DeltaV Safety Instrumented System Overview


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DeltaV Safety Instrumented System Overview

  1. 1. DeltaV SIS for Process Safety Systems TMSmart Safety Loops. Reliable Process.
  2. 2. The DeltaV SIS system helps you reliably protect your assets and improve your plant TMperformance. Increased safety integrity is provided by continuously monitoring the ability of sensors,logic solvers, and final elements to perform on demand, with faults diagnosed before they causespurious trips. The Smart safety instrumented system (SIS) approach increases process reliabilityand reduces lifecycle costs. Smart SIS Optimized process reliability.Smart SIS, an extension of thePlantWebTM digital plant Logic Solvers Final Controlarchitecture, provides an Sensors Elementsintegrated approach to completesafety loops–from sensor, to logicsolver, to final control element. Asa key component of Emerson’sSmart SIS, the DeltaV SIS system Smart SISshuts down your plant whenneeded for safety, but keeps yourunning safely when devices fail. Modular Distributed Architecture Flexibility to meet your project needs. The unique modular, distributed architecture enables you to custom fit the system to your SIS applications. This modularity gives you the capability to meet changing project requirements. The DeltaV SIS architecture is flexible to help provide the safety you want, when you want, where you want.Page 2–DeltaV SIS system
  3. 3. Integrated but Separate Increased visibility into your process.As an integrated control and safety The integrated but separate As a stand-alone system, DeltaVsystem (ICSS), the DeltaV SIS and architecture meets IEC 61508 and SIS can easily be integrated withDeltaV systems share the same IEC 61511 requirements for control systems from otherengineering, maintenance, and physical separation and vendors using interfaces that areoperations environment. All independence of safety and based on open communicationsafety-related information is easily control. The DeltaV SIS system standards, such as Modbus, OPCaccessible through familiar and delivers the benefits of total and OPC Express Interface (Xi).intuitive applications. integration and total separation without the tradeoffs associated with the two extremes. Certified Function Blocks Reduced engineering and complexity.The IEC 61508-certified SIS Standard operator faceplatesfunction blocks deliver powerful automatically provide detailedfunctionality out of the box, safety information with nosimplifying the implementation of configuration. Using these SIScomplex SIS applications. No function blocks can helpcustom code is required to eliminate engineering hoursimplement common SIS tasks. The required to implement emergencyresult is faster configuration and shutdown (ESD) systems, fire andtroubleshooting of SIS logic. gas systems (FGS), and burner management systems (BMS). Built for IEC 61511 Compliance Simplified safety lifecycle management. The DeltaV SIS system is built for simplify IEC 61511 compliance, IEC 61511 compliance, providing eliminating your concerns related stringent change management, to proper implementation. security management, and documentation tools. The system is certified by TÜV for use in safety integrity level (SIL) 3 applications without restriction. DeltaV SIS is built from the ground up to Page 3–DeltaV SIS system
  4. 4. Modular, Integrated Certified Built-in Smart Distributed but Function IEC 61511 SIS Architecture Separate Blocks ComplianceThe proven PlantWeb digital plantarchitecture helps you detect Engineering Operationsoperations, process, andequipment problems before theyeven occur, so you can move fromreactive to proactive andprofitable management.Only Emerson ProcessManagement reliably protects yourassets by providing an integratedapproach to complete safetyloops. Improve your performanceby continuously monitoring anddiagnosing the ability of thesensors, logic solvers, and finalcontrol elements to perform ondemand as required. The DeltaV SIS system is IEC 61508 certified for use in SIL 3 applications and provides a comprehensive solution for your process safety system. Modular DeltaV SIS logic solver with configurable HART TM I/O Embedded digital field communications and integrated asset management Integrated operations environment with easy access to all safety and control information Intuitive function block engineering environment with integrated change management Automatic event reporting of safety information Non-intrusive simulation for training and offline testing.Page 4–DeltaV SIS system
  5. 5. Services Maintenance Application Station The integrated control and safety system architecture delivered by the DeltaV and DeltaV SIS systems provide reliability and redundancy. Ethernet network connections Controllers Digital HART I/O and classic field interface cards Modbus RTU/ASCII interface DeltaV SIS logic solvers SISNet communications Zone servers OPC servers Backup workstations Digital Communications HART Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP Ethernet/IP OPC Page 5–DeltaV SIS system
  6. 6. Modular, Integrated Certified Built-in Smart IEC 61511 Distributed but Function SIS Architecture Separate Blocks ComplianceAn integrated approach to the entire safety instrumented function (SIF)—from sensor,to logic solver, to final control element—shuts down when needed for safety, butkeeps you running safely when components fail.A total loop approach to ability of sensors, logic solvers andsafety final elements to perform onEmerson’s Smart SIS is the demand while diagnosing faultsextension of the PlantWeb before they cause spurious trips.architecture to safety instru- Digital HART communications ismented systems. With integrated the enabler. This approachdigital communications and device increases process availability anddiagnostics from the sensor, to the reduces lifecycle costs.logic solver, to the final controlelement, DeltaV SIS shuts down Digital transparencyyour plant when needed for safety, The PlantWeb digital plantbut keeps you running safely when architecture enables the use ofcomponents fail. digital intelligence and predictive diagnostics to increase systemSafety instrumented systems availability while reducing life cycleperform a critical role in providing costs and enabling easy regulatory compliance. Emerson products solution for your safety systemsafer, more reliable process (sensors, systems, and final control with the power of embeddedoperations. Based on industry elements) are third-party certified digital communications–all day,research, over 92% of all faults in to the IEC 61508 standard for use every day.SIS application occur in fieldinstruments and control elements. in safety-rated applications.Therefore, it is critical to consider Smart logic solverthe entire safety instrumented The DeltaV SIS system Bulky logic solvers and multi- Pressure to keep your plant safe 24 plexers can now be replaced withfunction as a complete entity. As a hours a day, 7 days a week is state-of-the-art logic solvers thatsmart solution, the DeltaV SIS relentless. Equipping your safety support digital communications tosystem continuously monitors the instrumented system with today’s continuously monitor the health of digital technologies is your best the entire SIF. The DeltaV SIS logic path to addressing this solver, built for digital communi- requirement. A highly reliable cations with safety sensors and safety system starts with final control elements, uses the predictive intelligence, which power of predictive field provides a wealth of diagnostic intelligence to increase the overall information, enabling you to reliability of the entire SIF. It is TÜV- predict and prevent problems certified without exception for use before they occur. The DeltaV SIS in SIL 1-3 safety applications as system is a comprehensive defined by IEC 61508. Smart SISPage 6–DeltaV SIS system
  7. 7. Services Smart devices deliver FIELDVUE instruments have Asset management helps predictive and health extensive diagnostics to monitor increase plant diagnostics travel deviation, pressure availability By replacing switches with deviation, valve packing friction AMS Suite™: Intelligent Device transmitters, you take the first step and more. Information is Manager enables you to monitor toward reducing undetected communicated back to the DeltaV and maintain field devices. failures. Smart transmitters have SIS system and the AMSTM Device Intelligent device diagnostic far fewer dangerous undetected Manager software. information allows staff to respond failures than switches. Emerson’s quickly and prevent unexpected The SIL-PAC solution incorporates smart sensors, such as downtime. Automatic docu- Emerson’s industry-leading Rosemount TM and Micro MotionTM mentation provides complete actuators, digital valve controllers, devices, go beyond detecting device maintenance records. solenoids, and valves to provide a component failures. They evaluate SIL 3 certified valve solution: the performance of the complete measurement system, extending BettisTM G and CBA actuators Key Benefits diagnostics to detect formerly FisherTM DVC6000 SIS controllers undetectable dangerous failures ASCOTM solenoids Enables safer plants outside the physical bounds of the FisherTM valves. transmitter–providing both Increased availability transmitter and process Smart partial stroke Reduced lifecycle cost diagnostics. testing extends test Simplified regulatory compliance intervals The end result is greater credit for Automated partial stroke testing failure-on-demand calculations, of valves can improve safety easier compliance with IEC 61511 Key Features integrity, reduce the number of guidelines, higher safe failure risky personnel trips into the field, fractions, less redundancy, less and extend the time between IEC 61508 certified sensors, logic solvers, proof testing and longer intervals mandatory proof tests. Automated and final elements between proof tests. partial stroke testing results in Integrated asset management from AMS increased confidence that the Suite Smart final elements valve will perform on demand reduce risk Integrated digital device diagnostics while reducing costs. Partial stroke FIELDVUETM digital valve controller tests can