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Ogt olympics results 2012


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Published in: Sports, Technology
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Ogt olympics results 2012

  1. 1. PRIZESTeams will be called to the front to select a prize in groups according to yesterday’s score.1-10 (not in order, 1st , 2nd, and 3rd place will be announced later!)11-2021-30You get the idea!
  2. 2. PROCEDURE : ONE FULL SIZE CANDY EACH!!!Teams will be called down but each member will select their own prize.Those wanting to chose chocolate should come down to the stage using the stairs closest to the gym (Reese’s Bars, Snickers, Kit Kat, M&M, and Twix)Those wanting to chose fruity/chewy candy should come down the stairs closest to the cafeteria (Skittles, Starburst, Fruity Gummies).All students will return to seats using the center aisle.
  3. 3. TOP 10 TEAMS (IN RANDOM ORDER)1 Reina Gaither, Wes Mueller, Scott Cole5 Nikila Kurtz, Emmanuel Reese, Brian Caudill12 Alexis Ford, Josh Eberhard, Jalynn Smith19 Colin Davis, Omar Islas, Tyler Lynn21 Jeremy Walden, Austin Rogers, Correll Franklin25 Zach Riley, Jessyca Ehrhart-Sims, Alexandra Roelofs32 Amanda Ludwig, Aron Simms47 Mecca Abdul Aziz, Sarah Mayer, Briana Ford Carter51 Amanda Huy, Laura Roberts, Tremaine Willis,Tim Leist57 Ricky Platt, Lizzie Pickering, Jasmine Gates66 Abby Klei, Hunter Giblin, Colton Lipps
  4. 4. NEXT UP 11-20TH (IN RANDOM ORDER)27 Kiara Sanders, Gerrell Wilson, Shaq Hall39 Nickeita Howard, Anna McClain, Reese Chapman,40 Trendal Miller, Damien Huff, Kim Koehlke41 Tre Daniel, Jessica Baker, Chance Baradi42 Lance Johnson, Layla Jones, Tyler Nieves45 Javon Welch, Eric Reed, Mackenzie Luensman46 Dora Williams, Devyn Walker, Rachel Huestis49 Darius Johnson, Alex Bungabong, Taylor Strunk55 Triston Snow, Jessica Va, Scott Thomas59 Casey Hintz, Cory Roberson, Jason Sorn
  5. 5. NEXT 21-30TH (RANDOM ORDER)7 Tyler Jones, Jason McGuire, Lexi Campbell9 Charon Hill, Taylor McWhorter16 Kailin Reel, Donielle Anderson, Marisa Allinder24 Matt Harold, Tatyana Montgomery, Ben Orme38 Mariah Faulkner, Antenajia Carter, Jacob Hurlander53 Alexandra Hanna, Kelsie Whitson, Maddie Girts56 Keith Vanover, Barbie Metzner, Fox Moeller58 Jeff Spears, Kristen Merkle, Mena Alba63 Keonte Chambers, Alex Setser, Adrienne Rosen65 Kayla Hunter, Dramaine Higgins, Tanner Blankenhagen
  6. 6. NEXT 31-40TH (STILL RANDOM ORDER)11 Marte Donald, Leaesha Lindsey, Malcom Parks17 Andy Deininger, Ahlexus Cooper, Sterling Clark18 Treshaun Lyles, Destiny Bishop, India Williams26 Tori Reese, Emily Mossman, Ashley Baker29 Lindsey Gehlenborg, Briche Ellis, MercedesTillman37 Ethan Garrison, Kassidy Dorsel, Jayme Ahr44 Zach Harold, Travis Timler, Brooke Johnson60 Billy Bishop, Dion Daniels, Jeylend Kitchen62 Mackenzie Miller, Rose Phillippo, Nicole Holler69 Holli Herndon, Lyndsey Race, Alexis Schmidt
