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  1. 1. Religions Judaism Christianity Islam Confucianism Hinduism Buddhism Hearth Ur Middle East Saudi Arabia China India, Pakistan Nepal Diffusion Went into Europe Spread by Jesus Spread by Chinese Spread through Emperor Asoka converted then his by Jews scattering, and followers Mohammed immigrants SE Asia missionaries U.S. in WW2, into West converting introduced it to went to N. and S. Asia Israel during Europe then the kings and then other countries Zionist movement world going to Asia, then world Locations Israel, Europe, W. West Europe, Arabia, Middle China, Japan, India, Sri China, Japan, Hemisphere W. Hemisphere East, Africa Korea Lanka Type monotheistic monotheistic monotheistic polytheistic monotheistic Number of 14 million 2 billion 1.3 billion 225 million 900 million 360 million followers Founder Abraham, 1900 Jesus, 30 A.D. Mohammed, Confucius, 557 No single Siddhartha Gautama, 560-480 B.C. B.C. 570-632 A.D. B.C. founder, 3200 B.C. Deity (ies) Yahweh/God God Allah Confucius, Shag-Ti Brahman, Buddha Shiva, Lord Vishnu Holy books Torah, Talmud Bible Koran Nu Ching, Ssu Shu Vedas Dharma, Vinaya, Abhidhamma Leadership Rabbis Priests, pope in Ayatollahs- none Sannyasis, Bhikkhus, Monks, Nuns, Catholic supreme guru Lamas church, leaders of Shia ministers, lay sect, mullahs, people imams Basic beliefs Savior has not Jesus died on Greatest sin is Life’s meaning is Karma, goal is Nirvana is achieved by knowledge; ridding of come yet, Torah the cross to raising any in the present, to reach greed and desire; not harming anything; and presents the way of forgive our sins other being to relationships moksha or repeated lives upon behavior life from God, the level of between people, separation from God’s God, five family, and society the cycle of Commandments pillars of faith, is based on reincarnation are seen as a making the appropriate through yoga joyous way of life pilgrimage to behavior and and discipline Mecca sympathy Sects Jewish Orthodox, Eastern Sufis, Sunnis, none none Mahayana, Zen, Theravada Messianic Orthodox, Shiites Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist
  2. 2. Religion Taoism Hearth Yellow (Huang He) River Valley Diffusion Spread throughout East Asia as followers brought it about places Locations China Type polytheistic Number of followers 20 million Founder Lao-Tzu, 604 B.C. Deity (ies) Jade Emperor, folk gods Holy books Tao-te-ching (Book of the Way) Leadership Geomancers Basic beliefs People should live in harmony with nature, Feng Shui, best government is the least government, competition and possession should be resisted Sects none