycle & Load relationshipsview Lab A 360 degree of and progress ensures youAn integrated offering are ready to ship.optimized to discover of testing is done The majority issues Test Case Managementearly and streamline therepro‟ here „no more, no Transparency Manual all roles acrossflow actionable Actionable feedback information Developer As code is developed Testing Fast forward for manual testing automate critical tests Streamlined flow of feedback Test 70% Testing here Unit testing, Code Coverage, Coded UI Testing Test impact analysis, Gated Check-ins
  4. 4. Quality Dashboard Are Aremakingthecovering the code on builds? we theDobuild“fixes”fast running progress? Are How How onare code the bugs? progress actually fix tests failures blocking test bugs? quickly is we fixing plans? changing?
  5. 5. Visual Studio 2010 For ALM
  6. 6. Continuous Delivery
  7. 7. Continuous Value DeliveryPlatforms & Tools Sep 2010 Mar 2011 Jun 2010 Windows Phone Developer Tools VS 2010 SP1 RTW VS Power Tools for SharePoint Nov 2010 Mar 2011 Jul 2010 VB for Windows Phone Developer Tools LightSwitch Beta 2 Pro Power Tools Update Dec 2010 Mar 2011 Apr 2010 Jun 2010 Aug 2010 VS 2010 SP1 Beta Windows Azure Tools VS2010 Launch Pro Power Tools LightSwitch Beta 1 Jul 2010 Oct 2010 Jan 2011 Nov 2010 Mar 2011 Jun 2010 Test Automation Feature Pack TFS Power Tools TFS Azure Private CTP Jun 2010 Aug 2010 TFS Scrum Template Mar 2011 Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack Aug 2010 Project Server Integration Feature Pack Lab Management Feature Pack ALM
  8. 8. Visual Studio 2010 ALM at Microsoft
  9. 9. We UnderstandUsers – Service Offering Active … Northern Ireland Scotland Redmond Fargo France Shanghai Hawaii North Carolina Hyderabad Internal Usage January 2011 Instances 42 Team Project Collections 145 Team Projects 6,750 Active Users 19,459 Work Items 8,756,129 Source Code Files 101,486,222
  10. 10. TFS SupportingCodePlex
  11. 11. CodePlex has 2.5 millionusers worldwideCodePlex supports15,000 projects 15,000 2.5 million users project s
  12. 12. Benefits ofUsing TFS 2010
  13. 13. 55 percent hardwareconsolidation89 percent total cost ofownership (TCO) savings projected100 percent increasein capacityUp to 95 percent 100 55% 100performance gain % %95% 89%100 percent availability
  14. 14. In ConclusionALM is all about Delivering Value to the customerVisual Studio Helps customers realize success by: • Streamlining the Flow of Value • Reducing Waste • Increasing Transparency
  15. 15. Questions…