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Situation                                       jobs, communication between the groupsRevlon is a global cosmetics, skin c...
Another frustration for developers was         Enterprise data management system andrecording their time, which was done i...
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Revlon - Project Server 2010 - Case Study


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Revlon - A Microsoft Project Server 2010 Case Study showing how Enterprise Project Managemnet can offer true ROI to organizations throughout the globe.

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Revlon - Project Server 2010 - Case Study

  1. 1. Microsoft Project Server 2010 Customer Solution Case Study IT Department of Global Cosmetics Company Cuts Time in Meetings by up to 30 PercentOverview ―First and foremost, with the Visual Studio TeamCountry or Region:United StatesIndustry:Manufacturing—Consumer Foundation Server 2010 and Project Server Integrationgoods manufacturing Feature Pack we have reduced the number of projectCustomer Profile planning and status meetings.‖Founded in 1932, Revlon is a global Piotr Prussak, Vice President of Global Applications, Revloncosmetics, skin care, fragrance, andpersonal care company based in NewYork City. It has 4,900 employees, and itsnet sales in 2010 were U.S.$1.3 billion. Revlon, a global cosmetics and personal care company, wanted to improve the way that IT developers and project managersBusiness SituationThe Revlon IT department wanted a way plan and execute work. The company deployed the Microsoftto reduce the number of meetings, make Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 and Project Serverit easier to share project plans, andenhance collaboration between Integration Feature Pack to simplify data exchange betweendevelopers and project managers. software solutions and provide developers and project managersSolution with the ability to share data to make project decisions. NowRevlon IT simplified data exchange by developers can create detailed tasks and record time againstimplementing the Microsoft Visual StudioTeam Foundation Server 2010 andProject them in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN.Server Integration Feature Pack. Project managers can see all of this data in Microsoft ProjectBenefits Server 2010. These employees have cut time spent in meetings Up to 30 percent less time spent in by up to 30 percent and improved productivity by up to 5 meetings Productivity gains of 2–5 percent percent. Revlon also improved risk management, expects to gain Improved risk management financial benefits from capitalizing project work, and can Improved time-recording procedures Increased responsibility increase the responsibility of technical team leads.
  2. 2. Situation jobs, communication between the groupsRevlon is a global cosmetics, skin care, often required a large number of meetings.fragrance, and personal care company. Its ―We had too many meetings just toproducts—with brands including Revlon, coordinate detailed activities that requiredAlmay, Charlie, Mitchum, and Gatineau— participation from the whole team,‖ saysare sold in more than 100 countries. Prussak. ―We would have large teams,Headquartered in New York City, Revlon distributed over multiple locations, allhas 4,900 employees. Its net 2010 sales sitting down with project managers towere U.S.$1.3 billion. develop detailed work plans. Effectively, a majority of the team were idle during aIn support of the global enterprise, the meeting, while only a few people were fullyRevlon IT department runs projects able to participate.‖including implementation and integrationof enterprise resource planning software; The meetings were the best availablecustom application development, primarily method of communication for spelling outon Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010; and detailed tasks and identifying issues such asdevelopment of customer-facing websites. potential project risks. But they were oftenSome projects are two weeks long and an ineffective way to develop and shareothers run several years. With the big insights. ―As creative types, our technologyprojects broken into smaller deliverables, leads often had a passive-aggressivethe IT department runs 200–300 relationship with project managers,‖development projects per year. Prussak says. ―For example, in a project meeting, they weren‘t able to supplyRevlon IT has 22 people on its development enough details for tasks in a project plan,and architecture staff. They do most of their because this wasn‘t a conducive setting forwork in the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 them to be thinking through those issues.Ultimate with MSDN development system. But then during execution they wouldThe developers are quite happy with this come back to the project manager withsoftware and with Microsoft Visual Studio complaints that the plan was not detailedTeam Foundation Server 2010, the enough.‖collaboration platform at its core. Part of the problem was that the two typesRevlon IT has a project management office of employees were working in differentwith nine full-time project managers. ―Our software solutions. Developers could useproject management staff handles different Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010types and styles of projects, involving to create and manage tasks at a detailedinfrastructure team, support staff, and level, but project managers, using Officeexternal vendors,‖ says Piotr Prussak, Vice Project Server 2007, could not see thosePresident of Global Applications at Revlon. tasks to incorporate them into the largerThese staffers have long used project project plan. And without that broadermanagement software from Microsoft. Until planning perspective, coordination wasrecently, many were using Microsoft Office difficult. For example, it was hard toProject Professional 2007 with Microsoft understand which tasks were dependent onOffice Project Server 2007. other tasks. The lack of transparency could make it difficult to schedule developers‘Although the Revlon IT developers and activities, which both frustrated them andproject managers were talented at their hampered their productivity.
  3. 3. Another frustration for developers was Enterprise data management system andrecording their time, which was done in analyzes that data using Microsoft SQLMicrosoft Project Web App. ―Entering Server PowerPivot for Microsoft SharePointtimesheets in Project Web App was one of and PerformancePoint Services in Microsoftdevelopers‘ least-loved activities,‖ says SharePoint Server 2010.Prussak. Because they did all their day-to-day work in Visual Studio Team Foundation In the pilot—and, in the future, on allServer 2010, they resented having to exit projects—as development teams come upthat software in order to record their time. with detailed plans and task assignments to accomplish their goals, the team leads willThe Revlon IT department wanted a way to enter this information in Visual Studiooptimize its project planning, reducing the Team Foundation Server 2010 (as they havenumber of meetings and bridging the gap always done). They will not be asked tobetween developers and project managers spell it out in a meeting. With the featureby improving the transparency of project pack, the details will be automaticallydata. visible to project managers in Project Server 2010. The project managers canSolution then see dependencies, potential risks, andIn October 2010, Revlon learned about a other issues, and modify project plansprerelease version of a new Microsoft accordingly. Any such modifications willfeature pack to simplify data exchange automatically display in Visual Studio Teambetween Visual Studio Team Foundation Foundation Server 2010—and againServer 2010 and Project Server. The information will have been conveyedMicrosoft Visual Studio Team Foundation without the need for large group meetings.Server 2010 and Project Server IntegrationFeature Pack synchronizes planning and Developers will record their time againststatus information between the two those detailed tasks in Visual Studio Teamsystems, providing transparency that aids Foundation Server 2010. With the featurecollaboration between project managers pack, project managers will be able to seeand developers. and analyze that information using Project Server 2010. Project managers can adjustIn December, Revlon installed a test of the assignments or schedules in Project Serverfeature pack and provided feedback to 2010, and developers will see thoseMicrosoft. At the same time, it decided to adjustments in Visual Studio Teamupgrade to Microsoft Project Server 2010 Foundation Server 2010.and Microsoft Project Professional 2010. At full rollout, Revlon expects to haveRevlon successfully completed the upgrade successfully integrated data from 15 usersin June 2011. It then installed the feature of Project Professional 2010 and 50 users ofpack in its production environment. Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010. In the future, Revlon will furtherRevlon runs all of the software on enhance its project management by addingvirtualized Dell PowerEdge R900 server Nintex Workflow for Project Server and bycomputers with the Windows Server 2008 starting to use the project portfolioR2 Enterprise operating system. In addition planning features of Project Server the two major solutions connected bythe feature pack, Revlon stores data usingthe Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
  4. 4. ―The the feature allows―Withfeature pack pack, Benefits Improved Risk Management Through Revlon is using the Visual Studio Team Better Datapeople to raise flagsthe team leads can take Foundation Server 2010 and Project Server Because the Visual Studio Team Foundation Integration Feature Pack to cut down on Server 2010 and Project Server Integrationmore responsibility for quickly and in a meetings, increase productivity, aid in Feature Pack can capture more detailedmore comfortableexactly what they are transparency to improve risk management, task-level data, the Revlon IT department enhance time recording, and distribute gains more transparency, which improvessetting—which meansdoing and be more responsibility. risk management. ―With the feature pack, everybody can look into the project andwe make feweraccountable to the other Up to 30 Percent Less Time Spent in find any planning issues,‖ Prussak says. ―Wemistakes.‖members of their team.‖ Meetings used to spend a lot of time in meetings With the Visual Studio Team Foundation working through potential issues and Piotr Prussak, Vice President of Global Server 2010 and Project Server Integration asking people to raise flags. But now the Applications, Revlon Feature Pack, developers and project feature pack allows people to raise flags managers are better able to communicate more quickly and in a more comfortable and collaborate outside of meetings. setting—which means we make fewer mistakes.