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Emerson Migration Services


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Emerson Migration Services

  1. 1. Automation System ModernizationRegain your competitive edge.
  2. 2. With today’s increasing global competition and rapid technological advances, many plants around the world have legacy automation systems that arent able to keep up with todays production demands. Better plant performance begins with better automation. And, with todays digital technologies you can expect increased productivity and better communications between your process information and your businessCONTENTS systems. 2 Regaining your competitive edge Correcting Missed Opportunities 10 Minimize your downtime during Maximize Availability through modernization. modernization with Emerson technology and expertise. 4 Why modernize with Emerson How Emerson delivers more performance for a more 12 Get more from your automation Maximizing ROI profitable plant. investment with Emerson’s world- class training and simulation tools. 6 Build a business case Solid PlanOPEX Starting Out with a based on and CAPEX for the life of your plant. 14 Sustained Improvement and Support A flexible portfolio of industry 8 Global Standards and Best Practices leading support in your city and around the world. Manage your modernization with global project experience.2
  3. 3. A legacy of lost opportunities.When should you consider system modernization?Yesterday’s systems may have been a good investment, but today’s “Emerson is widelytechnology and expertise provide opportunities and benefits that justweren’t available when these systems were designed. You should consider recognized as todaysa modernization when: leader with respect to Production & energy costs keep rising Inventories of raw materials and finished product pile up process instruments Product quality is inconsistent and customer complaints increase and automation Start up and product grade changes cost more than they should Plant trip and alarm systems are unreliable and/or inadequate systems. We expect to Production is inflexible and start-up time is lengthy benefit greatly from Recurring emission problems are constraining throughput their experience in Business systems lack meaningful plant floor production data Customers are demanding more but your plant cannot deliver: applying these more specialized products and packaging technologies to the tighter quality specifications or delivery times better service processing of bitumen, Obsolete system support costs continue to increase. integrating theWhat are you missing? engineering phase ofYou may want to consider how your system (and your current automation the project, andsupplier) would respond to: Plant expansion (including bus-based or wireless I/O) for improved bringing state-of-the- plant diagnostics and increased plant uptime art efficiency to the Reducing variability to establish a foundation for advanced controls operation of our and process optimization for better throughput and yields Providing field service alerts to operators and/or maintenance, upgrader.” improving response times to specific needs Integrating DCS information with your business systems for more Robert Pearce informed and timely business decision-making President Integrating predictive maintenance practices to focus your North West Upgrading Inc. maintenance resources, saving time and money.See how Emerson’s digital technologies and expertise enable the safestand most scalable path to on-going capital expense and operationalexpense savings. For more information: Solutions 3
  4. 4. Why modernize with Emerson?Take advantage of Modernize forEmerson’s experience measurable results Highlights of customer measurablewith thousands of process results in thousands of PlantWeb installations worldwide include:automation projects 30% increase in capacity withoutworldwide. additional personnel 10% increase in throughputAutomation leaders 20% reduction in raw materialThe keystone to Emerson’s usageautomation technology leadership 15% reduction in reworkis the proven PlantWeb® digital 50% reduction in maintenanceplant architecture, an open costs with remote diagnosticsstandards-based digital solution New high-margin products neverthat networks intelligent field before possible Control room space requirement Reduce your riskdevices, digital systems, and With PlantWeb, you can achieve ansoftware, controlling processes and reduced as much as 85% effective program for managingmanaging equipment and other Automation investment payback safety, health, and environmentalassets. Embedded, advanced in less than 4 months. risks and costs—one that goescontrol means a more efficient, beyond abnormal situationconsistent, available and optimized Leaders in service management to abnormal situationoperation. Emerson’s global network of prevention. engineers and consultants has theEmerson’s commitment to open real-world industry and process AMS™ Suite: Intelligent Devicestandards, highlighted by our automation knowledge to help you Manager gives you key online accessdonation of the HART protocol in the design, plan and implement your to your instrument and valve1980’s, continues today with our automation concept with: process information, diagnosticwork on FOUNDATION fieldbus and Modernization and migration status information, and automaticwireless standards. consulting documentation of all field device Fieldbus consulting maintenance information. And Process safety management DeltaV™ SIS, at the heart of Human factors optimization Emerson’s smart SIS, works with Production information AMS to continuously diagnose your management intelligent field services and safety Advanced automation & functions. This helps ensure your optimization process shuts down only when Plant system security. it should. 4
  5. 5. Better performance.Operating on theleading edge “We looked for aProcess manufacturers losemillions of dollars each year due company that had theto process variability and poor right technology andcontrol performance, often also a strong supportunaware that a problem exists.The powerful new DeltaV InSight network that wouldmonitors control performance; be available to us. Weidentifies and diagnoses problemloops; recommends tuning and selected themaintenance improvements; and PlantWeb digitalcontinuously adapts to changingprocess conditions. plant architecture Manufacturers have real issues from Emerson Process everyday that effective wireless Management. We solutions can help solve. Emerson’s Wireless SmartPack™ also selected Emerson helps you create a secure network as our main right out of the box, giving you automation convenient access to information you simply don’t have today. contractor because of its proven projectOften, fewer than 10 modules managementcause 40% or more of alarmactivations. So by addressing just experience anda few alarms, you can significantly intimate knowledgeimprove operator alarm loading.DeltaV Analyze makes it easy to of the technology wefind the most frequently occuring had selected.”alarms. Evelio Hernandez, Process Control Systems Manager Emerson Process Management was again voted the best supplier of process management technologies in CONTROL Magazine’s 2007 Readers’ Choice Awards. This is the 14th consecutive year that Emerson has captured For more information: the user-voted recognition. PlantWeb ARC and Control Magazine also placed Emerson as SmartWireless #1 on their Top 50 Automation Companies List. 5
  6. 6. How do I get started?Emerson experts and Based on your business objectives, This plan may cover: a site assessment , tailored to your Migration to a new automationtechnology help you needs, defines performance systemevaluate where you are criteria: Process modifications Key process measurements Additional instrumentationand plan where you’re Process constraints and Improved regulatory and/or limitations advanced control strategiesgoing. Process disturbances Safety, environmental and Equipment or operational equipment protectionThe challenge limitations. Information integrationSelecting the right technology, Asset management.the right partner, the rightimplementation plan and the Planning for yourright budget minimizes risk. specific needs An Emerson modernization plan The site assessment feeds a will consider a variety of migrationEmerson offers unparalleled process automation feasibility types and specific needs, andcapabilities to help you set the study used to develop the process informs you of viable and profitablestage for a more profitable plant. automation modernization plan. options for your system: Full system upgrade -Building the business This study includes a cost/benefit controllers, I/O and consolescase for modernization analysis based on both CAPEX and Controller upgrade using I/O busEmerson works with you and your OPEX over the lifetime of the interfaceteam to help you define and justify system. This defines the business Upgrades that work with youra migration path based on your case and helps you answer the existing controllers and I/0business and production question: “Will improving my Console upgradeperspectives. This often begins process automation improve my Advanced controlwith a review that includes all key performance indicators?”. implementationappropriate plant and corporate Historian consolidation.groups to establish business goalsthat could include: Your plant: Increased availability Reduced manufacturing costs Increased throughput Reduced plant emissions An asset to perform Improved quality Improved ability to introduce new products Improved response to customer demands Increased safety. 6
  7. 7. With a solid business plan. Front-end engineering The FEED package would typically and design provide a Project Execution Plan 2007 Frost & Sullivan Once a process automation with the following elements: Safety and Environment Plan Company of the Year modernization plan has been developed, Emerson’s world-class Quality Plan Award team of automation experts Master Project Schedule for Industrial continue to work with your key Staffing Plan Automation and stakeholders to develop a Front- Project Controls Plan Process Control end engineering and design Project Communication Plan (FEED) plan. Hot Cutover Plan “The global footprint Turnaround Plan An Emerson FEED study is the Installation Management Plan. of the company and its foundation for a controllable and profitable project making certain outstanding Emerson total value that your design meets your orga- Emerson’s FEED capabilities are engineering capability nizations overall needs by: part of a total value proposition coupled with a sound Ensuring that the design meets to create smart plant solutions with proven benefits: business process your project’s time, budget, ROI and operating cost criteria Lower capital expenditure to empowers Emerson to Setting scope boundaries by reduce automation costs 20% - deliver the same quantifying and justifying the 30% investment required for a given Faster time to profitability benefits at all benefit Increased profitability customer locations.” Preventing unnecessary Superior system manageability. changes through better change Kishnan M. Bhat management Industry Manager Identifying and providing for Frost & Sullivan project risks Achieving faster implementation of technology.ance For more information: Solutions/ProjectServices 7
  8. 8. How do I manage risk?Precise control over your Global standards in this context Expert implementation refer to standard, modular, pre- Emerson’s engineering teamsproject at a time of tested pieces of automation like have strong advanced technology,major change is critical control modules, equipment integration and optimization modules, phases, etc. expertise targeted atto maintaining plant modernization. These standards:operations and business Incorporate accumulated Conversion Services and utilitiesobjectives. knowledge and best practices Conversion services for graphics, Help facilitate communication database, and otherDetailed processes and between team members configurations are available toglobal standards Shorten the learning curve for help minimize switching costs andEmerson integrates global new project team members reclaim the value of your legacystandards and best practices in Include a customer feedback system investments for use withproject management processes. mechanism for continuous the DeltaV system.Project deliverables include improvement.documentation, support tools, Focused conversion serviceand technical standards that help Our project managers have the engineers are dedicatedreduce errors and omissions in training and experience to deliver resources, familiar with commonbudgeting, scheduling, training, consistent results: errors and best practicesand maintenance. Highly effective planning and regarding conversions. Their design expertise covers all aspects of theEmersons project management Excellent change management automation project includingwork process is built upon the Strong performance to operator interface, batchrecommended best practices of budgets; both time and cost architecture, continuous control,authorities such as Construction Optimized product and devices and I/O, and integrationIndustry Institute (CII), Project technology benefits with external systems.Management Institute (PMI), and Highly efficientIndependent Project Analysis (IPA) implementation Emerson has extensivemethodologies. Risk containment investments in conversion utilities Smooth startups and that make conversion services commissioning efficient and accurate without Faster ramp up to full extensive or unnecessary rework. production.Scalable automation services 8
  9. 9. With a wealth of experience.Platform expertise Optimization servicesEmerson has invested in legacy Asset optimization services helpsystem domain experts for a with asset prioritization, critical “Emersons goal is tovariety of platforms, including asset reliability improvements, and design a reliable,non-Emerson systems. These maintenance work processexperts understand how to development. We provide advanced instrumentaddress system-specific intricacies assistance to maximize asset value and control system tofor successful migrations. extraction, performance assure safe, stable, and improvement and optimization,Connectivity services technology deployment long-term qualityEmerson has the services and tools improvement, integration of operations whileto connect your new automation maintenance and performancesystem to existing advanced information-driving key maximizing theapplications and production performance indices in the right profitability of thesystems. One example is an auto- direction.tag conversion tool that helps company. Emerson hasmigrate existing layered Variability management proven technologiesapplications over to newer Process variability eats away attechnologies. product quality and plant and a proven track availability and wastes raw record in China.Vertical integration materials and energy.Emerson’s family of Emerson’s localinstrumentation delivers valid, Variability management consulting resources and theactionable field information to the services provide a comprehensiveDeltaV system’s suite of operations holistic approach to minimizing support of its globalmanagement, advanced control, process variability for optimal resources help toand asset management control performance. mitigate and minimizeapplications. Valid plantinformation in advance of a plant Client engagements are performed risks for owners.”event or upset is the essence of by senior professionals who have Hongye Huabnormal situation prevention an in-depth understanding of MICC Manager(ASP). Rather than attempting to process dynamics, control Fujian Refinerymanage operational incidents, ASP equipment, and control strategies. August, 2007is focused on preventing the losses They use systematic and scientificassociated with facility upsets methods of control design, loopaltogether. tuning, and process troubleshooting. For more information: Solutions/Consulting/ VariabillityManagement 9
  10. 10. How do I minimize operational impact?Emerson’s solutions and In one example, three key Each piece of instrumentation has PlantWeb technologies were used a special cutover procedure,experience give you in the process to help perform a based on years of experience inchoices for implementing hot cutover from pneumatic implementing cutovers. AMS control to FOUNDATION™ fieldbus. Device Manager is used by theyour modernization. The FIELDVUE® DVC6000f, with team to help coordinate these its unique pressure control programs, reducing projectOptions for functionality, allows a fieldbus risk by:modernization connection to the DeltaV system Verifying device:Whether you’re migrating to a new while also sending a pressure configurations matchautomation system during a signal to the existing actuator or specificationsturnaround (cold cutover) or while pneumatic positioner. Once connection and rangingthe process is up and running (hot pressures are balanced within the construction materialscutover), Emerson project system, control is transferred to Ensuring that devices functionpersonnel work with your the digital valve controller. as a system, whether checkingoperations team to carefully plan interlocks, stroking valves, orand safely implement your During this phase, AMS Suite: verifying alarm points onmodernization plan while saving Intelligent Device Manager, field devicesvaluable production time. helps reduce the risk in finalizing Minimizing device configuration the hot cutover by enabling local and implementation times. communication with the valve to monitor exactly what is happening during the process of mounting, adjusting, stroking, and calibrating the valve.Flexible automation solutions10
