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ERTMS Solutions : TrackCircuit LifeCheck


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The TrackCircuitLifeCheck is a versatile measurement instrument that facilitates track circuit maintenance and is usable on both diagnostic and commercial trains. Implementation of the TrackCircuitLifeCheck allows extensive assessment of AC Audio frequency track systems such as the UM71 used in the French TVM.

Similar to the BaliseLifeCheck, it is in many ways a lab on wheels that can be embedded in test vehicles allowing the maintenance of AC Circuits trackside systems to become both automated and predictive.

The TrackCircuitLifeCheck, designed and manufactured entirely at ERTMS Solutions, guarantees complete independence from track circuit manufacturers by providing a free-standing tool to test and measure TVM track circuits. In addition, this tool enables exponential growth as the modular approach allows for future expansions without hindrance.

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ERTMS Solutions : TrackCircuit LifeCheck

  1. 1. 2/13/2017 Company Presentation CONFIDENTIAL 1Company Presentation CONFIDENTIAL Track Circuit Life Check The preventive track circuit maintenance solution
  2. 2. 2 • What is a track circuit? • AC and Pulse track circuits • How often and why does a track circuit fail? • Maintenance actions • The Track Circuit Life Check in one slide • Benefits of Track Circuit Life Check • Technical Specifications • Customers Agenda
  3. 3. What is a track circuit? ● A track circuit is an electrical device used to detect the presence of a train onto a block section, separated by insulated/electrical joints ● Track circuit occupation: – train wheels and axles connect running rails together – current through the circuit reduced to zero
  4. 4. AC/DC Track Circuits ● AC Track Circuits: – energized by an alternating electrical current – separated by electrical joints ● Pulse Track Circuits: – energized by an alternating electrical current (pulse signal) 4
  5. 5. How often does a track circuit fail? 5 ● Track circuits designed to be fail safe ● Failure ⇒ section indicated as occupied ⇒ service delays ● Rail operators penalised by 30-70 € per delay minute ● Average failure rate is around 0.45 times per year per installation! ● High manual inspection rate required Table1. Typical track circuit failure statistics (UK based data)
  6. 6. What kind of Maintenance actions can be taken? 6 ● Corrective Maintenance can be performed after a fault occurrence, so that the track circuit can be repaired and restored ● Preventive Maintenance can be regularly performed to monitor the health of the track circuit and increase failure detection, in order to plan a preventive action ● Predictive Maintenance can be regularly performed in order to predict when maintenance or replacement actions should be taken
  7. 7. Track Circuit Life Check in one slide ● On-board System for automated measuring of track circuits ● Track circuits health evaluation lab-on-wheels ● Independent of any other on-board systems ● Compatibility with all track circuits: – AC track circuits – Pulse track circuits ● Hundreds of Track Circuits measured per hour ● All key parameters measured from a measurement vehicle at commercial operation speed 7
  8. 8. Benefits of Track Circuit Life Check 8 ● Allows the switch from corrective to preventive maintenance ● Reduces response time in case of corrective maintenance ● Reduces manual inspections: – 1 manual inspection per year OR – manual inspection performed only in case of degradation spotted ● Flexible modular architecture, adaptable to all kind of Track Circuits
  9. 9. Technical Specifications 9 ● Measurements, signals detection and analysis: – Track short circuit current measurement at ± 5mA precision – Track circuit currents audio frequencies measurement at ± 1Hz precision – Transmission line compensation capacitors detection and quality evaluation – Loops frequency detection to check functional states of transmitting loops – Track circuits FM modulation detection for track-to-train transmission bits identification ● Radio Communications: – Full UMTS/3G data link for remote monitoring and maintenance
  10. 10. Technical Specifications 10 ● Databases – Real-time track circuits analysis during train movement – RAW data of all track elements analysed and stored in database if further analysis is required ● Track Element Positioning: – All track elements with precision location are recorded, using either: » GPS data coupled to Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) for sub-meter precise positioning, OR » Longitudinal track (KP) positioning based on odometry units (Wheel sensor, Dopple radar) ● Preventive Maintenance: – Preventive maintenance based on multi-data of the same track element in time and deviation analysis
  11. 11. Customers 11 ● Eurotunnel for TVM430 / UM71 condition monitoring ● Mesea for TVM300/ TVM430 / UM71 condition monitoring ● What about YOU? – Want to know more about this, discuss business case and receive an offer? – Please contact us!
  12. 12. Thank you for your attention!