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Managing Sharepoint Designer 2010 EPC Group

  1. 1. Managing SharePoint Designer 2010Applies to: Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010SharePoint Designer 2010 is a powerful application used to build custom sites and solutions on theSharePoint platform. It’s a great way to create and customize pages, views, forms, data sources, workflows,and more.But there are some tasks in SharePoint Designer that give SharePoint administrators real heartburnbecause of the potential problems it creates for them.Here are the big 3:Detaching pages from their site definition – When you do this, intentionally or not, the page overridesthe site definition and therefore won’t be recognized the next time the site definition is updated. Thismeans you’ll be talking to your SharePoint administrator the next time the server is upgraded.Customize master pages and page layouts – While this may improve the look and feel of your site,there’s a risk that you’ll remove the corporate brand that was intended for all sites in your organization.Even worse, you could potentially break your site and other sites if you change or delete a requiredcontent region.Editing files directly in the site URL structure – This might be a quick and easy way to modify any fileon your site, but in doing so, you could mistakenly delete a support file or template file required bySharePoint.So on one hand, SharePoint Designer 2010 gives you a lot of power and flexibility in how you change theappearance or functionality of a SharePoint site. But on the other, if it’s used incorrectly, it can createissues for you, your site, and of course, your administrator.The SharePoint Designer Settings pageIn SharePoint 2010, you and your administrator will be happy to learn about the SharePoint DesignerSettings page, which looks like this.
  2. 2. The SharePoint Designer Settings page helps you manage how SharePoint Designer 2010 is used in yourorganization by giving you control of these settings:Enable SharePoint Designer: Enables or disables SharePoint Designer for an entire application or sitecollection. When checked, SharePoint Designer can open and edit SharePoint sites. When unchecked, itcannot be used to open or edit sites.Enable Detaching Pages from the Site Definition: Enables or disables the ability to detach pages fromthe site definition. When checked, SharePoint Designer allows users to edit pages in Advanced Mode,giving them access to every part of the page and consequently when they save, the page is detachedfrom its site definition. When unchecked, SharePoint Designer disables the Advanced Mode, forcing usersto edit only the parts of the page in a Web Part Zone. The page, as a result, is never detached from thesite definition.Enable Customizing Master Pages and Layout Pages – Enables or disables master pages and pagelayouts in SharePoint Designer. When checked, SharePoint Designer displays master pages and pagelayouts in the Navigation pane. When unchecked, these pages don’t appear in the Navigation pane ofSharePoint Designer.Enable Managing of the Web Site URL Structure – Enables or disables the site URL structure and itscontents. When checked, SharePoint Designer displays the All Files options in the Navigation paneallowing users to view and edit any file on the site. When unchecked, the All Files option doesn’t appear inthe Navigation pane.©2009 Microsoft Corporation.
  3. 3. In Central Admin and Site Collection AdminThere are not one but two SharePoint Designer Settings pages that you can use to manage howSharePoint Designer 2010 is used in your organization:Central Administration – The SharePoint Designer Settings page in Central Administration applies thesettings at the web application-level for all site collection administrators on down. That’d be everyone.Site Collection Administration – The SharePoint Designer Settings page in Site Collection Administration(you know, the Site Settings page for your top-level site) applies the settings at the site collection level toall designers and owners.Use one or both pages to manage how SharePoint Designer 2010 is used in your organization withoutfear of it detaching pages, removing corporate brands, or breaking sites. You may even choose totemporarily enable and disable certain SharePoint Designer features depending on where you’reat with your SharePoint deployment.©2009 Microsoft Corporation.