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Medical equipment certification in california


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Most competent and reliable independent contractor, ERS Medical excels in providing medical equipment maintenance and calibration in California. Having extensive years of experience, we are certified and licensed to deliver an exceptional service.

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Medical equipment certification in california

  1. 1. Medical Equipment Certification in California . We are proud to have certified and experienced biomedical equipment technicians in California. For more information, please contact at (209) 879- 9778 or send us an email today at
  2. 2. ERS Medical is one of the most respected biomedical repair companies, who offers exceptional equipment maintenance and service. No matter what your health care organization has, our experts can help you maintain all equipment so that your patients will enjoy a hassle free experience . Please contact at (209) 879-9778 or send us an email today at ERS MEDICAL
  3. 3. ERS Medical offers exceptional biomedical repair services that will be supportive for your patients. We offer an inclusive repair solution that will fit into your budget, along with keeping your equipment in patient-ready condition. ERS MEDICAL
  4. 4. Tony McDaniel Address - 152 Shea Ct.Tracy Ca.95377 USA Business contact - myself @ 209- 879-9778 2 Business Contact –209-5972424 Business Email - Visit us at: