Case Study: MTV Networks                                                 International (MTV)Overview                      ...
“We’ve seen how              Situation                                            So, when MTV IT staffers in Thompson’s  ...
a project status e-mail, which he sent out to         projects and assigned herself an ambitious three   to an Office Shar...
Automating Workflow, Improving                         Thompson. “We’ll start with Human Resources,           for their pr...
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MTV - Viacom SharePoint Case Study - MOSS 2007


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MTV - Viacom SharePoint Case Study - MOSS 2007

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MTV - Viacom SharePoint Case Study - MOSS 2007

  1. 1. Case Study: MTV Networks International (MTV)Overview TV Giant Automates Workflow, Boosts DataCountry: United States Access with Information Management SystemIndustry: Entertainment-television “The potential of Office SharePoint ServerCustomer Profile 2007 to make it easier for IT to manage dataMTV Networks, based in New York, is aleading operator of entertainment cable is huge. One product lets us solve workflow,channels, including MTV and other niche business intelligence, and collaboration issuesbrands around the world. It employs 7,000people and has 10,000 desktops. across MTV.”Business Situation —Daphne Thompson, Business Intelligence Analyst, MTVMTV needed to automate three manual,paper-based workflows and provide stafferswith self-serve access to actionable business MTV Networks International is a global media network with a channelinformation. reach of 1.4 billion people. MTV’s Information Services and Technology (IS&T) department wanted to reduce the time that was wasted onSolution manual processes. It chose Microsoft® Office SharePoint® ServerMTV chose Microsoft® Office SharePoint® 2007 to solve three business problems with one product. IS&T usedServer 2007 to create three different the out-of-the-box workflow capabilities of SharePoint Server 2007solutions in one development environment to improve departmental efficiencies by automating a paper-basedin just three weeks. process for new employees. IS&T then created a collaboration site forBenefits project management. IS&T used the business intelligence capabilities of• Reduces time it takes to process new SharePoint Server 2007 to create a dashboard that provides analytics employees by at least one day. on application metrics, saving six hours a week with an automated data• Cuts time it takes to provide auditors with submission process. MTV plans to replicate similar solutions built on data from one week to one day (eight hours). SharePoint Server 2007 for the rest of the company.• Reduces time it takes to fill out new employee form by 15 to 20 minutes.• Saves four hours a week in project Office Microsoft® updates. ®
  2. 2. “We’ve seen how Situation So, when MTV IT staffers in Thompson’s group—which is dedicated to investigatingOffice SharePoint MTV Networks International is one of the world’s and deploying new technology—heard about largest television networks, spanning niche Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007,Server 2007 will bring brands from pre-school to adulthood, including they wanted to test-drive the new technologyvalue to the rest of premier multimedia entertainment brands MTV to address three particularly arduous business and Nickelodeon. MTV brands are seen in more processes within the IS&T department.the organization. It than 495 million households and are presentedautomates business in 32 languages via 133 locally programmed Inefficiencies Within the IT Department and operated TV channels and 138 Web sites. The first of these processes focused on theprocesses and In addition to its TV products, MTV produces creation of a User ID Request Form, which films through MTV Films in association with records the permissions granted to a newhelps people find Paramount Pictures. employee, contractor, or freelancer to accessinformation they the corporate applications and resources MTV has a large, 150-member Information that are required to do his or her job. Initially,need. Where wouldn’t Services and Technology (IS&T) department, the new employee’s manager printed out athat be useful?” which, until recently, operated as a spreadsheet created with the Microsoft Office decentralized organization with separate Excel® spreadsheet software that contained units located at nine different MTV locations basic employee information, and then signed—Daphne Thompson, Business around the world. In an effort to eliminate the and faxed it to the service desk, TechConnect.Intelligence Analyst, MTV subsequent duplication of routine IT support The service desk then created an incident in the and administrative tasks, MTV centralized IT incident tracking system and sent out requests operations at its New York headquarters. The to other managers with jurisdiction over the move underlies a growing interest in enterprise applications to which the new employee software that fosters global communication required access. Signatures were required at“This Office SharePoint and collaboration. Information sharing among every step along the way, and the document globally dispersed offices and virtual teams was e-mailed, faxed, or even hand-deliveredServer 2007 solution had been difficult, with data stored on local file to the requisite approvers. Finally, TechConnectprovides a much richer shares and communication relying too heavily would close the incident and open another on paper, facsimiles, and telephone. for a desktop technician to set up a desktopanalytical environment, computer or mobile computer for the new us better A More Visionary Role for IT The newly centralized IS&T department is “This manual process took between one andbusiness insight.” galvanized to solve these issues by evaluating, three days to complete and was a headache recommending, and deploying the most for everyone,” says Thompson. “We needed efficient technology to increase collaboration the signatures to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley—Daphne Thompson, Business and communication. “It’s long been true (SOX) and we needed the