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Spotify engineering culture


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Summary of the short animation on the engineering culture and Spotify.
How Spotify adapted towards Agile working from scrum set up.
At the end of the summary are the links to the videos and blogs that explain the story in detail.

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Spotify engineering culture

  1. 1. Sonat YALCINKAYA 1-Sep-2015 Spotify engineering culture Summary of the short animation describing the engineering culture at Spotify
  2. 2. Agile > Scrum Agile is preferred over scrum because, there was a need for servant leaders Scrum master becomes the agile coach Scrum team becomes the squad team which is team of 6-8 people with E2E responsibility for long term has squad mission and product strategy for short term has goals
  3. 3. Alignment and autonomy don’t conflict The ideal state is to have both high alignment and high autonomy Micro Management Servant leader Lack of discipline Autonomy Alignment lo hi hi
  4. 4. Cross-pollination > Standardization There is no one single standard across the squad teams. Internal open-source model enables cross-pollination
  5. 5. Community > Structure Tribes are matrix organizations consist of squads for feature orientation and chapters for competency areas. Different squad members working for different chapters enable fluid working structure. Guilds are the lightweight informal communities. Based on common interest made of squads and chapters
  6. 6. Routine > Drama Routine release structure enables smaller chunks of continuous delivery. This is preferred over one mega release to create momentum. Releasing is easier and often
  7. 7. Fail recovery > Fail avoidance The motto is “Fail fast -> learn fast -> iterate fast” Limited blast radius create room for failure via Decoupled architecture Gradual rollout
  8. 8. Lean way of working Waste management is vital part of company culture. The key is to expose waste via creating full transparency with the tools below Visual progress Weekly demo Daily sync Improvement boards Definition of awesome
  9. 9. Other key Spotify choices Enable > serve Trust > control Impact > velocity Innovation > predictability Value delivery > plan fulfillment Chaos > bureaucracy Sonat YALCINKAYA 1-Sep-2015
  10. 10. Sources Video – part 1 Video – part 2 Blogpost of the videos Alignment vs autonomy Squad types Chaos vs. Bureaucracy