Ecology bio jeopardy


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Ecology bio jeopardy

  1. 1. Nut’s & Terms Issues Interactions Bolts 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200Jeopardy 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500
  2. 2. Terms 100s Thebroadest, s Biosphere most inclusive level of ecological organization.
  3. 3. Terms 200s Name the process s Photosynthesis that helps control the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere by taking carbon dioxide in and releasing oxygen.
  4. 4. Terms 300s Name the term s Abiotic that describes all of the nonliving components in the environment.
  5. 5. Terms 400 s Emigrations Name the term that describes when an organism leaves a population.
  6. 6. Terms 500s Name the term that s Secondary describes the re- Succession growth of pioneer species that occurs after the destruction of a climax community.
  7. 7. Issues 100s Excessive s Global carbon dioxide in Warming the atmosphere is largely responsible for which environmental issue?
  8. 8. Issues 200s What is the Sunlight original source of almost all the energy in most ecosystems?
  9. 9. Issues 300s Chlorofluorocarbons s Ozone Depletion are man made molecules and are responsible for which environmental issue?
  10. 10. Issues 400s What is s It is warming happening to our atmosphere because of the increased levels of greenhouse gases?
  11. 11. Issues 500 What is the s Carrying term that Capacity describes the number of individuals that a stable environment can support?
  12. 12. Interactions 100sA relationship s when one organisms Commensalism benefits and it does not affect the other.
  13. 13. Interactions 200sA symbiosis in s mutualism which both species benefit.
  14. 14. Interactions 300s A plant (autotroph) s Producer at a beginning of a food chain is referred to as a / an ____.
  15. 15. Interactions 400s When one s Parasitism organism takes nutrients from another organism.
  16. 16. Interactions 500s Which type of  Competition symbiotic relationship is described by two organisms fighting for the same resources?
  17. 17. Nuts & Bolts 100s The greatest s Tropical biodiversity is Rainforest found in which biome?
  18. 18. Nuts & Bolts 200s What happens to s Biodiversity biodiversity as increases you move south away from the Tundra and toward the equator?
  19. 19. Nuts & Bolts 300s Which of the s Genus and Species following levels of classification do you use to write a scientific name?
  20. 20. Nuts & Bolts 400s What is the s Speciation name of the process where new species are formed?
  21. 21. Nuts & Bolts 500s Name the s Biosphere levels of s Ecosystems organization s Community that ecologist study, starting s Population with the s Organism broadest to the most specific.