  11. 11. Any way you need to.Flexible solutions Switchover savingsA number of other Emerson As you replace and upgrade your “Emerson’ssolutions help to save time and legacy controllers and I/O withprevent disruption while giving DeltaV components, get fast experience reallyyou flexibility during a system switchover while retaining your made a difference inupgrade. These technologies termination panel and wiringallow DeltaV Operator Stations to investments. the planning andbe added to a variety of legacy implementation of thesystems with the process online Our solutions use existing legacyand used side-by-side with field wiring terminations for the hot cutover to ourexisting consoles while the DeltaV system without lifting or new control system.process continues to run. removing wires. These solutions can: Their digitalYou can also add DeltaV Save your existing wiring technology was alsocontrollers at any time and these investment critical as they workedcan co-exist with your legacy Speed startup by not disturbingsystem while allowing you to take field connections with us to install andadvantage of technologies such Reduce process downtime by commission 1100 newas predictive field device 75% or more comparedintelligence, embedded advance to rewiring. instruments. Thiscontrol, and integrated asset project was undermanagement. Reduce risk with DeltaV Simulate budget with no OSHAWith these flexible solutions, With DeltaV Simulate, you can or environmentFOUNDATION fieldbus and other develop and fully test controldigital busses such as HART, strategies in an offline laptop or incidents. You cannotProfibus DP, DeviceNet and AS-i desktop PC environment. You can get much better thanbus can be easily integrated with verify all your DeltaVyour existing legacy equipment. configurations before you that!” migrate control. With add-on Bob Sherven software such as MiMic® I/O Project Manager simulation, you can also checkout Shell Deer Park Refinery I/O before connecting live. For more information: index.htm Solutions/Migration 11
  12. 12. How do I maximize return on investment?Emerson’s training Get more from your operations, engineering andsolutions deliver skilled automation investment management. Our diverse To remain competitive, learning methods range fromoperators and companies need a highly skilled general classroom offerings to in-operational excellence workforce, equipped with the plant customized training.anywhere in the world. knowledge, skills, and ability to Recent eLearning courses to take action and be proactive. consider are DeltaV Operator Emerson’s Educational Services Interface for Continuous ControlStart with the basics team has been training industry and Fisher Valve Fundamentals.PlantWeb University facilitates professionals around the world for These new on-line courses allowyour understanding and over 65 years with: you the opportunity to learn aboutevaluation of new ways to 44 fully manned and equipped these products at just the rightimprove project, process, and training centers time for you.plant performance. PlantWebUniversity provides practical, real- 120 full-time and 45 part-time New equipment and technologiesworld information about how to professional staff mean you need to recalibrate yourimprove process and business Over 20,000 students trained operations and maintenanceperformance to over 20,000 annually. program; we can show you how.industry users around the world. Hundreds of courses and training Training to consider during a solutions are available for every modernization can include: level of your organization from front-line technicians, to Simulation-based operator training Control engineer training Process operations training Digital bus training Safety Instrumented Systems training Smart wireless training Advanced control and optimization training.12
  13. 13. With world-class training.DeltaV OTS Training Transfer knowledgeA key concern when modernizing a and best practicesplant automation system is that Actual key process events thatyour operators are skilled in occur on one shift can be “ The courses are verymaking the most of this new recreated with different operators helpful and providetechnology. and crews. Simulations can be designed to capture the loads of knowledge. IWith the new DeltaV Operator experiences and actions of senior actually enjoy theTraining Solution (OTS) program, operators so that new operatorsour Educational Services team can can learn them. courses and lookhelp ensure that your personnel Real experience forward for neware primed to capitalize on these without risk topics.”technologies and unlock the true Operators will learn DeltaVpotential of your operation. operating concepts whileBenefits include: experiencing a breadth of process “ Very good technical Operators are trained before scenarios. This new training offers overview of the actual commissioning takes the benefits of exposing operators place to a training environment identical process digital Faster, smoother start-ups to what they will experience in the world.” More confident and experienced actual control room. Benefits to operators simulation-based operator Reduced incident reporting training are: “ Definitely worth the Product quality improved faster Real experience with no risk time spent. A lot of A better understanding of Actual plant configuration possible failure scenarios good practical tips graphics and database OSHA compliance (Article 29 Realistic dynamic process and suggestions.” CFR PAR 1910.119). simulation and scenarios On-site, 24/7 learning Custom curriculum and “ I think everyone courseware Professional instruction and who is involved in the support field or engineering Affordable tiered solutions. should review the courses....” For more information: DeltaV OTS Architecture education Plantweb.Emerson 13
  14. 14. How do I sustain these improvements?Emerson’s SureService Comprehensive The SureService program consists portfolio of support of service modules, each designedportfolio contains all the to address specific support services requirements. These modules canright elements to tailor a We recognize that automation be combined to customize a system support needs vary fromprogram to fit your support program for your plant one customer to another, and that that is tailored to fit just right,specific support needs. our customers make investments meeting your support needs while over the system life cycle for three providing value and peace of mind.To this end, Emerson has important reasons:developed: Availability Services to keep your A global service organization system running Guardian Service quality processes Application Services to apply the Support Our global Service Management best PlantWeb technologies The core element of our System Sustainability Services to protect SureService support program will Our comprehensive portfolio of your investment in capital and help you improve staff automation system lifecycle intellectual property. productivity while reducing support products. operations and maintenance costs. Emerson’s portfolio of services canWe meet the expectations of our be combined in various ways tocustomers worldwide by address your unique needs in eachconsistently delivering competent, of these three areas through aefficient and reliable services of combination of factory and fieldthe highest possible customer resources and local serviceservice. This global consistency of agreements.service and support fromcertified professionals—both The base element for Emersoncentrally-located and local to system service agreements isyou—is what separates Emerson Guardian Support, a prognosticfrom all others. To you, this service designed to optimize thedifference means prompt, availability, sustainability andprofessional response, no performance of your DeltaVmatter where on the globe digital automation operate.14
  15. 15. SureService SM Availability Services Application services can help These are the basic, ensure the effective application of PlantWeb technology with a focus “...we’ve seen essential day-to-daysystem maintenance services on prevention of system issues upwards of 90%designed to help you achieve the and overall improvement of plant reduction indesired level of certainty for operation.system uptime, taking your variability on theprocess, system design, and in- Sustainability operation of the kiln,house resources into account (see Servicestable). which will Sustaining your automation system such that it immediately give us a Application Services can be routinely supported and positive payback.” These services help you serviced is essential to maximizing achieve expected results the return on your systemfrom the application of Jim Norcross investment. Sustainability servicestechnology and related work Canadian Forest Products can include identifying, assessing,processes, while keeping up with planning, and implementingevolving business conditions. technology updates and upgrades to minimize system down time, prevent system offsets, and minimize total cost of ownership. SureService Portfolio Availability Application Sustainability Guardian Support Project-to-Operations Transition Support Express Module Replacement Spares Access Programs Emergency On-Site Services Scheduled On-Site Services Critical Data Backup Application Security Assessment Service System Upgrade Service Application Enrichment Alarm Management Services Control Performance Improvement DeltaV Evergreen Program Integration Testing Services System Life Planning For more information: Training Premiere Service 15
  16. 16. If you found this brochure valuable, we also © 2007 EmersonProcess Management, LLLP. All rights reserved.recommend the following brochure: The Emerson logo is a trademark and service mark of Emerson Electric Co. PlantWeb, DeltaV, Rosemount, AMS, Ovation, SmartProcess, and the Emerson Process Management design are marks Emerson Automation Contracting brochure owned by one of the Emerson Process Management legal entities. All other marks are the property of for your project planning, design their respective owners. and implementation needs. The contents of this publication are presented for informational purposes only, and while every Visit: effort has been made to ensure their accuracy, they are not to be construed as warranties or guarantees, express or implied, regarding the products or services described herein or their use or applicability. All sales are governed by our software licensing agreement and terms and conditions, which are available upon request. We reserve the right to modify or improve the designs or specifications of our product and services at any time without notice.Emerson Process Management12301 Research Blvd.Research Park Plaza, Building IIIAustin, Texas 78759 USAT +1 512.835.2190F +1 512.832.3443Form B-00022 / Printed in USA / 20K AQ / 10K A4 / 09-07