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Google Analytics Resources for Beginners


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Published in: Marketing
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Google Analytics Resources for Beginners

  1. 1. Google Analytics Resources for Beginners By: Errett Cord Email: Twitter: @errettcord
  2. 2. One : The Complete Setup Guide to GA The Complete Guide to Setting up Google Analytics This post will cover what code you’ll need, the account structure, and various other things necessary to get set up successfully. This link to “Intro to Google Analytics for Ecommerce is an excellent source to start with if you are running an online store.
  3. 3. Two: GA Beginners Setup Guide Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics This three-part series covers how to set up your account (part 1), setting up goals (part 2), and measuring visitor interaction (part 3).
  4. 4. Three: GA Video Tutorial Google Analytics Tutorial for Beginners 2014 – This video guide will show you how to navigate the Google Analytics interface and use certain features.
  5. 5. Four: Videos on Getting Started A Guide to Getting Started with Analytics – This article in detail covers how to understand website traffic and how to watch for trends. Video Links Basic Web Traffic Analysis in GA Segmentation in GA Finding Traffic Changes in GA Comparing Dates in GA
  6. 6. Connect By: Errett Cord Email: Twitter: @errettcord Website: