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Google Analytics Top 4 Flow Reports


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These are the top 4 flow reports for Google Analytics

Published in: Marketing
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Google Analytics Top 4 Flow Reports

  1. 1. Top 4 Google Analytics Flow Reports By: Errett Cord Email: Twitter: @errettcord
  2. 2. Report One : Visitor Flow Visitor Flow is another representation of traditional web analytics pathing with more features in it. This reports lets you see where visitors came from and what page was their next and subsequent interactions. You can hover over the page for more information – and select to view the flow from a particular page. A nice feature is the ability to segment the flow by available dimensions and custom segments. This report is helpful for marketing analysts.
  3. 3. Report Two: Behavior Flow Behavior Flow is also a representation of where visitors started on the site and where they went next. This report is pre-configured to begin with landing pages (first page in visit) instead of an acquisition source (like Visitor Flow); thus, it is helpful for informing landing page optimization. It is helpful for those analysts concerned with verifying your audience is viewing the best possible content.
  4. 4. Report Three: Goal Flow Goal Flow is almost identical to the Visitor Flow but contains the goals you have configured as part of the conversion funnel. In this sense Goal Flow is similar to the Funnel Visualization report; however, it provides more information and enables deeper exploration. Hovering on a goal also provides additional information (like in all Flow reports). This type of flow is helpful for eCommerce Analysts and Optimizers.
  5. 5. Report Four: Event Flow Event Flow is represented like the Goal, Behavior, and Visitor Flows but it represents those Events you have configured in GA to represent page-less events within an interaction. This Flow report is particularly helpful when you want to see how people interact with a rich application that doesn’t generate page views when you have implemented and configured it using GA Events. This type of Flow is helpful for Product Managers.
  6. 6. Connect By: Errett Cord Email: Twitter: @errettcord Website: