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Plymouth University - SharePoint 2010 from SP 2007 Upgrade Case Study


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Plymouth University - SharePoint 2010 from SP 2007 Upgrade Case Study

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Plymouth University - SharePoint 2010 from SP 2007 Upgrade Case Study

  1. 1. Microsoft Server Product Portfolio Customer Solution Case Study University Integrates Social Networking and Online Learning Tools into CurriculumOverview ―Users were starting to ask us to look for otherCountry or Region:United KingdomIndustry:Education—Higher education providers for blogs and wikis, so the increasedinstitution functionality of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010Customer Profile was timely.‖Plymouth University is the fifth-largest Mandy Goss, Web Services Manager, Plymouth Universityuniversity in the United Kingdom, with30,000 students. Known as ―theenterprise university,‖around 12,000 of itsstudents undertake work experience each Plymouth University is renowned for its strong commitmentyear. to using the latest technology to enhance the learningBusiness Situation process. Since 2006, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007The university wanted to expand the way has been at the heart of a university project to update itsinformation was shared by incorporatingthe social networking tools used by web-based services for staff and students. Now it is addingtoday’s students. more value to the teaching and learning experience by usingSolution Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 to improve collaborationIt updated its online portal by deploying and encourage students to take a proactive role in their ownMicrosoft SharePoint Server 2010,incorporating blogs and wikis into the education. Enhanced social networking capabilities helptools available for teaching and learning. create a sense of community wherever students are located,Benefits while harnessing the communications tools they use in their Better educational resources everyday lives and expect to be available at university. Stronger sense of community Improved revision resources Streamlined coursework submission
  2. 2. Situation technical lead. When Microsoft Office With 30,000 students and 3,000 staff, SharePoint Server 2007 became available,―We needed a system Plymouth University is the fifth-largest the university quickly implemented it to university in the United Kingdom (U.K.). It create a collaborative web-based teachingthat was wider than a describes itself as ―the enterprise and learning environment—called Tulip— university,‖ and focuses heavily on skills supporting all programmes and modules.learning platform—and a that will make students more employable, This was integrated and accessed throughbit more flexible—giving as well as being useful to them in the the university intranet. workplace. In addition, it offers a range ofcontrol to the owner of courses and qualifications across the arts, In 2010, the group wanted to add to the education, health, science, and technology. success of the portal by expanding the wayeachsite.‖ The Peninsula College of Medicine and information was shared in line with Mandy Goss, Web Services Manager, Dentistry and the Plymouth Business teaching and learning at the university. Plymouth University School are part of the university. Goss says: ―We needed a system that was wider than a learning platform—and a bit About a quarter of the students attend more flexible—giving control to the owner classes at the Plymouth University Colleges, of each site.‖ a network of partner providers serving local needs in towns and communities across the Solution south-west of England and the Channel The arrival of Microsoft SharePoint Server Islands. This geographical dispersion and 2010 provided the university with an the university’s emphasis on enterprise opportunity to meet increasing mean that a proportion of the student expectations. This involved improved user body is off-site on placement at any given interface and social computing features— time, sometimes in mainland Europe and blogs and wikis—to create a truly beyond. collaborative web-based teaching and learning environment, integrated with and For the seven years prior to 2007, academic accessible through the university intranet. staff used Microsoft Exchange public Goss says: ―Users were starting to ask us to folders to give students access to look for other providers for blogs and wikis, information, such as lecture notes and so the increased functionality of Microsoft presentations. This was well used and SharePoint Server 2010 was timely. On the provided a good basic repository for other hand, the product wasn’t available students. until May 2010, so having it up and running for the start of the 2010–2011 academic However, the folders were not collaborative year was a huge challenge.‖ spaces, and, by 2006, students expected more online engagement with their The Plymouth University team rose to the lecturers. As a result, a university-wide Web challenge. ―We worked against a tight time Strategy Working Group was formed, scale and were under pressure to migrate through which a five-year Intranet and sites and ensure that the underlying Extranet Replacement Project was launched applications we’d built in Office SharePoint with the aim of producing a single Server 2007 worked in SharePoint Server technically integrated infrastructure. It is 2010,‖ says Goss. ‖But we met the chaired by a member of University deadlineand the initial feedback from Chancellery, with Mandy Goss, Web students and staff has been very positive.‖ Services Manager as project manager and