documents storedIntelligence Analyst, MTV that MTV is known for its state-of-the-art somewhere for our auditors to evaluate how creativity and leading-edge productions for and when we gave out permissions to corporate the consumer, but we have not kept pace with information resources. But every quarter, it took that level of innovation with internal business a week for us to re-create the paper trails and processes,” says Daphne Thompson, Business gather the information from different places to Intelligence Analyst at MTV. “Right now we are prove that we complied with SOX. Management seeing a growing emphasis within the IS&T always questioned why it took so long!” department to take more of a visionary role in finding technology to respond to corporate Another manual business process that wasted directives like promoting organizational time concerned a weekly update of the status efficiency. We want to deliver solutions that of all IT projects. The senior director of the improve global collaboration and connect Desktop & Client Services department spent people with the information they need to work six hours every week collecting project updates more efficiently.” from different IT managers during weekly meetings and compiling the information in
  3. 3. a project status e-mail, which he sent out to projects and assigned herself an ambitious three to an Office SharePoint Server 2007 documentthe managers and his vice president to keep weeks to complete an Office SharePoint Server library, using Excel Services technology.everyone up-to-date. 2007 solution for each. This arrangement allows the application administrators to submit the weekly metrics toA third process the IS&T department wanted She began by re-creating the User ID Request the database, where Excel Services serves itto change was the weekly distribution of Form in the Microsoft Office InfoPath® 2007 to the dashboard on Office SharePoint Serverperformance and maintenance metrics of six information-gathering program. She then took 2007 and it becomes available for viewing. “Ikey IT applications, including Microsoft Systems advantage of the Office InfoPath Forms Services can administer user rights and define viewingManagement Server 2003 and help desk data capabilities in Office SharePoint Server 2007 to parameters,” adds Thompson. “And I’m right oncompiled from multiple places. “When I first provide a Web browser form-filling experience track with my timeline.”started, it took all day to go to the people for those users who don’t have Office InfoPathresponsible for these applications and collect 2007 installed on their computer. Once the three solutions are deployed toinformation and put it in Excel for analysis,” the IS&T department, Thompson expectsThompson recalls. “Now I only have to visit “This was an immediate advantage for us,” to continue with the deployment across thetwo people, but I still have to compile the rest Thompson says. “Because Office SharePoint company. “We’ve seen how Office SharePointof the data from e-mails and maintain the Server 2007 is such an extensible product, we Server 2007 will bring value to the rest of theExcel document myself and then copy and can serve our Mac user base. Now we can use organization,” she says. “It automates businesspaste it in another e-mail to distribute it to my Office InfoPath 2007 to design the form and processes and helps people find informationmanagement team. This takes a total of two we can use the Web browser–enabled forms they need. Where wouldn’t that be useful?”hours every week.” of Office SharePoint Server 2007 to capture information from the new users.”These three processes within IT centered on thesame business pain: the inability to easily access Under the new solution, the new recruit’s Benefitsand share information among distributed staff manager accesses the new User ID Request The IS&T department at MTV is expecting tomembers who were involved in a manual workflow. Form via an Office SharePoint Server 2007 extrapolate the benefits it has seen so far fromThe resulting inefficiencies and wasted time cost site, inputs employee information and the Office SharePoint Server 2007 to the rest of thethe IT department in lost productivity and extra appropriate requests for access to applications organization, empowering the department tohours spent away from staffers’ core competencies. that employee will need. This begins a make a strategic impact within the company. workflow with automated e-mails sent to the “The potential of Office SharePoint Server“The more we looked at Office SharePoint Server managers who have the authority to approve 2007 to make it easier for IT to manage data2007, the more we saw it as a single solution or deny access to those applications. They is huge,” says Thompson. “One product letsthat we could apply to all these processes,” says log on to Office SharePoint Server 2007 and us solve workflow, business intelligence, andThompson. “The product’s close integration select “Approve” or “Deny,” and the status of collaboration issues across MTV.”with the 2007 Microsoft Office system and the the employee is updated to either “Working”Windows Vista™ operating system looked good or “Request Denied.” Meanwhile, all the Office SharePoint Server 2007 has alreadyto us. With a common implementation platform information on every new recruit is stored in an solved a number of problems within the IS&Tand development environment, we could all Office SharePoint Server 2007 library. department, which sets the stage for enterprise-work together more efficiently as we manipulate wide benefits such as improving contentthe products to create desktop solutions. It also For the project status scenario, Thompson used management and workflow, increasing businessbodes well for a minimal learning curve for MTV Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 and insight, and empowering employees to findstaffs that will use the solutions. We decided that site templates to create an online collaboration information and share knowledge.Office SharePoint Server 2007 looked like an space to facilitate the exchange, consolidation,excellent solution for these three scenarios.” and viewing of project status information by managers, project leads, and executives.Solution The integration between Office SharePoint Server 2007 and the 2007 Microsoft OfficeThompson’s work experience centered on system programs was also a success factor inenterprise reporting solutions, and she doesn’t automating the collection and distribution ofconsider herself a developer. Yet, despite weekly IT metrics from key applications and thebeing new to Office SharePoint Server 2007 help-desk systems. Thompson created an Officetechnologies, she took ownership of the three Excel 2007 workbook dashboard and saved it
