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PR Measurement: 8 Inspirational Quotes & Lessons

We could all use a little inspiration to think differently about measuring our outputs, outcomes and overall value as marketers. Especially on those days when you feel like you’re drowning in data or struggling to demonstrate ROI clearly. These are some of our favorite quotes – some sassy, some serious and some old – about PR measurement that will keep you inspired while you’re working on a big dashboard for a client or tracking down clips for a report.

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PR Measurement: 8 Inspirational Quotes & Lessons

  2. 2. Data are just summaries of thousands of stories ---- tell a few of those stories to help make the data meaningful. Chip and Dan Heath Authors of Made to Stick
  3. 3. Data is important, and it’s not going away. Just be sure that your data tells a story – the story of your customers, your brand or your product – in a meaningful way that inspires a desired action or behavior. Data without context = just numbers. Lesson #1
  4. 4. Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. William Bruce Cameron Sociologist
  5. 5. Data is everywhere, and so are the salespeople and pitches for products and tools to help you analyze it and wow your boss. However, keep in mind what does and does not need to be measured for your business goals so that you end up with a clean snapshot of performance, rather than more dashboards than you know what to do with and a bunch of diluted metrics. Lesson #2
  6. 6. Can we all agree that the "impressions" statistics at the end of every case study video mean very little? Basically we’re celebrating that, maybe, perhaps, someone somewhere might possibly have had an opportunity to see the thing that we made. Kofi Amoo-Gottfried Chief Strategy Officer at FCB Garfinkel
  7. 7. Oh this one is good. Beware the impressions trap. Much like advertising value equivalents (AVEs), impressions are a loose metric at best – based on hypotheticals like “if this earned story was an ad” and “if every single website visitor clicked on our article.” It's nice to think about those big numbers, but they don’t measure outcomes effectively. Lesson #3
  8. 8. Perhaps it has happened to you. You discuss a campaign with your marketing partners, and someone says, “We need to get one billion media impressions for this campaign!” And we all have to keep in mind: There are only 300 million people in the United States. Molly McKenna-Jandrain Director of Public Relations at McDonald's USA
  9. 9. Another witty reminder about impressions. Think about ways to redirect similar conversations with your business partners to a more concrete discussion about how you're going to measure what matters. Lesson #4
  10. 10. Running analytics on less than the whole pie erodes marketing credibility. Unknown Advertising Research Foundation West Event
  11. 11. I really wish I knew who said this! Speak up if you’re out there. This is a great lesson. As marketers and PR pros, in-house or agency, sometimes you don’t have all the information in front of you. But try, try, try to get ahold of it. Drawing on metrics from marketing, PR and sales, you’ll be able to draw connections much more easily and show how PR is growing your brand audience and impacting the bottom line. Lesson #5
  12. 12. Because every client has different priorities, the targets you’re going after will vary case by case. When you build your media list, take an extra 30 minutes and score every target based on these factors: Direct influence on customer, reach or circulation, and ability to drive leads. When there’s a result, you’ll add a score for length of the story and tonality. Aly Saxe Founder and CEO of Iris PR Management
  13. 13. This one is so easy to put into action for all PR professionals. Thinking strategically about how you build your media lists and how you’ll report on earned media successes from the very beginning will save you loads of time when pulling together monthly or quarterly reports. Lesson #6
  14. 14. PR can influence [business outcome] metrics, unquestionably. Getting the right audience is absolutely our job. We see PR's impact on search, social and media. But ultimately, at the end of the day we do not control those downfunnel functions, and I would no more hold PR accountable to a potentially bad sales team than I would hold advertising's performance to customer service metrics. Christopher Penn Vice President of Marketing Technology at Shift Communications
  15. 15. While PR has the power to influence many business outcomes, professionals should be cautious of tying their efforts to outcomes they cannot ultimately control. Focus on what you can control and how you can grow the audience for your brand or product, and you’ll be more successful. Lesson #7
  16. 16. The price of light is less than the cost of darkness. Arthur C. Nielsen Market Analyst and Founder of ACNielsen
  17. 17. I love this quote because it applies to both time and money. Spending the time to analyze data and report on things that you’ve done to impact ROI is well worth it – it can improve your business, team morale, luck when department budgets are being determined and personal success. Spending the money is also worth it. Think about measurement as an investment. Lesson #8
  18. 18.