  7. 7. 41-50TH (YOU GUESSED IT, RANDOM ORDER)4 Autumn Beverly, Kayla Sizemore, Ellen Bragg8 Jasmine Moore, Kevin Zaragoza, Breana Baxter10 Daniel Mosley, Nita Reddick, Joanna Aguilar15 Priscilla Allen, Brittney Barnett, TannerStanfield33 Timothy Wright, Terrell Youmans, Tim Jergens61 Danny Hentz, Sidney Kluener, Jason Maddy64 Kathleen Cook, Abby Hines, Alexis Bayer67 Nicole Sellers, Jameka Penny, Briana Leigh68 Willie Robertson, Vince Purnell, John Ruehl70 Ashely Gwinner, Kyle Kostoff, Josh Siefert
  8. 8. 51-61ST (WHAT ORDER?)2 Mesha Mincey, Gabby Thomas, Deasa Duskin3 Alyssa Faust,Khya Pitts6 Deserae Livesay, Keshun Horton, Mark Davis13 Stevie Farrell, Ciara Walker, Zaire Waldon22 John Steele, Bryce Kauffman, Jalissa Penny23 Malik Bowman, Chris Dumont, Wasim Azad31 Alexis May, Capri Henderson, Darrian Williams48 Tyler Little, Ashley Jones, Tara Stephenson50 Dorian Kinebrew, Devonte Horsley, Madeline Williams54 Scott Thompson, Austin Williams, Vito Amato/Selina Davis71 Juan Rodriguez, Hakeem Scott, Xavier Harden
  9. 9. HELLO…..WHERE’S YOUR SCORE CARD?????It’s after 2 p.m., do you know where your score card is?14 DaQuan Fletcher, Tiffany Phillips, Jomane Sonden28 Carmen Williams, Armon Clark, Gage Smith30 Tyler Gunn, Daron Linderman, Gerardo Sanchez34 Kelsi Garibay, Trinity Woods, Anthony Muir35 Ashely Steiner, Lois Pauley, Daija Brown
  10. 10. THEY’VE GOT SPIRIT, YES THEY DO…..The happy to be an OGT Olympian Award goes to…..Kiara Sanders, Tyler Little, Sterling Clark, Barbie Metzner
  11. 11. BIG HELPER/MOST PATIENT AWARDTeam 47MeccaSarahBri
  12. 12. KNIGHT PRIDE AWARDTeam 12Alexis JoshJalynn
  13. 13. MOST SERIOUS AWARDTeam 45JavonEricMackenzie
  14. 14. BEST SHOW OF TEAMWORK AWARDTeam 49Darius JohnsonAlex BungabongTaylor Strunk
  15. 15. MOST FUN AWARDTeam 15PriscillaBrittneyTanTan
  16. 16. MVP, GOT VOTES IN ALMOST ALL CATEGORIESTeam 70!!!!JoshAshleyKyle
  17. 17. THE TEAM IN 3RD PLACEThe winners of $5 each to Colerain Bowl are……..Team 19Colin Omar Tyler
  18. 18. THE TEAM IN 2ND PLACEThe winners of $5 each to Colerain Bowl and McDonald’s coupons …..Team 51Amanda Tim Laura Tremaine
  19. 19. FINALLY…. THE TEAM IN FIRST PLACEThe winners of $10 each in i-tunes and $10 to Colerain Bowl…Team 5Nikila Emmanuel Brian
  20. 20. DON’T FORGET….Do get a good night’s sleep: Put away all electronics 30 minutes for bedtime!!Don’t drink a bunch of caffeine: it will make you jittery and crash = bad!!!Do use CURBS and answer EVERY question!!!Don’t freak out, we have confidence in you, have it in yourself!Do eat breakfast, especially Thursday morning when the Science Dept. is feeding you before the test. Breakfast starts at 7 a.m., ends at 7:30!!!Don’t think it is too late, OGT Success is up and running!Do take advantage of the chance to practice!Don’t be worried, be proactive…!!!!!