be automatically initiated ensures reliability instruments provide automated by the DeltaV SIS logic solver or Extended health diagnostics performance monitoring and manually initiated from standard detect device failures testing by enabling remote partial operator faceplates. The DeltaV SIS stroke testing while the safety Device alerts enable quick action system communicates with the valve is online. This keeps DVC6000 SIS via the HART Inherent SIS signal status propagation personnel safely away from the protocol so no additional wiring or HART PV vs. analog value comparison valve’s location. The FIELDVUE components are required to Automatic partial stroke testing DVC6000 SIS for emergency automate partial stroke tests. shutdown applications is third- Automated proof testing Partial stroke test results are party certified for use in SIL 3 automatically recorded in the Integrated documentation tools applications. DeltaV Event Chronicle for easy documentation. Page 7–DeltaV SIS system
  8. 8. Modular, Integrated Certified Built-in Smart IEC 61511 Distributed but Function SIS Architecture Separate Blocks ComplianceFlexible to provide the safety you want, when you want, where you want. SISNet Domains can be used to distribute SIS applications throughout your plant.The unique, modular distributed Flexible architecture the traditional approach wherearchitecture enables you to Whether you have an isolated hundreds of SIFs are all placed in acustom fit the system for your SIS boiler or a large ESD application, single safety PLC and the effect ofapplications. Modularity gives you the DeltaV SIS system scales to changing a single register or thethe flexibility to meet changing help provide the safety coverage addition of a SIF could affect all ofproject requirements. The DeltaV you require for your SIL 1, 2 and 3 the logic. The DeltaV SISSIS architecture is flexible to help applications. Unlike other architecture isolates SIFs,provide the safety you want, when approaches, the modular logic eliminates single points of failure,you want, where you want. solver hardware scales in sizes of and simplifies change manage- 16 configurable I/O. This means ment. For complex applications,Applications that require safety you automatically add memory which require multiple SIFs actinginstrumented systems to reduce and logic solver processing every on the same final element, inputrisk come in all sizes and time you add I/O. The days of data is shared among multipletopologies. You need an running out of memory or logic solvers so that cause andSIS offering that can handle the processing power are over. effect logic can easily besmallest to the largest application implemented in a single SISand one that has the flexibility to A SIF-based approach module.address widely distributed The DeltaV SIS architecture allowsarchitectures. The modular SIF- you to concentrate on the design Given this flexibility, the DeltaV SISbased DeltaV SIS architecture of each SIF–each logic solver is a system is ideally suited for alldelivers the capability to meet container for a small number of safety applications up to SIL 3:changing project requirements. SIFs and there can be no from small burner management unplanned interaction between applications to large ESD and fire them. This is very different from and gas applications.Page 8–DeltaV SIS system
  9. 9. Services SLS 1508 logic solver Redundant logic solver Key features of the SLS 1508 logic You can increase the availability of Key Benefits solver include: your SIS loops with a redundant SIL 3 certified by TÜV pair of SLS logic solvers. Increased engineering flexibility 24V DC redundant power Key features include: Increased overall reliability dual-modular redundant logic quad-modular redundant logic Isolated failures–no single point of failure processing processing dual-voting on output channels quad-voting on output channels Isolation of changes and maintenance 16 channels per logic solver separate power Adding new SIFs does not affect existing configurable HART I/O for AI, same input data for each logic SIFs’ logic, scan rate, or execution AO, DI, and DO solver Custom fit for applications line fault detection on all I/O continuously drives output 50ms execution channels if a redundant partner Can implement centralized or decentralized -40° to 70°C temperature rating fails SIL 3 certified without restriction (compliant with NAMUR NE 21 automatic online proof testing No repair time required for degraded mode temperature rating) in-situ hardware and software Fits any size application ISA G3 (corrosive environment upgrades. rating) I/O published locally every scan on redundant peer-to-peer links Key Features data integrity checking every scan online logic modification. A SIF-based approach to logic solving Modular logic solver with configurable I/O Scalable from 16 to 30,000 I/O Flexible redundancy SIL 3 rating for simplex and redundant SLS Deterministic scan rate Remote I/O capability Expandable online SIL 3 certified SISNet communications Up to 62 km distances between nodes Simplex SLS Redundant SLS The flexible, modular SLS 1508 logic solvers can be installed in redundant pairs for increased process availability. Page 9–DeltaV SIS system
