When Books Talk (revised)


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An edited version of the ppt.

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When Books Talk (revised)

  1. 1. When Books Talk y El r n Books have voices. Hear them out through the people that care for them, your friendly school librarians!
  2. 2. Why a book talk? “Most new books are forgotten within a year, especially by those who borrow them”. Evan Esar American Hmmist (1899 - 1995)
  3. 3. I Classroom Management, Assessment & Evaluation I Managing People & (the) Stress (that go with it with a smile) I Educational Management and Leadership
  4. 4. Classroom l/ lfa1,1ageme11‘t, E Assessment /1’: Evaluation
  5. 5. jBest Classroom Management Practices L/ or Rtziclllllg All l. e:m1ers Randi Stone °Compi| es strategies, suggestions, tactics, and even plans for improving classroom management approaches. -Brings solutions to the questions and issues that concern teachers everyday.
  6. 6. Looks at the various types of behavior problems in the classroom, possible root causes and ways to deal with the problems effectively.
  7. 7. Provides practical, , powerful, easy-to-apply tools for helping schools, psychologists, trainers, administrators, and CLASSROOMS teachers make classrooms 4 into more caring learning H ‘ ‘ I s L environments. ll‘
  8. 8. The A practical guide Student assessing student Evaluation to designing and evaluations. Standards How to Improve ations of Students olnl Conmnure on Stmdud: Eduational Fvaluamn for Arlen l Gullsduoii. (luv
  9. 9. I ‘C - tests and measurements in a way that can easily be used and understood. Talks about educational
  10. 10. Managing People & (the) Stress (that go with it with a smile)
  11. 11. , . ,,, Guides you through “‘l”‘”"” natural holistic hBadaCllB therapies which can relieve the pain associated with migraines and headaches.
  12. 12. Dave Pelzer speaks of resiliency and gratitude in his semi- autobiographical book. He is an inspiration to those undergoing trials and challenges in life. -. -.-. u-. -«-«. ..------- d'dIc. ’i'QIbi Maj: JQMEIDCJI-I. ” "It. mfirmfiilmfilmnfln
  13. 13. I ‘b~'-tt-I- my l'II| ll W Helps us explore the very K)AD nature very nature of loving relationships and leads us W toward a new serenity and fullness of life. J . 'c . u Pip . "-o1'/ .£1- of / .'wt’-‘ / l!x. '«/ '!. '.*: -Im. ’ la/ mt» and . ‘; vs'r: ‘!1m/ (hr. .'u/ /_] M. .~ul"l‘ PECK, M. D.
  14. 14. DBALINQ. r_j‘<? ~‘ WITH DIFFICULT TEACHERS SECOND EDITION Show you how to handle teachers who gossip in theteachefslounge, consistently say “it won’t work” when a new idea is suggested, and undermine your efforts toward school improvement. Tooo VVHITAKER
  15. 15. Provides employers and managers with the means to identify, measure, evaluate and deal with ' . .’ ‘ ‘ I‘ 1 stress at work. at Work Management and Prvcvmtinn
  16. 16. Looks at stress management as a form of personal ) development that helps the reader grow stronger, more competent and ultimately more confident in practical _ dealing with the ups and . F? 5", 'H'f, t'°“5 downs of modem life. ally work
  17. 17. Educational Management and E Leadership
  18. 18. Evalt iatii lg A guide on how to: , °Manage logistical and SC I 100' scheduling problems; , . ,, _ °Approach school politics, Pl Ogl (H 1 15 ethical considerations, and . .. 1;. fut mm (juidu interpersonal relations; -Organize and analyze information regarding school programs; , Respond to the No Child Left ’ T Behind Act.
  19. 19. This workbook is an effort to develop leaders following i the pattern of Jesus’ ministry of training people to do kingdom work. I i_l
  20. 20. A quick guide that offers practical “know-how” on 5,; 1 the basics of running an E)() 5 organization: scheduling or time; implementing a ea ere P strategy; hiring and firing; A Downirofianh Guide counseling associates; . to Effective Managing dealing Crises Perrriismitlt r '
  21. 21. Will equip educators with the knowledge and skills needed to transform teacher supervision and evaluation into a powerful vehicle for maximizing teacher growth and enhancing student learning. JAIIII NOLAN, Jv. LINDA A. HOOVII . it THCOHY
  22. 22. This handbook clearly explains the concept of . - highly qualified teachers. ‘ It explains how to recruit, i »_ develop, and retain them.
  23. 23. Is a great step in establishing a mentgring program that models of induction and Support will affect hiring, _ orientation, teacher E effectiveness, and staff morale for the better. SUSAN Vll_LAl~: l .4 , , l l _]l ll .
  24. 24. "fflie fiooflto reacfzls not tfie one ti/ 'fzz'cfz tfi1.'n. Qs for you, out tfie one ‘rt/ '/zz'c/ z nzaf{j5 you t/ zz'n[(”. E - James 91/I cCosfi
  25. 25. Why a book talk? “Most new books are forgotten within a year, especially by those who borrow them”. Evan Esar American Humrist (1899 - 1995)