‖ ―First and foremost, with the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 and Project For example, the feature pack provides Server Integration Feature Pack we have project managers with data from Visual reduced the number of project planning Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 that and status meetings,‖ Prussak says. He was not previously available. ―Project estimates that staff will reduce time spent managers can see data such as project in meetings by 10–30 percent. velocity, the number of bugs, and requirements management artifacts,‖ says Productivity Gains of 2–5 Percent Prussak. ―So we can see when projects are Despite spending less time in meetings, going wrong and can manage the issuesas Revlon IT employees have better, quicker needed. In fact, with the feature pack, we access to more information. This increases can pick up this information from their efficiency. ―With the feature pack we anywhere, rather than having to always be have increased productivity by probably 2– in the office and talking to people in order 5 percent, because of the combination of to stay on top of every project.‖ spending less time in meetings and having higher quality information in the system,‖ Improved Time-Recording Procedures Prussak says. Developers can mark their hours against the detailed tasks in Visual Studio Team For example, project managers can see at a Foundation Server 2010. The feature pack detailed level which tasks have been automatically transfers the data to Project completed and adjust schedules and Server 2010. Revlon is the application to assignments accordingly. Prussak says, free developers from having to track day- ―Because we have more detail on these to-day activities in the Project Web App. coordination activities, we can literally tell This improves the developers‘ morale and people, ‗Experiment with something new,‘ saves time and money. or ‗Spend this weekend with your family,‘ rather than ask them to wait around until Increased Responsibility some prerequisite tasks are completed.‖ Because the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 and Project Server Integration
  5. 5. For More Information Feature Pack helps developers plan their Microsoft Project Server 2010For more information about Microsoft projects outside of meetings, the team Microsoft Project Server 2010 bringsproducts and services, call the Microsoft leads are no longer locked in their passive- together the business collaborationSales Information Center at (800) 426- aggressive relationship with project platform services of Microsoft SharePoint9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft managers. Revlon IT can give the team Server 2010 with structured executionCanada Information Centre at (877) 568- leads more responsibility for delivery of the capabilities to provide flexible work2495. Customers in the United States and project. Project managers are freed to look management solutions. Project Server 2010Canada who are deaf or hard-of-hearing at bigger, more forward-looking decisions. unifies project and portfolio managementcan reach Microsoft text telephone to help organizations align resources and(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234. ―Team leads can no longer complain that investments with business priorities, gainOutside the 50 United States and project plans aren‘t detailed enough— control across all types of work, andCanada, please contact your local because with the feature pack, they can visualize performance through powerfulMicrosoft subsidiary. To access control the level of detail,‖ Prussak says. ―So dashboards.information using the World Wide Web, with the feature pack, the team leads cango to: take more responsibility for exactly what For more information about they are doing and be more accountable to Project Server 2010, go to: the other members of their team.‖ more information about Revlonproducts and services, call (800) 473-8566 or visit the Software and Services Technologies Microsoft Server Product Portfolio − Microsoft Project Web App − Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise − Microsoft SQL Server PowerPivot for − Microsoft Project Server 2010 Microsoft SharePoint − Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 − PerformancePoint Services in − Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Microsoft Project Professional 2010 Hardware Microsoft Visual Studio Virtualized Dell PowerEdge R900 server − Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 computers Ultimate with MSDN − Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010This case study is for informational purposes only.MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS ORIMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.Document published June 2011