  10. 10. Modular, Integrated Certified Built-in Smart Distributed but Function IEC 61511 SIS Architecture Separate Blocks ComplianceDelivers the benefits of total integration and total separation without the tradeoffsassociated with the two extremes. Integrated operations, engineering and maintenance.As an integrated control and safety Operationssystem, DeltaV and DeltaV SIS The operator interfaceprovide increased visibility into provides a powerfulyour process. DeltaV SIS is environment for safetyintegrated with the DeltaV operation, with built-insystem’s engineering, features for easymaintenance and operations information access.environment. All safety-related Alarm management,information is easily accessible operator navigation,through familiar and intuitive standard faceplatesapplications. The integrated but and detail displaysseparate architecture meets IEC provide a consistent61511 requirements for physical and intuitive operatingseparation and independence of and control. The DeltaV SISsystem delivers the benefits of To more effectivelytotal integration and total Separate control and safety. operate your plant,separation without the tradeoffs operators have one commonassociated with the two extremes. operating environment for both IEC 61511, the DeltaV SIS system the basic process control system requires a repeat confirmation onArchitecturally (BPCS) and SIS when using the the emergency shutdown actionindependent safety DeltaV control system. This before it will take effect–avoidingsystem integrated operator interface an accidental shutdown.The DeltaV SIS power supplies, includes alarm handling, timecommunication channels, synchronization, user security and Engineeringhardware and real-time operating device health monitoring. The DeltaV SIS system gives yousystems are physically separate the benefits of drag-and-dropand independent of the control Should an emergency stop be function block configuration,system, maintaining the required for the application, two comprehensive security andseparation required by IEC 61508 mechanisms may be used. You explorer-based software forand IEC 61511 standards. This may hard-wire a physical intuitive project implementation.system automatically monitors, emergency shutdown mushroom The engineering software allowscontrols and collects safety- button to the input of a logic you to manage all aspects of yourrelated data. solver. You may also soft-wire an system configuration, including emergency shutdown and display hardware configuration, control it on an SIS graphic on the strategies, built-in change operator station. To comply with management and history.Page 10–DeltaV SIS system
  11. 11. Services The DeltaV SIS system maintains Connecting to existing proper security on safety logic BPCS Key Benefits software and makes the No matter what DCS or PLC you management of required safety are using as your basic process Reduced safety lifecycle costs logic modifications easier. control system, you can increase Equipment and installation costs your plant’s availability using the For DeltaV BPCS users, the Engineering and maintenance costs advanced diagnostics in Emerson’s integrated configuration Smart SIS solution. Reduced training costs environment simplifies and Easier regulatory compliance streamlines the engineering effort. Modbus integration Robust security This integrated approach Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP can Increased visibility into the process eliminates time-wasting, difficult- be used to integrate the DeltaV SIS to-maintain data mapping and system and your BPCS. Modbus handshaking logic that is common brings the advantage of familiarity with disparate systems. to most users, as well as the Additionally, non-intrusive comfort of decades of proven Key Integration Features simulation allows for reliability. comprehensive testing of safety Simplified architecture with no mapping of logic before installation. OPC Xi and OPC data The DeltaV SIS system can connect Integrated engineering, maintenance and Maintenance with your non-DeltaV BPCS via OPC or OPC Xi. All operating and operations environment To manage change and maintain compliance over time, the DeltaV event information is available to Time synchronization and event collection SIS system provides compre- your operator interfaces and Security management with SIS locks hensive version control and audit history collection software as part Advanced alarm management trail functionality for required of an integrated solution. Change management including version engineering modifications. OPC Express Interface (Xi) is a new Electronic signatures ensure control, audit trail and electronic signatures data communications interface proper authorization for online Integrated, non-intrusive ICSS simulation developed by many diverse changes. To support compliance process automation suppliers. for testing and operator training documentation requirements, a OPC Xi connectivity provides comprehensive history of plant secure, robust, firewall-friendly safety events are automatically data access to real-time and recorded. AMS Device Manager historical process data, as well as Key Separation Features provides detailed diagnostic real-time alarm and event data. information to diagnose device problems quickly and correctly. It The OPC communications Built-in IEC 61511 compliance also documents and archives standard has served the process Separate hardware for control and safety instrument configurations and industry well for over a decade. It Separate power for control and safety changes, as well as health supports access to real-time and Separate control and safety networks information and alarms. historical data, as well as alarm and event data. Gateway between SIS and control network provides firewall protection Page 11–DeltaV SIS system
  12. 12. Smart Modular, Integrated Certified Built-in Distributed but Function IEC 61511 SIS Architecture Separate Blocks ComplianceProvides powerful functionality out of the box, simplifying the implementation of complexSIS applications.No custom code is required to ladder logic or customimplement common SIS tasks with programming to engineer, test,the IEC 61508 certified function and commission into a simpleblocks, providing faster drag-and-drop configurationconfiguration and troubleshooting activity. Using standard functionof SIS logic. Standard operator blocks instead of customfaceplates automatically provide programming makes it easy fordetailed safety information with engineers to troubleshoot andno configuration. Using these maintain logic, even if they did notfunction blocks can help eliminate create hours previouslyneeded to implement ESD, FGS, Other capabilities that make theand BMS applications. The certified DeltaV SIS softwarecertified function blocks deliver intuitive include:powerful functionality out of the built-in sequence of eventsbox, simplifying the imple- handler with automatic first-outmentation of complex SIS trappingapplications. built-in maintenance bypasses easy compliance to IEC 61511Intuitive safety software standardfunctions non-intrusive simulationThe DeltaV SIS system provides a built-in alarm management perfull palette of smart safety EEMUA 191 standardfunction blocks certified by TÜV standard operator faceplates Status handlingfor safety applications. Special automatically provide safety Input processing provides statusblocks like MooN voter blocks with information with no handling with no need for custombypass management reduce what configuration. code and different options areused to be pages and pages of available. For example, voter blocks can automatically degrade voting when an input value is bad. With integrated HART I/O, device diagnostic information is automatically presented to operations with no additional configuration.Page 12–DeltaV SIS system
  13. 13. Services Sequence of events CEM function blocks include Built-in sequence of events advanced functionality, including a Key Benefits handler, with automatic first-out state machine for each effect to trapping, eliminates hours of handle trip status, resetting and Implement complex logic in a single engineering while reducing testing forcing of outputs. module, eliminating pages of custom and simplifying maintenance. State transition and step programming Voter function blocks sequencer function No custom code needed to implement Voter function blocks provide blocks common tasks advanced features like built-in Function blocks for state Simplified configuration and bypass and deviation alarms to transitions and step sequencing troubleshooting of logic improve plant availability. The provide powerful functionality out voting is configured using radio of the box for BMS applications. Consistent approach throughout SIS buttons and check boxes with These function blocks convert applications extendable blocks ensuring the what is typically a very Significantly reduce engineering hours same approach is taken complicated set of custom logic required to implement ESD, FGS and BMS throughout the configuration, into a simple, intuitive configuration task that is easy to applications regardless of the application size. implement, troubleshoot and Rich function block information Voter blocks include advanced maintain. Templates can be No concerns for migration to future features such as maintenance and created and re-used for multiple releases startup bypasses with a variety of BMS applications. options to meet your application needs. Standard design templates make configuring operator graphics easy Cause and effect for voter, CEM, state transition and Key Features function blocks step sequencer function blocks. Traditional SIS project Status information is automatically Powerful, intuitive, out-of-the-box requirements are typically detailed presented to the operator without mapping data tags or creating functionality using cause-and-effect matrices (CEM). Once approved, these are custom templates or faceplates. Intuitive drag-and-drop function block often translated into logic interface diagrams and ultimately into Inherent status propagation and status ladder logic of the selected handling supplier. No more. With the CEM function block, the cause-and- Built-in overrides and deviation alarms effect diagrams can be deployed Automatic degraded voting when device directly in the logic solver, enabling failures are detected fast configuration and reduced Built-in sequence of events handler with testing. The CEM table executes as automatic first-out trapping it is presented. Documentation is easy, since the CEM configuration Powerful state transition and step sequence is the logic that executes. function blocks for BMS Page 13–DeltaV SIS system