  3. 3. Benefits students is that they want staff to use it Plymouth University is adding value to the more,‖ says Goss.―Enthusiastic staff are teaching and learning experience by using SharePoint Server 2010 to improve Social Networking Promotes a Strongeralready embracing all of collaboration and increase interaction Sense of Communitythe new tools available between staff and students. It gives staff the ability to manage and supplement their By supporting the use of social networking tools, such as blogs and wikis, SharePointto them, while others are teaching electronically, while students can Server 2010 encourages students to use social networking tools, and, more connect with each other, a challenge forusing the basics.‖ importantly, take ownership of their own any learning institution. ―Students can Mandy Goss, Web Services Manager, learning. The university expects its new create their own sense of community, Plymouth University solution to boost productivity and create a encouraging them to engage fully in the sense of community. ―We’re supporting learning process,‖ says Goss. staff by giving them the tools they require to work in a new way,‖ says Goss. Tools such as blogs and wikis ensure that more subjective topics can be discussed University Provides Better Educational and debated, with a level of moderation Resources from staff members when required. Lecturers can use the portal in a number of Presence awareness also builds the ways—for example, they can post lecture cohesiveness of the group, with members presentations, share information, manage able to chat and collaborate easily with tasks, and run discussion areas. More than colleagues who may be using the site. 70 per cent of staff are using it to enhance the teaching and learning experience for At the beginning of the 2010–11 academic students. This will increase over time as year, Plymouth University had 700 Goss and her team collate development programme websites and 3,000 module requests and evaluate which resources are websites owned and managed by lecturers. most useful. ―Enthusiastic staff are already In addition, all staff and students have the embracing all of the new tools available to opportunity to have a My Site, with them, while others are using the basics,‖ approximately 15,000 student My Sites in says Goss. ―Those who are more resistant operation at the end of 2010. In total, there will most likely come on board as we are around 30,000 students and 3,000 staff support their preferred approach. using the system. Initial measurement of Transparency, openness, and visibility are use across all faculties shows that the keys to success. The more staff have the approximately 60 per cent of opportunity to understand what’s programme sites and 65 per cent of happening, the more they engage with and module sites are in use. Staff say it’s too support change.‖ early to measure teaching and learning benefits, but there is continuous evaluation By contrast, students have automatically through staff and student committees. adapted to new technology. When logged on, students can see all modules associated Wiki Helps Build Revision Resources for with their courses. They also like the fact Students that the courses they’re enrolled on are One example of assistance to students is highlighted, streamlining usability. ―The where a wiki was used to build revision most common feedback I get from resources. Staff posed questions and students responded with practical
  4. 4. For More Information solutions. The wiki generated a thorough up to the due date For further information about Microsoft discussion of possibilities and views, and products and services, please visit: the resulting asset is now a revision SCOLAR is fully integrated into the resource for others. university’s processes for coursework submission. It removes a host of or call 0870 60 10 100* The sites regularly include links to possibilities for error, misunderstanding, information for students to supplement and dispute, and staff say it is a positive For hearing impaired customers with a lectures, and for them to investigate step towards setting the university’s Minicom, contact: 0870 50 30 400* further. academic process on a more secure and *Lines are open 8am–6pm, Monday to professional foundation. Friday. Please note, numbers prefixed Online Application Streamlines 0870 will be charged at national call Coursework Submission rates. For details of national call rate An important part of Tulip—the university’s charges, please contact your web-based teaching and learning system— telecommunications provider. is the university’s coursework submission and assessment system, Submission of For more information about Coursework Online and Remotely Microsoft Server Product Portfolio PlymouthUniversity, call or visit the (SCOLAR). For more information about the Microsoft website at: server product portfolio, go to: Some students live far from Plymouth, so SCOLAR removes the need for them to travel to campusto hand in and pick up assignments. One student says: ―This is a great idea, especially for students living outside Plymouth, who have to travel to the university just to submit work.‖ Coursework counts towards the students’ final grade, so carefully managing it online removes many areas of uncertainty and potential for error. For example, the system automatically sends an email to confirm successful submission.It also: Handles group as well as individual assignments Allows guidance to be attached to an assignment Permits marking by more than one marker Provides for moderation procedures Allows students to resubmit at any time Software and Services Microsoft Server Product Portfolio − Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010This case study is for informational purposes only.MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS ORIMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.Document published October 2011