  4. 4. Automating Workflow, Improving Thompson. “We’ll start with Human Resources, for their projects,” recalls Thompson.Content Management and Purchasing has also requested a similar “I got a call last week from a vice presidentNow that the User ID Request Form process has workflow to track server requests.” in the company who was interested in doingbeen automated, the time it takes to process the same thing for Procurement, Finance, andnew employees, freelancers, and contractors Increasing Business Insight Auditing, because these departments wanted tohas been reduced from between one and three Providing all those people with easily accessible, better manage their projects and create onlinedays to two days. Because Office SharePoint current business data naturally improves their forums for teamwork. Office SharePoint ServerServer 2007 stores all relevant employee insight into the business. This is also evident with 2007 benefits are easily replicable throughoutinformation, including e-mail message content, the improved analysis of IT applications’ metrics the company because it solves a basic businessin one single place, complying with auditor’s achieved using the Office SharePoint Server 2007 dilemma: how to increase operational efficiencyrequests and SOX is greatly simplified. “Instead and Excel Services solution. “I have given viewers by improving information flow between dataof taking one week every three months to find different ways to analyze the data, allowing sources and among people.”data and sift through thousands of e-mails for them to do comparisons of previous weeks,auditors, we can accumulate the information in or evaluating service calls between different Microsoft Office Systemeight hours,” says Thompson. “That’s going to applications, for example,” explains Thompson. The Microsoft Office system is the businessmake management very happy!” “This Office SharePoint Server 2007 solution world’s chosen environment for information provides a much richer, self-serve analytical work, providing the programs, servers, andAnd because Thompson revised the form she environment, giving us better business insight. services that help you succeed by transformingbuilt in Office InfoPath 2007, the time it takes for And I’m saving approximately six hours a week information into impact.managers to fill out the required information has by not having to manually update and distributebeen reduced. Now the progression of fields and the metrics.” For more information about the Microsoft Officedrop-down boxes is based on logic. “It will ask if system, go to:you need a new application and if you say ‘Yes’, As for the rest of MTV, Thompson sees a form opens up a box that lists applications ubiquitous need for improving business insight,and you can check one. If you say ‘No’, you don’t “anywhere and anytime you have to prove what For More Informationsee the list and move on,” explains Thompson. money has been spent or what you need for a For more information about Microsoft“I wanted a new way to gather the content and budget. Decision makers want to see something products and services, call the Microsoft Salesclean up the data we’ll store. Instead of it taking to base their decision on, whether it’s a growth Information Center at (800) 426-9400. In20 to 30 minutes, on average, to fill out the form, pattern or how many calls you get this week Canada, call the Microsoft Canada Informationnow it takes 5 to 10 minutes.” compared to last week. An Office SharePoint Centre at (877) 568-2495. Customers who are Server 2007 solution like the one we did for deaf or hard-of-hearing can reach MicrosoftThe benefits of having new IT staffers’ weekly metrics is applicable practically anywhere text telephone (TTY/TDD) services at (800)information available in a single place for easy in the company.” 892-5234 in the United States oraccess extends to many different departments (905) 568-9641 in Canada. Outside the 50in MTV. For example, according to Thompson, Collaborating Online United States and Canada, please contact yourHuman Resources staffers will want to see The Office SharePoint Server 2007 site that local Microsoft subsidiary. To access informationhow many new employees have joined the Thompson created for project owners and using the World Wide Web, go to:organization and compare it to their own content providers to submit their project; specific application owners will be update information facilitates online projectinterested in how many people are accessing collaboration that’s saving everyone time. It’s For more information about MTV products andtheir applications and how often in order to also providing up-to-date information for the services, call (212) 258-8000manage software licenses; and financial staffers whole IS&T department. The senior director or visit the Web site at: www.mtv.comwill use the information to monitor how much is saving approximately four hours a week onthe IS&T department is spending on giving unproductive information gathering; instead,people access to different resources to evaluate he simply logs on to the site and assesses theif the resources are being used enough to projects there. The benefits roll up to upperwarrant that expense. management who appreciate self-serve access to information in their busy work lives.“We have plans to deploy similar solutions indifferent departments, potentially hitting a user “When I was doing the project status site, I hadbase of thousands because anyone coming into comments from the application development This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED,the company will have to fill out that form,” says department that they could use the same thing IN THIS SUMMARY. Document published February 2007.