  14. 14. Smart Modular, Integrated Certified Built-in Distributed but Function IEC 61511 SIS Architecture Separate Blocks ComplianceBuilt from the ground up to simplify regulatory compliance, eliminating your concernsrelated to proper implementation.The DeltaV SIS system is built for engineering centers forIEC 61511 compliance, providing implementation. Thestringent change management, templates are protected fromsecurity management and modification by only allowingdocumentation tools. It is certified changes to occur on the masterfor use in SIL 3 applications system.without restriction. The system isbuilt from the ground up to Easy to track changessimplify regulatory compliance– Comprehensive version controleliminating your concerns related of a configuration item isto proper implementation. automatically tracked and updated. The new version isChange Management time-stamped and a historyIncreasingly stringent regulations comment can be recordedrequire manufacturers to provide when the item is checked backcomprehensive documentation of in. Embedded reporting toolstheir process. DeltaV give engineers the ability toConfiguration Audit Trail is a print configuration change The DeltaV SIS system is built for IEC 61511 compliance.powerful tool that tracks changes histories for any item in theand manages revision information configuration database. Ensure compliance duringfor any item in the configuration By keeping detailed historical operation with Electronicdatabase, including SIS items. This information on configuration Signaturesapplication creates and maintains items, the system automatically To support compliancea change history for configuration maintains quality data for requirements for online changes,items, such as modules, SIS regulatory compliance the DeltaV SIS system uses anmodules, phases, operations, unit requirements and electronic signature functionalityprocedures, user accounts and troubleshooting. designed to meet the life scienceoperator graphics–making industry’s stringent requirements.regulatory compliance simpler. Ensure authorized configuration Any actions taken can be changes configured to require aProtected composite templates The DeltaV SIS security system confirmation in which the user’sFor reduced complexity in global gives you the ability to grant name and password is needed toengineering and IEC 61508 privileges to individual users. Items execute, as well as an additionalcompliance, the DeltaV SIS system may be checked out for editing verifying user name and passwordincludes protected composite only by approved users. if required.templates. Templates, such ascertified safety logic, are createdon a ‘master’ DeltaV SIS systemand then distributed toPage 14–DeltaV SIS system
  15. 15. Services Security and USB ports to prevent the the Audit Trail for a complete Adaptable User Manager introduction of viruses and history. AMS Suite provides With the role-based user access, malware. integrated device configuration you have complete flexibility to The DeltaV Flexlock security and security to reduce lifecycle define the security structure to application creates a secure costs. QuickCheck allows for easier match your operating philosophy. workstation desktop to prevent interlock verification. Additionally, unauthorized access outside of Meridium APM software can be A separate set of locks and keys is the DeltaV operations seamlessly integrated with AMS provided for control and safety. environment. Suite in real-time to easily verify Through a single sign-on, you can DeltaV Smart Switches provide proof-testing compliance. AMS define groups of users and assign auto lockdown to prevent Suite allows you to operate with them privileges. For example, one unauthorized network confidence. group may be able to change only connections on switch ports. control operating parameters, Unauthorized network devices while another may be able to cannot participate in DeltaV change safety parameters. And communications, because Key Benefits you can limit a user to particular DeltaV devices are areas of the plant–providing you authenticated as part of system Simplified regulatory compliance with peace of mind that only the configuration. Physical access to local Standardized designs appropriate people are making decisions affecting your plant. equipment is not required for Reduced engineering effort routine maintenance Reduced lifecycle costs procedures and Easy security management Robust security When you make changes to troubleshooting because system users and their privileges in system diagnostics are done DeltaV User Manager, the changes over the network using DeltaV are immediately applied across all and AMS Device Manager Key Features DeltaV and AMS applications and workstations. Windows security is automatically Syncade Suite IEC 61511 compliance is enforced by updated. TM Syncade Smart Operations engineering tools, with no restrictions Built for security Management suite extends the Change management of safety logic and The DeltaV system was developed value of PlantWeb by providing field device configuration/calibration with system security as a key electronic manufacturing control Integrated security for competency design criterion. To safeguard your that optimizes plant-wide work processes and increases management assets and ensure proper access, the system delivers these security productivity. Safety workflow, Secure write mechanism provides repeat capabilities: such as proof-testing, is guided, confirmation for online changes DeltaV controllers have been verified, and documented for easy Automatic logging of events and diagnostic hardened to mitigate specific, regulatory compliance. faults well-documented security threats. AMS Suite Non-intrusive simulation for testing and Workstation hardening disables When maintenance functions are operator training unused operating system performed, AMS Device Manager services and disables CDROM automatically records activity in Page 15–DeltaV SIS system
  16. 16. Smart Modular, Integrated Certified Built-in Distributed but Function IEC 61511 SIS Architecture Separate Blocks Compliance Ensures maximum uptime for your plant. Safety applications are designed to protect your plant and personnel Plant and from hazardous conditions and Emergency Emergency Response Layer Response provide a rapid and coordinated operational response to Mitigate Containment, Dike/Vessel Passive Protection Layer emergency situations, ensuring maximum uptime for your plant. Fire and Gas System Active Protection Layer The DeltaV SIS system provides a Incident Emergency SIS high level of reliability and Shutdown System Emergency Safety Layer availability through redundant Trip level alarm shutdown Prevent architecture design, including Operator Process Control Layer redundant networks, logic solvers Intervention Process alarm Operator BPCS intervention and I/O. The system automatically monitors, controls and collects Process Process Control Layer safety-related data for ESD, FGS value Normal behavior and BMS applications. Prevent incidents from occurring it be required. Sensors are used to reliability in compliance with IEC detect certain conditions, and the 61508 and IEC 61511 international DeltaV SIS logic solver is standards, and in addition has configured to meet your safety many innovations: repeat requirements to take the final confirmation built in to the elements (valves, pumps) to a operator graphics, version control safe state. that can be defined by SIL level, powerful voting functionality and Emergency The combination of sensor, logic a very flexible cause and effect Shutdown System solver and final element form a matrix (CEM) function block that is safety instrumented function (SIF). intuitive and easy to use. The DeltaV SIS system can be used Each SIF is designed to prevent a for emergency shutdown specific hazard from occurring by applications to prevent hazardous reducing a certain amount of risk. situations from occurring, and can This risk reduction equates to a initiate the shutdown of a plant, safety integrity level (SIL). The unit, or piece of equipment should DeltaV SIS system provides SIL 3Page 16–DeltaV SIS system
  17. 17. Services Mitigate the The integrated system can alert consequences of events personnel in a fast, accurate and when they occur structured way, giving employees time to decide what course of action to take while bringing the plant to a pre-determined state. Permit the system to operate when safe Fire and Gas System IEC 61511 recognizes fire and gas systems (FGS) as mitigative SIS systems. The major focus of a FGS is to mitigate an incident AFTER it has occurred. This is done to gain time for people to evacuate the Burner Management System area, contain the incident from escalating and allow emergency response teams to assess and deal The DeltaV SIS system can be used with the incident. By monitoring for burner management system process areas where fire, build up (BMS) applications, a safety of a potentially flammable gas or solution for control and toxic gases may occur, the DeltaV monitoring of burner units. SIS system can be configured to Through proper sequencing and detect these hazardous events, interlocks, the DeltaV SIS BMS alert personnel and initiate timely application allows the burner actions in order to minimize the unit(s) to go safely through all consequences of an incident. relevant states, from start-up to operation and shutdown when Fire and gas systems are usually needed. If so required (usually stand alone systems that take dependent on the size of the actions when required. With burner unit), the DeltaV SIS system today’s technology, many can also be configured to provide companies utilize an integrated automated leak testing of the gas approach and interface the FGS valves. Using specially developed with the ESD system to initiate function blocks, the DeltaV SIS plant shutdown if hazardous BMS solution is highly flexible and events occur. easy to maintain and monitor. Page 17–DeltaV SIS system
  18. 18. Smart Modular, Integrated Certified Built-in Distributed but Function IEC 61511 SIS Architecture Separate Blocks ComplianceReduce engineering and maintenance costs.Emerson is an industry leader in Emerson Certified Functionalproviding services throughout the Safety Experts utilize this processlifecycle of your operations, no and their expertise with the latestmatter where on the globe you safety technologies and practicesoperate. to help clients define and implement their safety systems.Managing risk with Our processes are consistent with the most stringent demands forglobal standards protection, risk reduction andCompanies that correctly plan for reliability.and manage the operational risksinherent to industrial processesavoid exposure to production Certified safety expertsoutages, equipment damage, IEC 61511 requires personnel andenvironmental incidents, injury to organizations to be competentpersonnel and loss of life. The and qualified to carry out safetyinternational community has activities.developed standards for theevaluation and design of safety Emerson is the first safety systemsfunctions. The IEC 61511 standard provider to develop TÜV-certifiedis aimed directly at total process procedures in alignment with IECplant operations and covers the 61511. In addition, all employeeswhole safety lifecycle of the involved with safety systemssystem from concept to engineering and development areoperation and maintenance, required to complete extensiveto decommissioning. safety training and Emerson certification.Certified safety process Reducing failures from Many of our engineers andEmerson utilizes a Functional the start technologists have also completedSafety Management System as a rigorous competency IEC 61511 defines a process todefined by the IEC 61511 qualification for system design help reduce random hardwarestandard. This TÜV-certified engineers known as the Certified failures and reduce systemicsystem covers: Functional Safety Expert (CFSE) failures. Having CFSE experts Management of functional exam. This certification requires involved early in the lifecycle safety experience in the SIS field, as well process helps reduce faults caused Safety lifecycle structure and as successful completion of a by poor specifications or poor planning comprehensive examination. engineering. Verification Design and engineering of SIS Installation, commissioning and validation Maintenance and modification.Page 18–DeltaV SIS system
  19. 19. Services Differentiated safety services throughout the safety lifecycle Emerson provides solutions with certified hardware, software, and engineering services needed to meet the requirements of the safety system lifecycle. Emerson has extensive global coverage for main automation contractor (MAC) services–providing a single source for all of your safety project needs. These services include all aspects of your automation project from front end engineering design (FEED) onward. Emerson can provide a turnkey solution for your project that includes equipment selection, commissioning services, and Globally, Emerson can help you with IEC 61511 Safety Life Cycle management. implementation and operational capabilities. ANALYSIS OPERATION Emerson–a partner you As part of pre-project planning, Emerson’s SureServiceTM program can trust FEED is early design work done offers an array of support services For over 100 years, Emerson has after conceptual business planning designed to help you achieve your been a global leader in providing and prior to detailed design. Once business objectives, reduce your process automation solutions with the safety integrity levels (SIL) of operating and service costs, and a commitment to total quality, the safety instrument functions keep your systems running at peak plant safety, and dedication to (SIF) are defined, Emerson can performance. These support meeting customer expectations. compile your safety requirement services include: We can help you operate your specification (SRS). We also offer Guardian Support plant safely, reliably, and more SIS functional safety consulting to Emergency Onsite Service efficiently–giving you peace help you design the safety loop Express Module Replacement of mind. and select the components that Critical Data Backup are needed. Local Spares Management Functional Safety Maintenance IMPLEMENTATION and Proof Testing Emerson project services for Power and Grounding Integrity application software follow our Security Assessment TÜV-certified processes and Alarm Management provide documented verification SIS Modification of all design, implementation, and Extended Software Support testing activity. Each step of the process is reviewed and Premier Service. documented to help ensure compliance with IEC 61511. Page 19–DeltaV SIS system
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