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Apresentacao edren


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Published in: Education
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Apresentacao edren

  1. 1. eQNet projectPortuguese Contributions and results National Coordination Fernando Rui Campos
  2. 2. EQNet Portuguese participation• 3 teachers • > 350 Digital Learning Resources evaluated • DLR Collections  suggestions• eTwinning ‐ EQNet workshop   – Travel Well instrument, evaluation
  3. 3. Travel Well criteria v3• Trans‐national topics  (Mandatory)• Knowledge of a specific language is not needed  (Mandatory)• Stored as a file type that is usable with generally  available software • Methodological support for teachers is not  needed • Intuitive and easy to use • Interactivity with or without feedback in a digital  environment • Clear license status  (Mandatory)
  4. 4. Digital Learning Resources – PortugalLearning Resource Schools Portal  as a exchange [LRE] supplier (Digital  Learning Resources [DLR]  area)
  5. 5. Contributions and disseminationIntegrated in Digital Learning Resources Webinar , creating Open Educational Resources Criação de recursos educativos digitais abertos – oportunidades e desafios
  6. 6. Dissemination in public schoolsPublic Schools websites
  7. 7. Currently on LRE from Portuguese  Schools portal • 1324 DLR from Schools Portal  ‐> LRETravel Well criteria ‐ 38 
  8. 8. Feedback from teachers  evaluator’s related with the latest LRE/eQNet resources• Good quality although doesn’t pass Travel Well criteria• I liked very much these resources, specially the SUMS and the A+Click, although they  didn’t respect the language criteria. I think they are simple and intuitive, becoming  Travel Well resources.” Rui Lima• “I recall a special attention to The Theban Mapping Project. Is excellent but doesn’t  pass the linguist criteria.” Francisco Melo Ferreira• “I wanted to highlight the quality of almost all resources, especially the resource  number 14 which is very shame not to have translations”  Helder Cacito
  9. 9. EQNet Project Future Work• Translation the Travel Well criteria to  Portuguese • Specific Web page including testimonies from  our teachers • Dissemination of TW criteria through the Moe  communication channels 
  10. 10. Future Actions• TW as Guide Lines for possible developing Digital Learning Resources• TW as future Guide Lines for teachers, for  evaluating Digital Learning Resources in  schools• Guide Lines to acess Digital Learning Resources through LRE and Travel Well
  11. 11. Sharing and colaboration – EQNet partners Help Teachers, Providing  guidance on use of Creative Commons licenses ‐ REUSING Portuguese version Dutch version Klascement portal
  12. 12. Thank